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  1. Thanks for the feedback Battlegun. Listening back I agree a higher frequency instrument would be good and I did put a pad in there but I guess it could be made a bit more prominent. Thanks again!
  2. So some of my friends were talking to me about an idea for a little web animated sitcom series set in heaven a little while ago. (I don't think they'll ever make it but I saw an opportunity for a fun exercise). So I decided to make a theme/Jingle that would go over the intro sequence. Let me know what you think! I also threw together a quick picture just to help set the atmosphere a bit 🙂
  3. Slazeus

    -=Without You There=-

    I think you captured the feel 100% here. I think you did a good job achieving that while still having a composition that sounds original, rather than a rendition or 'knock-off'. Good Job.
  4. I decided to see how well I could re-create a trailer soundtrack using only the stock samples, plug-ins and instruments in Ableton Live 10. It went better than I thought, but it's far from great. I did this as a little practice for writing music to a video/trailer (which I haven't done directly before). If you have any tips for doing so or thoughts on anything I did wrong or right with this attempt let me know, it will only help me improve! 🙂 (Sorry, I tried to embed the video here but I couldn't figure out how, so I just left a link to it) https://youtu.be/lDAryVFrl9Y
  5. Slazeus

    -=Speaking Light=-

    I like it. For the most part the mixing/mastering sounds great. One thing that jumps out to me though is a lot of the sections sound very full and satisfying leaving the odd moment with few or even one instrument playing sounding just a little 'thin' (the section were it drops to just the guitar near the start would be an example of what I mean). Other than that I can't of anything constructive to add, other than great work!
  6. Slazeus

    Let us UNITE!

    Yeah it's definitely slower and more 'relaxed' than a lot of club music, I just wasn't really sure how to describe the style honestly. 😂 I agree that it's rather repetitive, more so than I realised on reflection actually. Yeah the Great Dictator samples were definitely an abstract choice, but it can be fun to step far outside of your comfort zone and experiment with abstract ideas sometimes, even if they don't work out in the end we can still learn from the process! Thanks for the feedback! 🙂
  7. Slazeus

    Let us UNITE!

    I thought I would experiment a little bit. I decided to make a sort of 'synth pop' track akin to something you'd here in a club or something perhaps. But instead of being about getting drunk all night or coitus I have incorporated a more positive/inspiring message (via vocal samples). Let me know if you have any thoughts. This is very different to the sort of thing I would normally do and I'm not even sure what genre this would belong to honestly (if you have a suggestion on that let me know too!)
  8. I entered the titled competition hosted through facebook and thought I would share my entry 'Darkness Comes' here. Feel free to check out the link and enter yourself! If you don't want to enter and like my entry, also feel free to throw down a vote! Competition link: https://apps.facebook.com/whcontests/hollywood-choirs-demo-contest
  9. Slazeus

    Those Who Dare to Dream

    Thanks Maarten! I did agree the end seemed a little incomplete, I've now added an end section. It still needs some tweaking to get it right but I think it's better than before. Yeah it's a pretty crude piano vst I'm using unfortunately, hopefully I'll be able to find someone to perform it eventually though.
  10. I pulled a picture from google and wrote a piano piece I thought fitted the feel of the picture. Feel free to leave your thoughts and feedback. EDIT: The picture wouldn't upload for some reason so I'll leave a link to it here: https://wallpaperscraft.com/download/tamagosho_sky_stars_telescope_night_window_102167/1920x1080 RE-EDIT: I've added a second version with an added end section.
  11. Slazeus

    Retro Boss Battle

    Thanks! Yeah I should have added a fade out at the end of that last loop.
  12. Slazeus

    Earth Theme (With A Spinning Globe!)

    Yeah I agree with all of the above.. beautiful. I really like music like this that can really resonate with the listener on an emotional level. Great Work!
  13. Slazeus

    Jazz track

    Jazz ins't a strong point of mine but I quite like this. I think you've done a good job here, especially given the constraints you placed on yourself to help imitate that improv feel. I think it worked rather well. Nicely done!
  14. The Rite of Spring is a very unique piece of music and it's an area I'm not too well versed in honestly. Many analysts still can't quite make heads or tails of it to this day it seems so as to any methods, there's none I've encountered for this sort of thing. It seems like an experimental area of music in my eyes. I'll post an interesting excerpt I found on the topic at the end of this post. I think it could be an interesting concept to pursue (music is all about experimentation in my eyes) but beyond suggesting conventional methods as in my previous post I'm unaware of any established techniques or methods for achieving multi-key composition of this sort. An interesting post I found on The Rite of Spring: "There were more extreme harmonic experiments in the air - Schoenberg's first atonal works were five years old, and there are chords in Debussy and Richard Strauss as extreme as anything in the Rite. The Rite is clearly not atonal - there are passages in B flat minor, though it is often impossible to say what key the music is in. Careful analysis seems to show that it relies on combinations of evolved modes, like Debussy's whole-tone scale. Prominent, too, is the octatonic, or eight-toned scale, regularly alternating semitones and whole tones that many of Rimsky-Korsakov's pupils so loved, and which gives Firebird such a sumptuous, static, somewhat orientalising flavour. Whatever the technical means, the score has evolved a language which makes perfect, coherent sense on its own terms and defies easy analysis through recurrent themes, chords or even instrumental sounds."
  15. Slazeus

    Song of Time

    I think this is great! I imagine this could be a suitable arrangement were they ever to make a film based in the franchise. The percussion and vocals add quite a refreshing upbeat, epic feel to a normally very relaxed piece. Good job here!