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  1. Missing Score (Open to collaboration)

    Great, You can download the file from the post here right?
  2. This is a backing track of sorts I have written. I thought it could be a fun idea to leave a piece wide open and see what others could do with an existing foundation (if anyone wants to that is). The piece has a sort of intro that lasts 12 bars, then the pattern repeats 12 times before finishing. It's in 4/4 of course, and has a tempo of 85.25 Let me know if anyone would like to put something over this. What and how is completely up to you.
  3. Overcoming the Storm

    @Krys K. Thanks for the input, Some others have had similar thoughts on the brass section you mentioned, I think I'll try and play around with the EQ and dynamics a bit to try and remedy that. I also experimented with dropping the sound as you mentioned but to my ear it sounded a bit 'flat' or 'empty' after the first section without it so I decided to keep it in, just reduced in volume a bit. I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks again!
  4. Dream On

    I think I'll leave the more technical analysis you requested to some of the more experienced members of the forum, but from what I can tell the orchestration here seems solid. I wouldn't take any stretch of the imagination to picture this being piece performed in my mind. I would suggest that the 'climactic' second towards the end could be extended somewhat as it seems maybe a little short to provide 'closure' to the piece. For a piece of this length though I think it suffices. Overall I think it's a great composition, good work!
  5. I decided to try something a little different and try to go from a dark/sinister feel to a more triumphant/positive feel. I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  6. Eclipse

    @Ben Maier You're most welcome! I believe (on PC anyway, not sure about other platforms) if you hover over the love heart at the bottom right of content or replies you can choose a reaction or emoji there.
  7. Eclipse

    This is a great composition! I like the ambience in it and the cinematic feel as it develops a lot. The levels and such are spot on too. Structure also seems good, it develops fast enough to not feel repetitive but also not so fast that it begins to feel rushed. Good work!
  8. The hope of spitfire

    There are times through-out the piece where the percussion seems a little over powering and some points where maybe levels could be tweaked a little. Apart from these small potential adjustments though the composition sounds solid to me. Good Work!
  9. The Mountain

    I think your vision of "raw and exposed" really shows. I also get a sense of being lost from this piece, almost a sense of loneliness or isolation. I'm not sure if these were things you were going for though. Over all I think its good, keep it up.
  10. RPG Village Theme

    Apologies for replying so late. Thanks Peter! Some interesting ideas, I'll definitely try them out. I actually like the idea of adding some pizzicato. I toyed with the idea of doing something more with the strings actually, but thought it would be safer to go the simpler route and build on it more later if needed than doing something more complicated and having to deconstruct it if it didn't work. I may well revisit the idea though. Thanks again to everyone for the amazing feedback!
  11. This is well done. Makes a rather simple, abstract track a lot more dramatic and epic. As for the criticism you requested. The only thing I can think off is maybe a bit of eq and mastering to help distinguish all the layers a bit more and add some more clarity. That's picking at straws though honestly. Other than that I really don't think it needs anything. Keep up the good work.
  12. RPG Village Theme

    Thanks Maarten! Yeah, perhaps 'Quiet' would have been a better wording over isolation on reflection. The village itself isn't really isolated, it's just not very busy. I was trying to provide a sense of 'day to day' struggle like the people were just 'plodding along' with the tempo and rhythmic stabs. I was going to put a low piano drone in as well to make it a little darker but I decided against it. Maybe I'll add it in and see how it sounds. Currently it's called 'The Winds of Nova' but that might change I believe. It's a one man development team right now too so may take a fair while to see any kind of fruition (if it actually does). I enjoy the challenge/practice all the same though!
  13. Hello wonderful composers, A friend of mine has started working on an rpg game and asked me to come up with some soundtrack ideas. This one is for one of the villages (if you hadn't already guessed from the title). The village is meant to be a small peaceful one but with a Subtle sense of isolation and struggle, so I tried to reflect this in the music. It's just one play through here, but it would loop in-game. Let me know if you have any thoughts or criticisms!
  14. Cowbowz meet Robotz

    Quite an interesting abstract track. It almost makes me think of something you'd hear in an episode of "The Mighty Boosh" (an abstract British comedy if you've never heard of it). The electric guitar sounds great given you used a built-in mic too!
  15. The Wolf and the White

    Thanks very much.