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  1. Thanks so much Adrian! Very kind of you to say. Yes, I think it was a good vehicle for the kids to learn some new musical concepts.
  2. Hello, I posted a recording of this piece a while back but here is a new performance by a great middle school choir in Michigan. Very proud to share their hard work: https://soundcloud.com/emlaproductions/when-i-hear-music-music-by-brian-katona-muskegon-catholic-central-choir Thank you for listening!
  3. Hello, I thought I would share this song I wrote from the new musical, Jesse James: DEAD OR ALIVE. The show is based on the life of the Western outlaw Jesse James. The music has a rock/Americana style so I thought this might be the best area to post. Thank you for listening! https://soundcloud.com/emlaproductions/ride-on-from-jesse-james-dead
  4. Here is a fun track from the documentary film, "Biserici de lemn din România" or "Wooden Churches of Romania." A beautiful film that showcases these ancient wooden churches that are still standing and in use. The director wanted an extremely avant garde approach to the score, to contrast with the images in the film. Hope you enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/emlaproductions/8dio-2015-stand-out-contest-submission-biserici-de-lemn-din-romania-by-brian-katona To see some of the imagery you can visit:
  5. Thanks so much! Yes, they were great to work with!
  6. Thank you so much-so glad you enjoyed the piece and the orchestration. yes I agree, it is a bit fragmented. It was written for a short film cue with several abrupt cuts. Hopefully someday I will expand it into a larger form.
  7. Hello all, Here is a 2 part treble composition I wrote for Children's Chorus. The text of "When I Hear Music" was inspired by the elementary school chorus that premiered the work. Their thoughts were filled with words of hope, peace and joy. A unison version of the piece was just performed as well. Thank you all for listening! Very proud of these students!
  8. A very nice composition. I love your use of cluster harmony and rich texture.
  9. Thank you so much for your feedback. I am glad you enjoyed the mixing of the different styles. I agree that the cymbals stick out way too much on the recording. This was scored to a particular piece of film, so that is why it is so truncated and the ending drops off. Maybe someday I will revise it and flush out the whole thing.
  10. Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed the piece. I look forward to hearing your music as well.
  11. Hello all, Here is a set of solo piano pieces I've composed. They can be performed individually or as an entire group. Each particular piece pays homage to a certain musical style and/or time period. The recording here is of only a few of the movements. The score of these select movements is also attached. Please let me know if anyone is interested in playing/performing them! Thank you for listening!
  12. Hello all, i am new to the forum and I have enjoyed reading everyone's posts so far! Here is a composition of mine written for full orchestra. It has a bit of an old school film music style to it. Thank you for listening!
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