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  1. Sonority

    Wow... I have never realised music is a graphical way before... I will definitely try it out! This piece may perhaps be a long WIP indeed ^^ Thank you very much.
  2. Thank you! I will definitely have a look over these :3
  3. Piece: http://picosong.com/pYjG/ Sheet music thus far: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-WkFk0zutrdZVVtM19CaVExcmM This is a composition I am working for school and the piece is inspired by japanese, jazz and other modern piano solo music. I am in the process of writing it and would love an opinion and perhaps a few tips or pointers as to how it is going so far and potential developments later on. I am able to play it on the piano but it will require practice of sorts XD Hope you enjoy!
  4. Sonority

    I am amateur when it comes to writing for drums. It suppose composing for it comes with time and practice! Thank you for your contribution and apologies for the super late reply. Thank you for liking the bits of polyphony ^^ Although, it can sound a little busy at times...
  5. Sonority

    Thank you so much for the constructive feedback! Yes, it is indeed a little repetitive in the beginning as the layers slowly build. I will definitely have a look at it! The middle section with all the polyphony was quite experimental for me and I was trying to present counter-melodies against the acoustic guitar but yes, I can see why it can sound a little clashy with all the hustle and bustle but I will slowly learn! Hehe! I sing too much baroque in Choir... In terms of the ending, in my head, it was always a modulation into B flat major from D minor and ending on the sub-dominant chord. I am for some reason in love with unresolved cadences. Mozart would have definitely shot me. XD I have never had composition classes so a few of the things you have explained to me are completely new but I understand them! I am still a music student and I'm not even old enough to go to university yet! I do wonder how the demographic on this forum is like considering the name of it. Anyway, I have much to learn.There is a reason a lot of composers hated their earlier works after all. ^^
  6. Sonority

    http://picosong.com/Gtvv/ I would love to have some feedback! It is my first time composing something as complex as this so any tips or advice would very much help. Thank you!