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  1. Prelude for Strings

    The dissonance at 0:49 was actually quite well; it smoothed right into it. The introduction set the appropriate mood. As for 1:20, the climax, maybe less of the bends and more of the moving parts; or maybe treat the bends as a counterpart, and let the main part be heard. The ending was cool, very mysterious. It felt like going somewhere beyond or maybe at a different dimension. I feel like it would be perfect for an intro to some film. Well done.
  2. Dischord

    "When putting chaos into music, there's always a perfect chord in it." Please do give feedback if you can on what you think about this piece ***WARNING: Playback is very loud, so ADJUST volume if needed***
  3. Dreamality

    To Monarcheon I put the score there; I tried to make an implication that "dream world" is major and "reality" is minor. The idea here is to combine both.
  4. Dreamality

    Dreamality (2).mp3Dreamality is a combination of dreams and reality put together. Based off of the themes: "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Brahm's Lullaby", Dreamality shows the process of leaving your perfect dreamworld and settling back into the real one. Please do give me some feedback if you can, I always take every comment seriously so that I can better my compositions. Thank-you, Greg. C.
  5. Clock Resets

    Clock Resets- basically jazz styles inside of a wind band "Full of surprises you won't want to miss"