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  1. Hi! Actually I just finished writing my choral piece and would like to submit for competitions, call for scores, recording opportunities, etc... Could anyone give me comments or suggestions about this piece (actually there is at least 1-2 weeks until deadline for the first competition, so I will have some time for revising the piece if it doesn't take much time)? Thanks for your time, and have a good one!
  2. Hi! I just completed my 1-minute flute quartet, and would like to submit for the call for scores...They will select around 15 one-minute pieces for recital and recording months later... But since they will allow only one piece per composer, I will need to choose only one out of two 1-minute pieces ((1)La Legerete and (2)La Legerete - Toccata) I've already made... Could you comment on each of two pieces, and suggest which piece will be better for submitting for the competition? Thanks a lot and have a good day!
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