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  1. This tune is based on a custom Mario Kart Wii track, Kinoko Cave. It is set in the night, and one part is a cave filled with water and crystals and green mushroom trampolines. Special thanks to my friend for recording gameplay footage with my music, because I can find out how the tune syncs with the music!
  2. Wow, nice job! Very organised arrangement and vibe :)
  3. The low percussive beats are a bit overboard (sound-wise) at times, and sometimes they make a lot of noise. That can be a bit distracting for a cinematic scene. I like the vibe though. Great job!
  4. Very nice job overall! I really liked the style. Menu: Some of the chord changes (and some notes that sync with them) seems to go "outwards" to stimulate my brain in a weird way, and I think the menu should keep the player chilled and relaxed while making the choice, so I'm not sure if these chord change ideas are useful.
  5. Is it because the countermelody takes over the volume of the main melody?
  6. Wow, great job on both of them! You really gave a great amount of ambience.
  7. Nice amount of mysteriousness. However, I don't even know if the phone sound at the end will work, though.
  8. Thanks. Could you please define the "variety" of the rhythm section you're talking about in this topic?
  9. For the rest, I don't really have too many complaints. I don't think the instrumentation for each tune is out-of-place at all. Your instrumentation choices were great.
  10. This is just my personal opinion. Battle of the 5 Heroes: The transitions are too subtle for me to hear, I'd say make the transitioning fills more "noticeable" (but don't overdo it). Also, the rhythm seems to be too repetitive, if I used an example on 0:33, maybe make the rhythm a bit more "minimalistic" and "small" for that part to give more suspense, and then unleash the regular rhythm again when the middle-registered instruments come in? Land of Andoran: Great job for a suspenseful, quiet track. I don't think the middle strings should QUICKLY bow when it starts from 0:08. I'm pretty sure that's just a technical thing, though. Village Attack: The percussion gave chills to my brain (meaning good job), but perhaps you could add some "chordal" elements in order for the tune to sound fuller? Dread Of The Village People: Good job. Firestone Forest: Great job, well-structured! It really feels like someone is jogging through the dark forest surrounded by dark objects. Transitions are great for this one! Excellent! :)
  11. Okay, now that I listen to it again, yes, I do agree that the "wak wak" is a bit overdone and irritating when listened over and over.
  12. Is it because the countermelody takes over the volume of the main melody?
  13. If I wanted to say with another word... it's a bit too strong that it may have a chance for the listener to get distracted a bit.
  14. Sorry to bump the thread, but here's what I really want to say about this. The first part, meaning the main melody part before the calm section, is constantly, suddenly changing, making them extremely chaotic. The brasses' over-the-top chords seems to be overdone, and some of them really seem to disrupt the flow. The transition starting around 1:30 was a little better, but the chord which has F# as the bass note didn't seem to connect properly. I really like the second part, meaning the "calm part". I'm just not sure where's the best place to put that section, because in my opinion, it's placed too early. If I want to be descriptive, the listeners enjoy the first section, but eventually they may wonder why that section ended too short and now they're listening to the long, soothing part all of a sudden. Also, since this section is very long compared to the first section, it really is a good idea to bring back the theme from the first section to not let the listeners lose it. I'm glad you finally brought the theme back around 3:55. Once again, make sure that your ballad part connects with the rest of the parts, to not let the listeners lose the feeling of the whole tune. I know the original orchestral tune just enough, and what Mozart really accomplished is he carefully utilized the motif over the whole tune. I'm pretty sure catchiness wasn't the big concept when you were making this, but it is SUPER IMPORTANT to let the tune flow in a fair direction.
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