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  1. Nice! Thanks. I have 0 Latin skills, so the translation came from a few friends who are more familiar than I am haha. Who knows? I'll let you know when I try it out!
  2. Thanks! Yes, that was intentional. When that happens, usually the other hand would just release while the chord is sustained by the pedal. In other spots, one hand may have to get off very quickly so the other can repeat the note. Added! Check the original post.
  3. My latest: It reminded me of a little bird growing up and soaring through the sky. Let me know what you think! Sheet Music: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tqORAjDZ2ILMHbb8uYMfuupXsHaLNh75
  4. Once again, thanks for your feedback. Hey ilv, do you know what part seemed to have a beat missing? I'm not really sure where you're talking about either.
  5. Here's round 2 of me trying to compose. Comments always welcome :)
  6. Hey guys, this is my first time composing a piece. I have no formal training in music composition, however I have been playing the piano for quite some time. Any constructive criticism is more than welcome. I hope you enjoy!