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  1. Finale -String Ensemble w Choir

    Really nice piece. Very calm and peaceful. Well orchestrated and written. Awesome job!
  2. Etude No.1: Mirror Melodic

    Nice piece. Rery modern tonality, harmony and rhythm. The Cmin chord is good as is. Great job!
  3. Procession

    Nice piece. Well orchestrated. Very classical in style. Chorale-like. I think you should proofread this piece, as there's a number of unintended dissonances or note errors.
  4. It's very classical in style and tonality. You have the basic rondo structure nown pat. at 1:35, there's no need to change the bass note to A. Just leave it as F. Also, there was a diminished triad in the minor section. Adding a 7th would make it less awkward. Otherwise, lovely job.
  5. Don't know anything about "pulse" music, but this is a really nice piece of background music. Slow-moving and calm.
  6. "Romance"

    Nice piece. Lovely melody. Feels reflective and sad. Reminds me of love. Some problems with harmony: Your use of the V56 chord is awkward. Taking the D out will fix it. 0:11: melody should resolve to E 0:22: melody should resolve to D 0:34: D should be the bass note instead of A for a D minor root position chord Around 1:0: distracting figure, interrupts flow of guitar solo, can be fixed by extending the guitar solo to resrve on A 1:35: B1 instead of F2, bass line 1:43: awkward bass line, not fitting 2:29: D minor 7th instead of D major 7th chord I think there's a melody/motif repeated too many times despite variation in the accompaniment. I think piece should end in the home key.
  7. Opus 2

    Nice ideas. Avoid using diminished triads. Where you used it, I think a first inversion F major chord should preceed the first inversion G major chord. I think first inversion G major triads would fit better. The violin should keep going during the viola solo (or is it cello). The homophony was awkwardly used in this context, and more complex harmonies would be better in those homophonic spots.
  8. "Time flow"

    Cool piece. Modern harmonic and melodic flavour. The first bit was extreocoly energetic and full of momentum. It sounded like some incredible car race or the like. The transition to the slow section was rather abrupt. The fast part came bck to the end. Very virtuosic.
  9. Lovely piece. It sounds quite calm to me and not aggresive and powerful/intense as I was expecting by the title. Very modern free tonality and harmony. Wonderful job!
  10. Music for ensemble

    Totally agree with Jonda. Perfect balance between repetition and variation. Personally, I'd have a coda that's at least as fast as the beginning. Otherwise, wonderful job. I think the third violin Jonda referred to is a viola because there's C-string notes.
  11. Awesome job! Love the balance between repetition and variation.
  12. I'm extremely impressed. Excellent tone poem-style piece. Very dramatic and evocative. Extremely well written and orchestrated. Lots of contemporary music elements, such as free tonality and complex rhythm, as well as lots of cool sound effects. Love the virtuosic, yet beautiful, solos. Exemplary job!
  13. My Piano Improvisation

    Really cool improvisation. Love the buildup at the beginning and the connection between different ideas. Awesome job!
  14. Recall

    Lovely concert music. I love the buildup and changes between monophony, polyphony and homophony. Lovely harmonies. Definitely one of your best works. I think it could be more developed, but otherwise, great job.
  15. quatuor

    I think the two violins were too loud and overpowered the melody that came in. I also think that the piece can be more developed, unless you want it to be minimalistic or as a background track.