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  1. Drone music, thoughts and ideas?

    If the music has melody lines, perhaps with some harmonies over a drone note, that's definitely music. I don't know if my description is an authentic one for drone music, however.
  2. Sonata for Clarinet & Piano - I. Lyric

    Going between functional and dysfunctional harmony and bck again in a vry short period of time is okay, but if it takes place over a large material span and the transition is good, it's okay. It's my opinion only, but you could very well be right.
  3. Sonata for Clarinet & Piano - I. Lyric

    I personally do not mind mixing multiple harmonic languages in one piece, as long as it's done in a reasonable fashion. I have personally done this in my own pieces. The OP has demonstrated good mixing of harmonic languages.
  4. Trio for Violin, French Horn and Piano

    Agree with Maximus. The piece needs to be further developed in order for it to sound complete.
  5. Agree with Willibald, though the glissandos for strings should be perfectly doable. It can't stand alone due to its length. You could develop the current material and attach some new and related material.
  6. Piano Sad

    The harmony lines in the opening motive were a bit too repetitive. Rhythmic and harmonic variation would help a lot. Great background music. Why is it called "piano sad"? The ending is also not proper.
  7. Blue Whale (Animal Sketches)

    Other than its lack of material (too short and lacking development), I am very happy.
  8. Great job! Very heroic, energetic and entertaining. Great use of voices and instruments. Great for movies involving epic battles.
  9. Everyone has made good points. I have definitely taken little snippets from other compositions and wove them into my own compositions, making any changes to key, harmony, melody, etc to make them fit in my own compositions and for originality.
  10. In the modern age, a sonata is just a multi-movement work, and it doesn't have to follow the classical structure. There still needs to be a balance between slow and fast material.
  11. My Latest Single!

    Good to know.
  12. Reflections on the immortality of the Atoms

    This is great background music for a fantasy or horror movie. Love the use of sound effects and percussion.
  13. My Latest Single!

    Agree with LostSamurai on the chord changes thing. This is more of an accompanied spoken narrative than a real concert piece, but that's my take.
  14. Sonata for Clarinet & Piano - I. Lyric

    I generally agree with all of the above comments. The transitions are smooth. The piece is modal. Well done!
  15. 6 Dances for Wind Quintet

    I 100% agree with the description of the atmosphere. I noticed a lot of melody-harmony mismatches that'll need to be corrected. The first theme was repeated too much for me. Also, it is not a good idea to only have one rhythm going for long periods of time in ensemble music. This was particularly true in the slow section.