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  1. Caught in the Sandstorm

    Sorry I'm late. This is nice background music that could be part of a suite or soundtrack. I personally find it a little too repetitive in terms of harmony, but it's still nice.
  2. Cannot see MP3 or PDF

    I seem to be having the same problem. I selected multiple files simultaneously when uploading and they showed up on the post page. When I hit the "submit" button, I don't see 2 of my uploads. I find this strange.
  3. Here's my variation. Hope you like it. Please tweak the mid and mp3 files as needed because I could not edit them properly. If you need further explanation, please message me privately. Oh! Kom maar eens kijken!.mid
  4. I can send and receive personal messages. I know because I get email notifications about them. However, when I try to access my personal messenger online, I get error Ex0.
  5. [EARLY PIECE) Saxophone Quartet No. 1

    In a lot of places, not necessarily everywhere. Okay, I'm nuts...
  6. Fantasy Composition

    When I say "free structure," I'm talking pieces without a structure like ABA, rondo form or sonata form. There may be repetition.
  7. La Florida Amelia

    Okay. I'm nuts...
  8. Valse de Cirque

    Sorry I'm late. I absolutely hate to critique the work of such a well-respected forum member, but I felt that some of the slides were too short. Also, I found some of the harmonies slightly awkward, but sometimes it's unavoidable, I'm afraid. Also, there were some unexpected pauses, but pauses can add suspense in a lot of cases.
  9. La Florida Amelia

    Sorry I'm late. It's nice. It just feels a little too short and incomplete.
  10. Waltz in A Major

    Sorry I'm late. I do find some of the harmonies awkward. Also, some of the symcopations seem awkward and not really appropriate for a waltz because you can't feel the downbeat.
  11. Sorry I'm late. Good job overall. A few things to look at: When the melody comes in, it clashes with the harmony because there's dissonant minor seconds. Dissonance is nice sometimes, but not here. The pause at 1:58 felt a bit weird. Could be filled in. 2:26-2:36: awkward. The suspensions are sometimes inappropriate. Sometimes, all parts play prretty much in unison. It would be nice if you some harmonies in those sections.
  12. Fantasy Composition

    Sorry I'm late. I think a fantasy composition could be amultitude of things. I think the #1 feature is a free structure.