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  1. I just added the very short third movement. Since I'm at work right now and don't have the ability to render it using all my VSTs from here, but want feedback, I posted the finale rendering. This movement is meant as a true Scherzo or "joke or jest" to lighten the mood between the fairly heavy second and final movements. It was really inspired by Respighi, Copland and Holst.
  2. Very well done. I enjoy this a lot.
  3. Firstly, thanks for keeping it in concert pitch! Your typesetting is gorgeous by the way. I always enjoy seeing your scores. I'd be curious to see your sketches and notes on this to get a better idea of the shapes and such you were conveying, as the way I'm hearing and interpreting is probably very different than the way you intended it. This was an enjoyable piece of music to listen to!
  4. You have some very rich chords in the beginning! I feel that the rhythmic melody starting at m.27 fits a concert band setting better than orchestra. There were some really weird rhythmic things going on though. Using tuplets will make your life easier!
  5. I like what you've done here. There were a few times where it got a little harder to follow, but I think that the sort of nebulousness matches your own feelings towards your father. I hope that writing this piece of music brought you some sort of peace and perhaps closure. I think that this type of music is extremely important as it comes from a very real and raw artistic place, and is therapeutic to the artist as well as those who listen to it. Keep at it!
  6. I'd like to take a look at the score, but it definitely sounds nice, and sounds appropriate for the time period.
  7. This is a little more modern than what I normally listen to, but you really created something cool here. The sliding glissandos really make for a haunting effect that reinforces the "purpose" of the piece.
  8. WOW! You really captured the essence of an entire genre of film scoring. The "colors" of the chords you used were fantastic. I'm searching for any criticism, but I'm not finding any. Well done.
  9. I like this! It certainly has an interesting feel to it. As much as I enjoyed it, I was disappointed with how short it was. I felt like you had a really great idea here that could have been expanded on. Either way, it was a delight to listen to.
  10. It sounds nice, and appropriate for the subject matter. I'd like to see a score though to really give better feedback.
  11. That's a very sad but timely story. The music is perfect for the words, and definitely has a "musical" sound to it. Keep at it! I'm excited to see how this develops.
  12. I too would like to see the score. Great performance though!
  13. It's an interesting feel with the quarter note on beat one. I'd like to hear an actual human performance of this as I feel that they'd get the point across better than midi. Good work!
  14. This certainly has a 16th century sound. It has a very pure and holy sound to it. Well done.
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