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  1. chord progression ??

    hi this gone get a bit confusing sorry for that i want write down the chord progression on the attached image. i know it's in the a major scale but i have no clue how to write down the progression. (with write down i mean "I - V - IV - II" for example) i know those are inverted chords and if the F# in the first chord would be a G# and the C# in the second chord would be a D the chord progression would be V - II but in this case i have no clue how to write it down, can you help me?
  2. Scale of this Song II

    hi guys, can you Tell me the scale of this choir thanks !!!
  3. figure question

    hi guys, i was told that this is a 1 - 2- 7- b2 (flat) figure .. can you tell me why? what scale is it ? sorry for the (maybe) stupid question, total beginner !
  4. hi guys, can you recognize what the main instrument of the song is? is it a clarinett layered with a flute ? thanks !!
  5. scale of this song

    thanks! to which scale is it modulating?
  6. scale of this song

    hi guys, can you tell me the scale of this song: thanks!!
  7. hey guys, im working on a session with trumpets and i want them to sound like those mexican mariacho trumpets. have you ever worked on such an "arrangement" ? any tips on that side ? thanks !! spacey
  8. vibrato

    Thanks !!
  9. vibrato

    hi guys is there an articulation symbol for vibrato ? what if i want the vibrato only at the end of each note ? how to write that on score ? thanks in advance spacey
  10. hey guys, is the first flute in that track played with vibrato, tremolo or trill at the end ? thanks in advance spacey
  11. Dynamics

    Thank you guys! Is there a list where I can see all those markings and symbols?
  12. Dynamics

    Hi guys, im pretty new in writing scores for real instruments i always worked the digital way. Do you use dynamics when you writing scores? I dont mean phrases like "piano" or "forte" i mean phrases like marcato (stressed), calmando (becoming calmer) ? I know that the realization always depends on the musician but i was wondering if there is a notable difference if a flute is played "marcato" or if its unusual to use such terms ? let me know guys Spacey