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    One can't write their own biography without exaggeration.. I am a novice D.A.W. (Digital Audio Workstation) Music Creator, it's a habit of mine you can say. Still need to learn a lot, but I decided to share what I do along the way, comments and opinions always help! I'm into rock/metal including most of their variations, so you'll probably mostly hear guitars and drums in most of my creations. I upload *most of them* on YouTube, but since that's not really very efficient, I decided to check this forum out and get help from members' opinion over here.

    I do not create videos on a regular basis, it could range from a week to a year between uploads.
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    FL Studio, ex-user of REAPER

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  1. Personal Messenger Not Working

    Does hovering your mouse on any user name then clicking the 'Message' button on their name work?
  2. V.D. - Unclear Destiny

    You're always teaching me something new and incredibly valuable, I'm surely going to keep your reply bookmarked for a while, re-reading it for quite some time. I'm very thankful, and I surely see your perspective, my storytelling surprisingly matches my musicmaking, if it's a novel it'd have lots of chapters, each with little yet concentrated details & scenarios, yet seeming unrelated or happening in different places, to recollect in the end.
  3. V.D. - Unclear Destiny

    True.. many of my melodies feel 'disjunct', I always create a melody that's too short, and fail to expand it or lengthen it without sounding like I created two different melodies and attached them. The hardest part for me to get past in music it seems. About the repetition, there are small differences but they might not be heard on the first few listens, but yes this composition in particular has much more repetition than others, so I understand your point. Thanks for your opinion! I'll work on fixing such errors in future compositions.
  4. Here I come again with another creation, almost 2 months in the making. This is one of my favorite creations up until now, it might sound repetitive, but I believe that would only bother whoever doesn't find it atmospheric or following a certain pattern that they'd like and/or expect. All opinions are appreciated and loved, your feedback is what makes me keep on creating such music, not giving up.. if it were for me I'd have given up long ago haha.
  5. Multi-Genre Collab?

    Magnificent Transition!
  6. Multi-Genre Collab?

    Does this version represent it accurately? Does it sound good enough? I don't know how the alto saxophone sounds incredibly different, but I assume the marimba(s) at least sound good enough. Still struggling with uploading issues..
  7. Multi-Genre Collab?

    I loved the slower tempo part, it's awesome! I encounter a problem now though, my plan was to merge everything together not in their audio file state, but rather as .midi files (notes), then assign instruments to them. Unfortunately I don't have matching VSTi, I'll try to find something that fits though.
  8. Multi-Genre Collab?

    @Maarten Bauer can do some magic and set it up, the factor lies in the transition though. It will be nothing short of awesome however, the sudden change will be shocking as well as mesmerizing.
  9. Multi-Genre Collab?

    Nice, I hope it generates new ideas and melodies for you, it always takes that one unusual track to expand one's imagination in composition.
  10. Multi-Genre Collab?

    I prefer them, since I'll most probably have the instruments' base, so I'll be mixing them all together. Although, I'd prefer if each midi track was labelled with what instrument it's to be played with. If it's the same order as in your quote, it'd sound like the attachment in very basic instrument sounds. Does it represent what you created? I'd be surprised if it isn't, because I like it haha Now that I've heard your part, I might even adapt my own part more to fit it. I'll wait until more opinions are posted though. -- For some reason I can't upload it on the forum, so I used another site to upload it. I hope that's not forbidden or anything, http://vocaroo.com/i/s16Fe2YIAiVk

    Make both answers 'yes' ;)

    "When the answer is no, you do not have to answer with no in this poll." what's the point of the no vote then? (P.S. I voted yes, just caught my attention)
  13. Et Lux Radio

    Is the radio interactive? i.e. Can I for example choose favorite genres/preferred lengths (ex 5 min. ~ 10 min.)/certain composer/etc..
  14. Et Lux Radio

    This is such a wonderful thing to have, I was actually wondering if some sort of a toggle-able radio or music player could be embedded on the forums playing all releases on it (select-able genre(s) would be awesome).. Then came ET Lux. Looking forward to try it out. Is there a minimum length for the tracks on the radio?