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    So i just started in creating music. I have a full time job so this "compositor" is kind of a hobby of mine so i LOVE it and try to spend as much time as i can for creating something that will be part of me.
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    Medical Coder
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    Hans Zimmer, John Williams
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    Classical, Film, Soundtrack
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    Fl Studios
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  1. Updated on the sheet score. I have it now and its clearer than the ones at the top. So if anyone can still give me a review i would be greatful btw i dont have modulations,articulations in it but... you can listen to it and interpret it Thanks!
  2. @benyamind I agree with you Sir. I am pretty new in the mixing thing... and i didnt do much in it :) i have no knowledge but im trying to "sharpen" my ear ^_^ If you have some advice for me, please tell me, tell me how/what to do. Thanks and cheers!
  3. @Rabbival507 here is a midi version (never done this so sorry if it does not work) i just exported, midi file Valley of eternal autumn.mid
  4. @Rabbival507 I listend to "Old World Music2" and i see it as a "culmination" part.. like the first one should be light - intro, and this (may be with more strings in it) to be the part right after the first part. Youll need last so called ending part in this, and you Sir have a great composition ^_^ i really like it. I will provide you with midi file (if i can, ill check in a bit) and send you here :D Thanks for your time and PLEASE tell me what you think of the sheet and the midi file and everything (theoretically speaking) i want this to be as "professional" as it can be cause i want to show it to a professor of mine. Tell me what to do and what to change Plus what do you think, should i add percusiones to the composition or leave it like it is? :) Cheers and i like your stile. We can chat to eternity on subjects like LOTR, games like Gothic, ElderScrolls etc etc etc :D
  5. By the way, sorry i didnt comment on your peace... i love it. Like i said, it reminds me of an tavern in the middle of a forest that separates 2 distant cities.... ^_^ I love it, it should be longer and it should be full with ensemble :D Cheers!
  6. YES! i love medieval times, medieval genres, films, games etc etc... I genuinely wake up with Haward's Shore composition of LOTR.... Thanks for your kind words Sir! I just found out that FL studios provides an option to transpose my work in a sheet.... but i think it has a lot of mistakes. I dont know if you read my profile or not (or maybe havent uploaded that info), but im not a musician, i have little knowledge of theory and stuff... but NON of writing so.. ill upload them now and tell me what you think :) Cheers again!
  7. Hello friends, i'v been away and busy so long time i have not posted anything. I have created a peace, that i had in mind to be a compilation of seasons (something like Vivaldi 4 seasons), but will see in time. This is the first "autumn" and i think i have developed something that needs a lot of work. For now i think its finished but percussions would be nice to be included also. I use FL Studios ( you can check my profile and see that i dont provide music sheet) AND sorry for that! But ill try to write it down in time and provide you if must be. (i am learning to write music so... bare with me on that) :D Please correct me, give me advice, tell me whats bad, whats incorrect and most of all tell me what you guys think of this :) Cheeeers!! p,s my main inspirations are movies/games soundtracks, so dont be judgemental on some parts if are used :DValley of eternal Fall.mp3Valley of eternal Fall.mp3
  8. Its awesome ! :) About adding other instruments? Yes :) i think some violin and cello would be awesome!! All in all, its perfect for me!
  9. I just got Guitar Rig 5 and i wanted to do something with my guitar :) So this is a short peace iv created in an ambient mood, it was almost on my first try. I combined guitar (with ambient effects) and than on that, i played bass. I put them together, add some piano and this was the product. Waiting for comments :)
  10. Wow.. Thanks that was all i wanted to hear. You are awesome Thanks again! Cheers till my next project
  11. Thanks. I have a request for you if its not a problem for you. I would like if you can tell generaly all an all, how is this composition sounding? Good bad average ( for film/movie or game music), couse thats my main goal in my career. Than, what would you have changed in it, and what would you implant in it. But tell it like you would tell to a guy that doesnt know a lot in music exm.(thirds, sixths, sevenths...etc) If you could tell me how would it be if the chords doesnt repeat, and what do you mean by "creating balance between a clear melody and a clear accompaniment" Thanks, and sorry if i give you hard time explaining and wasting your time. Im not musically educated.
  12. Awesome.. thanks for the review and the comments. Ill make some repairs and do better for my third!!
  13. Just want to hear opinions and corrections on my work i know there is a lot i made bad/wrong :D Its just by ear and no theory involved at all. Thanks have a great day all
  14. @Luis Hernández Thanks sir. I have to LEAR A LOT! :) all of this is by ear and what iv listened thru the years, with inspiration by some world class composers, thats it :) Thanks again appreciated
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