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  1. I would like to hear a more pianistic texture, as well as more variety with a progressive approach in the left hand accompaniment. Thanks!
  2. Nice music and instrumentation. Not sure about the specifics of its Balkan gypsy style. Sounds rather Eastern Mediterranean. Which doesn’t diminish the music’s quality! Nice! A better strings library would have greatly improved the sound.
  3. A serious professional piece, great performed. I would like to hear the continuation!
  4. My contribution is the "Allegro moderato".Allegro moderato.mp3
  5. Nice piece, employing contemporary technics of composing and containing a narrative aspect! Congratulation!
  6. Maarten, Wow! So nice of you! Thanks a lot!
  7. Luis, thanks for your analysis and suggestions!
  8. Short piece for three woodwinds.
  9. Nice, yet short. I would like to hear the continuation. The left hand chords are continuously spanning more than octave, that might pose a technical obstacle to many performers.
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