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  1. What I think... Music and maths have some rules both, like every language, and due to this we have that corectness- incorectness matter. I agree with you that with the aid of music we can show our feelings and with the aid of maths we can't. Than you! I like spaces in music, but I know I need to learn how to have control over them. During next recording I'll take it into account. Also, I would like to ask, what kind of excercises are the best for better ' fluidness'?
  2. I think that science bases not only on facts we can capture with our senses, but on intuition too. I would say, even more part of science bases on intuition- same as art. And I consider inventions not only as something functional but as a pieces of art too. Excluding that some of them are seems beautifull to me ( i. e. Tesla plasma ball), their "existence" has the same source like pieces of art: desire to know and to create.
  3. I don' t know if that reason I mentioned is correct for me too, I'ts hard to say. :) You may have right- I love fragile, delicate style in art and want to pass something like that, so it could be my style as well.:) But I don't know how it would look if my technique was better. PS I think science is a kind of art :)
  4. Maarten- Thank you for nice words. I'll upload something new soon. Because maybe I know almost nothing about music theory or even notation... But I' m going to change that. That's why I am here. :)
  5. At :1:00 something beautifull begins here, melody goes in unpredictable direction. I like how it developes more strange and strange. :)
  6. It's so quiet and introspective- I like such compositions. And I'm impressed, how excellent technically it is.
  7. Thank you for answears! Monarcheon- I'll consider your advice. As a newbie and self- taught I need such comments. Thank you! Kimoworld, Luis Hernandez- Thank you! Kimoworld- yes, it' s a recording. markstyles- Thank you for your precious comment too.:) I, m glad you like it, especially tempo changes- I haven't been convinced at all. :)
  8. Oh, it's beautiful! So flowing and warm.
  9. Hello all :), It's my little piano composition. I' m self- taught musician so please, be understanding. :)
  10. It,s really beautiful, melodic and very "floating". Maybe too much delay some moments.
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