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  1. Hi Ive just started trying to learn how to improve my mixing and so decided to write in a style I don't usually do. How did I do on the mix and is the song itself good?
  2. Hey guys I thought I would try to write an orchestral piece and I wanted some feedback on how its constructed and how I could improve. I wanted to just loop 1 similar idea and see what I could do with it. I plan on developing the main melody as it goes on so its not as repetitive
  3. Hi just did this piece I wanted to do in an 8 bit style and would like to have feedback, Its not finished yet as I want to mess with the dynamics some more but what do you think?
  4. Thank you for the help :D Got some ideas for the percussion on this song now and ill try to develop the melody some more :)
  5. So would you say I could use the part where the violins and cellos are playing to build up to the hook? I think that where it would go best, maybe break the repetition to surprise the listener Thank you for the feedback by the way :)
  6. Hi new here, just started composing in the last few months and was looking for some feedback. Quite a repetitive song, I would like to write for video games one day hopefully and was wondering if this was decent at all. I plan it to be longer with an outro that will loop back to the start.
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