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  1. I am glad you liked the effect. Yes, I agree it is somewhat subjective how to describe music.
  2. A simple piano piece called Lit in Darkness with an animated score. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
  3. I have to agree that the final part of IV seems a bit out of place but overall I like the interesting rhythms and sonorities.
  4. Thanks for the comments. I do think the perfect computer rhythm makes it harder to hear the subject. It is one of the stranger fugues I have written so I get what you guys are saying about it being a bit confusing on first listening.
  5. This is a three voice fugue written for harpsichord. Let me know any thoughts you have about it. Thanks!
  6. I really like the atmosphere and chord progression in this piece. However, although the progression might not be standard it doesn't sound that odd to me in this day and age so I am not sure about the title.
  7. Thanks for the replies and suggestions. You are right that I was trying to write a more contemporary sounding piece and was not trying to imitate Bach. I agree the ending sounds a bit messy and I will think about extending the piece and cleaning that up.
  8. This a short and simple canon for harpsichord written in three part counterpoint. The outer two voices form a strict canon at the octave and the middle voice is in free counterpoint. Let me know what you think!
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