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  1. i think that sound possible to get with some plugins at postproduction
  2. I am grateful to you for your comments, especially flattering was the mention of Bach)) as far as I can remember, I deliberately made this melodic move to the seventh. it seems I did it for reasons of contrast. but after your words, I really hear that it sounds awkward. Serg.
  3. I'm very pleased to hear a compliment about harmony, composition and melody. at the moment it interests in the first place for me, since I'm a beginning self-learned composer. sometimes I use a duo of acoustic guitars in my music, but this time I decided to do only electric guitars. Perhaps it was worth playing an acoustic fragment in one of the variations. oh, Beatles, this is my absolutely starting point. I'll tell you my Beatles story, if it's appropriate here. I was born in the USSR, unfortunately, but who can choose it? ))) at some point we had a new young physics teacher. as once at the time of the test work, he turned on the Beatles in his room and slightly opened the door. it was like an electric shock, the first thing I heard from Western music. I came to him after school. and not only me. so I met my wife, although we studied in the same class before)) we are now together. After a long time we moved to our forest and this teacher came to visit us quite often. a few years ago in our hometown came the war. we had a base here to transport refugees to a safe area. including our teacher lived here for a while. not long ago the country took a course toward abandoning the communist past. monuments were demolished, streets were renamed. now in the neighboring town there is Lennon Square, instead of Lenin Square )) as well as a huge graffiti of John on the wall of a 5-storey building with words "give peace a chance". I took a photo of our daughter against the background of John and sent it to our teacher. the circle is closed )) so, for me it is very revealing how Ringo plays especially since the Revolver. but I sat down for the drums just a year ago, I hope soon I can play more sane. well that you paid attention to this discord of music and video. we will think how to do it more naturally. many thanks Serg
  4. thanks for the flattering characteristic of the music, I really live in the middle of the forest and apparently it's transmitted through what I write. I really appreciate the feedback about the design of the mix, since it's important for me to perceive people who are oriented towards classical harmony. Serg.
  5. yes, I could not find a better prediction than to take the fifth step in the dominant bar. I tried many options, but the simplicity won here. I think I have a weak imagination, but I'm constantly working on it)) As for the drums, I would be happy to play a richer drawing, but my technique is still very amateur. that's why out of modesty, I have to put them in the mix in the background. I practice daily and I think in a year or two the situation will change and you'll tell me, hey, why can not I hear the guitar behind these drums? ))) Serg
  6. Thanks for the advice in all directions (video, composition, mixing). I understand what you are talking about and I will keep this in mind when working further. really, very constructive thoughts! Serg
  7. Thank you for your honest feedback. I'm really just starting to look for the way of the video to my music, because I do not really like the tendency to accompany the music with some kind of picture. thanks for the tips! Serg.
  8. I feel more and more confident with my work, since I came here. many thanks to everyone who helps me with this. so, my new one-man-band piece is ready. here is also included an interesting video that is mounted by my friend. I need your criticism as usual. my video producer will be happy if you find a few words for him.
  9. @Monarcheonyou deeply understand the music, I appreciate your comments, thank you for the visit! @markstylesThank you for publishing your feelings and for the term 'modern baroque'. from the words baroque and rock also follows a good style of music 'barock')) @WillibaldI'm very flattered compared with the music of the 60's, this is my favorite period in pop music. progressive rock was born in these times, this is the only intellectual style in the mainstream. many thanks!
  10. I finished a short trio recently in the spirit of baroque. I played it in a rock set, but I tried to make it look like a harpsichord )) thanks if you find a few words for my progress in this field. Serg.
  11. thanks for your comments, they are always relevant and useful. I hear warmly that the modulation is rather rude and inert.
  12. thanks for the answer. I do not plan concerts, 'cos i'm one man band ))) I'm glad to hear that this track is suitable for the background, because usually my music is too active for this. I did not quite understand the comments about the bass line. bass guitar is present throughout the track except for places with a guitar harmonic figure. The bass line is written according to the concept of the general bass.
  13. it is my minor trio in adagio tempo.the theme comes to me while i've been hardly flucolded last winter.my music's friend was going heaven when i start recording session.so, it is sudly and fully minor scales occurs.the melody is helded in tenor mostly.pls share your thought.
  14. hi it's the minor trio in 6/8. lower guitar play harmonic figuraton, upper guitar have a solo. trio mixed with a kitchen sounddesign for contrast with main part. i still never try to write two voices under harmonic figuration. so, will try next time. thanks for positive feedback abt my guitars technique, i have practice with it more than 30 years. but my juzzguitar friend tell about it "not good, not professional" ))) by the way, he asked for notation of it. he want give it to him students for show me right way for play ))) have a nice weekend!
  15. yeah! it same that i find the right place. have study many books & tack-works from different сenturies. the books tell me that i need professional critique for my music. it's the only way for growing. what i can do with comments "i like it", "love your music" etc.? ))) i'm really hear now what you tell me from 1 till 4. will think abt it for my next music. many thanks to you and wellcome for comments with my next piece of music. hope it will be ready in september. have fan!
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