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  1. Yes, quite a few booboos :D I tried to play it many times... this is the best version :)) I`ll keep practicing. I played it in 2 chords, i like to be different, original if you will. It`s that so bad ? :P Thanks for the comment, and for wasting your time on... whatever this is :))
  2. Thanks, i would love to change the pattern, but i have much to learn still... :)
  3. I loved how the motif sounds, that`s why i repeated it so much i guess :D I`ve noticed that something is missing in some places, but i don`t know what...yet :P ? The tempo was changed intentionally for a little diversity...
  4. At 1:15 it was a mistake I`ll try to use this as an introduction to a bigger piece as you suggested. Thanks
  5. Thank you for the thorough analysis, this really helps !
  6. DeL

    Midnight Notes

    Thank you, i`ll keep that in mind.
  7. DeL


    Thanks. Yes it could be a little longer and the tempo was modified on purpose to create some diversity, but now that you mentioned it, it is a bit strange
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