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    I love to sing. My dream is to become a singer and compose my own music and songs. Lyrics. Everything. I believe in myself. I do, I just don't have the support. I want to help others and inspire them and let them know they are not alone. It's my passion to be hope in others eyes.
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    Singing, Writing lyrics, listening to music.
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    Min yoongi.
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  1. @Maarten Bauer It was my opinion. I need to do some self vocal lesson or you can say exercises. I love music. I feel the emotion in each rhythm. It's so beautiful even lyrics how feelings can be put into words and instrument. I feel happy and I cry for joy because everything about music is so so so beautiful.
  2. Hey, i'm new here. I'm writing lyrics to a song, no title yet. I don't play instruments. I just write my love for music on a loose leaf paper. I love to sing, but i think i suck at singing. So, please i need some help on this new song. Thanks, kitties.
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