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  1. I mean making it sound like C minor instead of E flat major with the difference despite containing the same notes.
  2. I wanted to make a prettier piece of music than what I usually mess around with and this is what came out. I'm hoping this sounds like C minor, I'm just getting into how to make music sound minor or major or whatever.
  3. I want to see it (if it exists) and maybe suggest it to my band director
  4. This piece uses the claves, tambourine, bongos, congas, cabasa, hand clapping, and marimba. It's primarily rhythmic, so the marimba is used sparingly.
  5. I'm an amateur in many senses of the word—I have never composed in a professional or academic setting and have only begun learning some things about music theory this summer. I made this piece a few days ago and it's my longest composition, though still below two minutes long.