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  1. You say you don’t like how I deal with negative feedback, but I showed you positive reactions, which you decide to simply skip, why?. It is simply that I dont have to accept all feedback and I expect an educated person understand that sh*t. Why is it so hard to understand?. Luis does the same and nobody makes this big scandal, see the image, what’s the difference with what I did?. I explained my point of view, the background of my decision, etc. I strongly think it affects the fact he is an old and participative member while I am not (herd effect). But you are not being objective, as you are not considering any of my arguments and reasons. I am getting bored repeating the same sh*t again and again while nobody is even reading it.
  2. I see your point but it starts from the premise I don’t accept feedback, which is not true. But I think it is ok not to agree with all of them, I have my own criteria too. Let’s say you are right, but not about my actual way of thinking. Check here: Or here: As you can see, I have received and I am open to reveive feedback very well. And I am very critic about my own work, I know I need way more practice, but i try to select what I think it would work with what I want to achieve. cheers!
  3. It is not unreasonable, because I provided you the backup of my opinión, a rational conclusion. Tell me then, to refute my arguments, which value it may add if the comment is negative from a subjective perspective?. I think I have the right to have a dissident opinion over a criticize, and if a person is educated enough should respect that. It is simple, I would say "dont comment my music if you dont like the style, because it was writen for other people then", it is because I simply dont see the point in doing it. Imagine, if I start commenting "sorry I dont like this style" "sorry i would made the melody again this is not the kind of melodies I like", I am sure a friend here would simply defend that person., I dont care if it is educated or not, what I care is the message itself and the insistence in having me shut up and trying to restrict my freedom to talk about what they dont like about my music, a refutation. Why do you think I cannot express my own opinion without being considered arrogant by a person who dont even know me?. You are assuming wronly, because I know where I am in the space time, you are assuming about my reasons behind (fractured ego) and I would ask you not to do it please. I know my piece is not at the level of Beethoven, for example, but that was never the intention. There is a public for that (although I have a lot of different pieces which are way different). Also, at the end it is normal, unless you dont love all the work you spent and you dotn feel that connected with your work. Beethoven: ”Beethoven was well aware of its total lack of subtlety, but was nonetheless sensitive to its critics: “What I scraggy is better than anything you could ever think.”” Of course it may be too harsh, and way harsher than me, but the point is that it is normal. I think we must believe in I what we do. So you would tell him “why you don’t accept negative comments”?. It is normal and historical even for the greatest (not saying I am great, by the way). In any case, thanks for the positive comments and sentences I can read among your message, I simply disagree with part of it, because I think I have right to issue my thoughts. Otherwise, then I dont see the point in remaining in a site where I would feel limited and repressed to be really honest.
  4. Well yes. But basically I think there are other topics for that, to talk about your preferences, and also honestly, I don’t see the point to mention a preference. I mean, I think most of us try to comment on those we feel we could contribute something. But if I don’t like the piece itself, I don’t think I could be useful mentioning it. Even a “like” from other person is useful, because it is encouraging. Imagine your music gets only comments like “I don’t like this style, it is too chaotic”, then what would be the point of those comments?. It is better to have a technical advise based on an error or technical issue, as questioning the decisions of the composer, or saying this is not your thing don’t add value (the first one makes the composer lose his/her subjectivity which is relevant in art in my opinion; the second would have no effect or, in contrast, a potentially negative effect). As you can have your opinion, I also can express mine, I guess it is fair enough. 🙂 I accept your apologize in any case, not a harsh thing. I just want to make clear why I reply. it is for describing better the reasons behind, because I see it relevant, and also, I see ok and normal to react over something as intime as your music (I think several would do it), because art is intrinsically linked to the composer/artist, as it comes from deep sides from his/her persona, it is an emergent phenomena of the personality and consciousness/biology for emotions (any change on that would result in other decisions and other music therefore), that’s why it is totally normal to react about it, we are humans after all 🙂 Finally I have the same opinion about Haydn. 🙂 Rgds,
  5. Yes sure, I respect your opinion as I mentioned, clearly not all people have the same tastes. I have to say that even if something was used before, a chord progression for example, it doesn’t mean something new and original could come out from that. Even the great masters used common chord progressions which resulted in innovative music. Even in the start of several melodies which usually start with the typical I-V I-V (then other chords are added), you can find a lot of variety and that’s basically what I find great, how you can harvest original music and musicality from the emotionally dead chords. I like tonal music basically. Predictable therefore is kinda subjective and depends on the scope you use. For example in your case, even if a piece is chaotic, it could be predictable (chaos and sonority predicted), or as you mention, some could think “too chaotic”, so you could find problems in every single piece of music: “too catchy?, but not too complex; too complex?, but not so catchy”, “Too chaotic”, “written in the language of the past”, “too modern”, etc. All music could be subject to a reprehensible statement, because there is no perfect music, as people are too different, and therefore in the decisions always something needs to be sacrificed, and therefore, some public is imminently lost. I think all visions are respectable in any case, because that’s part of the richness in art: diversity. Of course, I also have my own opinion and I know very well what I don’t like and why, but I respect others and their tastes, because diversity and its acceptance is a fundamental value for a less controversial society (it sounded too political, isn’t it? lol). Rgds and thanks again.
  6. Thanks Kayo Oliver for your comment 🙂 I appreciate your time.
  7. Thanks for your appreciation. But I have to say that I disagree nevertheless (it is important for me to explain my point of view), I don’t think it is that predictable. Nobody could predict the end, or the melody itself with all its dimensions, or the breaking upward melody, among others. In any case, I think it also has something that is very important that worth to mention, which is musicality, it sounds alive, and also expressive, in my opinion of course, I think that’s what costed me the most to achieve, because the right decisions need to me made, and a lot of attention and your perception turned on the full is very important, I would say I consider that the most important and the harder thing to sculpt, more sometimes than the structure itself to me, as it must be to the service of the musicality (so the structure is always result of those decisions). In this case, It was like trying to create “the single of the album” (not that this is a hit or similar, but you get the idea), sometimes it is the simpler, because it must, but the background is bigger and harder than how it looks as the ideas must be the correct ones to sound original and catchy, without sacrificing too much expression and certain meta communication. I think it is not easy to work over a piece with that balance on mind. The repetition, on the other hand, is on purpose (if you refer to that), because I decided that the new key would be enough, and I also based this in music from other genres (I am so use to other genres, that I don’t see something wrong with repeating actually). It is ok in any case, I respect your opinion, it is totally ok. Rgds,
  8. Thanks 🙂 you could be right, I am lazy editing the reverb, and I had to chose one preset. Some were too “big cathedral”, others too “very small room”. I just picked the one in the middle lol
  9. Thanks Guillem82 for listening and your appreciation. You are totally right, It was inspired in Russian folk too 🙂 specially in the violin section, and given the use of the harmonic minor in some places, it fits very good to my ears 🙂 thanks a lot 🙂
  10. Well yes, but I didn’t crated it thinking in that specific piece actually, a lot of music share the same progressions and chords, the melody makes the difference (and in this case of course the fact it is minor). It is the typical I-V-I-IV-V-I 🙂 regarding your second statement, it changes but it is to G, it is because I modulated using C minor as a pivot. This piece has more than one modulation. Good to know that you liked it. 🙂 I tried to add that nostalgic touch, specially in the use of higher notes. It sounds a bit more cold because of the chosen piano sound (VSL Bluethner), but I really wanted to use my new piano library lol I was inspired in folk and classical, I always get that inspiration (folk) when I use a violin, probably because I always select the articulation called Gypsy 😄 It is the Bohemian violin, totally recommended, it sounds inspiring and realistic. Cheers!
  11. Yes, well read, it was inspired in Chopins works 🙂
  12. By the way, if you liked that piece, maybe you could like other piece I composed as this is the closer one I have to the piece H. 🙂
  13. Yes mate, sound libraries will help you a lot, it already sounds good so you don’t waste time positioning mics correctly, eliminating noise, etc., and you also avoid the worst part: buying mics lol.
  14. It is sound libraries 🙂 not a real piano, recording a real piano is too much work, but a library is way easier and if you made a mistake, then the mouse is your best friend. I am not a good pianist, so I try to dedicate more to the composition. Libraries nowadays can sound amazingly realistic (you are not the first one who thinks it is a real piano). I use EWQL pianos, in this piece it is the Bosendorfer. this library is very good. I recently purchased the Bluethner from Vienna Symphonic library and it is killer, very realistic, check how it sounds:
  15. Thanks!!. I was inspired mostly in Beethoven for this :), It trended to sound darker than other pieces I have and my music is generally strong in its sonority, so it ended sounding like him adapted to my style. I have to say that Beethoven and Chopin are my favorite composers. the transition you mention, I actually like it, but I guess, there are different tastes and decisions, which results in several composers taking different paths, therefore making different music. I always try to be honest with myself, if I feel it is correct, then I try to leave it as it is (otherwise I would feel it is not my music). It was different before anyway (it had more high notes at that transition). But I tried to leave a small silence in the higher notes for what was coming next. thanks for your comment and listening :)
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