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  1. Piece for piano B (work in progress)

    Hi Willibald, Thanks for commenting. The notes are the ones from the Neapolitan 6th but inverted, maybe that's the issue. I am going to work over the theme a bit (it is work in progress), I will check. And yes, you are right, Piece A, B and C will be connected. :) rgds
  2. Hi all, I wanted to share my latest work with you. It is in progress, but I want to rest a bit after continuing it, also I need to think about how to extend it and connect it with other parts I have alkready composed, based on the same melodic motiv. Feedback is always welcome. Thanks! Rgds,
  3. Thanks mates. I will keep working over them :). I have a lot of small parts of the same piece already composed but this will be a lot of work (also I need to work over variations), I hope this will be a good one. Rgds,
  4. pateceramics : Here the demo attached, the two melodic phrases separated by a silence. Please put attention only to the melody, not the left hand, it is not worked at all, just to demnostrate I used basic stuff and almost no variations. thanks guys for the comments.
  5. I ask this because I am working over a piece and two melodic phrases were composed that sound so perfect and simple that I have the feeling I heard that before, same a friend, but we can't determine where. So I also thought in the possibility that if something is so perfect for our human hearing, it could be recognized by us like familiar. Those melodies are of those that don't need any note to be changed, they sound round and the feeling is logical and with sense, there are several in history, pop music included. But I as I am not sure, and therefore this is still a possibility, how can I know?. I am not going to earn money with this, but I don't want to copy others work. Has this happened to you?. What do you do?. rgds,
  6. Piece for piano A

    Thanks Maarten for listening and appreciate it :)
  7. Piece for piano A

    Thanks Maximum for the feedback. I agree with you in the final transition, so I made an small change that helped to fix this a bit (Soundcloud now updated). I wanted something unexpected and that may tweak the perception, but it needed work over the transition. This small datail I think it may help to solve this a bit, it sounds better in my opinion, only by decreasing the tempo and adding some extra notes for the transition. I do not have a pdf, as I dont compose in sheet, I only use MIDI (this is the way I learned). And I dont have softwares like the ones commontly used here. Sorry! Rgds, Ricardo
  8. Hi, I am sharing my latest composition. I hope you like it. :)
  9. Thanks mate :)... yes, I picked the dark end of the story... that is the direction (you read exactly my intentions!). :)
  10. Theme for piano 8

    Actually, I decided to totally dismissed this theme. I think the constant audition was problematic and now I see problems I didnt see the day I composed it. The one I am working now I think worth more the time investment.
  11. Theme for piano 8

    Hi thanks for the feedback. Actually I am not thinking in extending it. It was born more like a "etude" of a nocturne analyzing the left hand of Chopin's. I am not 100% satisfied with this one, but shared it anyway. I agree with you in all what you say. I am working in another piece now, son i hope to share it soon. :)
  12. Hello, I am sharing this composition I did to represent this famous story. I think I will keep working over this, but so far, I like the results. First the rats are represented, disordering the town. Then, the main character appears to put order. Hope you enjoy it. Rgds,
  13. Hi, I am sharing with you my latest work. Hope you like it :) https://soundcloud.com/donethur/theme-for-piano-8
  14. Nice tips, all of them saved for the special moment when this happens again. :) I friend just told me a tip that he read somewhere (not sure where) and I want to share it with you. The tip is: analyze sentences and their rhythm, for example: "Drag files here to attach, or choose files" (it could be any random sentence), which would be "drag-files-here / to / a-ttach / or-choose/files" (imagine musical figures of the pronunciation), then use that rhythm to create a melody with it. Not sure if it works, but I found it very interesting, at least it may obligate you to use a rhythm you didnt use before :) Thanks mates for all your tips :)
  15. Theme for piano Nº5

    Thanks mates for your feedback. I know, the end is not the best, time to time I have troubles with ending some pieces. This was one of those cases. What I am seeing now is that I need to practice/study more left hand techniques, as I am not a pianist (I play keyboard, but not as a real pianist). Rgds, Ricardo