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  1. Hello all, I am sharing here my latest piece. I recomposed a piece I wrote in 2017, so I fixed several details and recomposed others, and now I like it way more than before. Hope you like it. Rgds, Ricardo https://soundcloud.com/donethur/piece-for-piano-c
  2. Yes sure, I totally respect your opinion, it is fair as I mentioned 🙂 (by the way, Christopher Lee, the actor, participated in that metal band as a curious story). I wasnt composing since march, because my equipment died, and as soon I bought a new one, I picked some old compositions from the last year, and I worked over them, I respected their initial spirit and structure. This is the last one I composed, if you want to listen 🙂 it is a piano pìece inspired in F. Chopin, and classical music in general. Rgds,
  3. Hello Monarcheon, I will give you an example. This is a very good one. And check the comments, a lot of people likes that. It doesn’t mean i want to make music for that public anyway (otherwise I would put guitars on it and a voice), I just compose for myself according to my tastes. WARNING: decrease the volume of your speakers, it is metal and it sounds loud (although it is metal inspired in clsssical music too). LOL I used to listen this too several years ago 🙂
  4. Hello Monarcheon. Thanks for listening and your feedback 🙂. This was inspired in popular music, what you point out as mistakes are common resources in popular music. That’s big part of my background (this was also inspired in classical and film music). For some people it may sound pleasant. It is a kind of free mixture of several influences and also, it was a piece of the last year I orchestrated and recomposed (now my music is becoming a bit different but I found funny to orchestrate that melody, the may one which acts as “chorus”). It is supposed to be funny and with several changes, as the idea of my composition was to retrieve some images somehow in the mind of the listener (not sure if I achieved that). Well, I will consider your feedback anyway, as I know what you mean, and it is fair, but consider how the piece was planned: not all popular music follows those rules and for sample a small silence sometimes serves as bridge between two keys,, or the speed and intention, in my piece the intention was to be a dynamics piece that “jumps” a lot. Well I think I see the music differently because I have heard a lot of popular music, a lot of musicians making music as they think it should be (they even use parallel fifths), and your ear gets used to it as “not a mistake”. Hope this clarifies my intentions and my decision taking. Nevertheless now I am developing more classical things, trying to follow the rules. But mainly I follow my instincts, i think they may change as soon I am becoming better or knowing more about music, this is a big science. This is only my hobbie so I guess it is fine for the moment to feel free to do what I think and feel it is correct. But, maybe, the in the future, I would totally change everything in here, as tastes change, and yes, my tastes have changed with the time, i don’t see a reason why i wouldn’t change in the future again (maybe I would destroy my soundcloud LOL). rgds 🙂
  5. Yes, it is just my personality, too direct (but this has stops actually). But I am working over it to make it better :)... I pretend to improve everything you have heard, I pretend to make my best music in 5 years as a plan, this is only what is being resulting in my learning path :). I appreciate your suggestions, i think thats really good feedback (thats the reason I am still here, because of the quality of the suggestions).. Rgds,
  6. Hi SergeOfArniVillage, yes I felt the same, so I improved that part a bit if you check now, I like it more as it is now :) (I considered modulate to D minor, but then the jump to the new main fast part was not that dramatic and explosive, so I keep that tonality). Nonetheless, I like those scales (harmonic A minor), I just wanted to give the music a break with a common small part (it is done by classical composers too sometimes). I really appreciate your comment and time in listening. :)
  7. Hello all, I sharing my latest piano piece, inspired in classical etudes, specially the ones from F. Chopin. Hope you like it. :) Rgds,
  8. Hello, I am sharing my latest composition. It is a re arranging and recomposing of an older piano piece. I hope you like it, inspired in classical, film, and folk music. https://soundcloud.com/donethur/piece-for-orchestra-a
  9. Thanks mate. I am preparing a new one. I could send you the midi if you want. Please PM if you feel it may make things easier. I would love to hear your playing 😊
  10. Hi maestrowick. No score. I don’t know how to write or read music, I am a self taught composer. Sorry.
  11. Hello, I am sharing my latest work for orchestra. I was out of the composing because I had issues with my setup, but now I am back again so I hope to create several new pieces as 2018 has been a bit lazy because of that :D Rgds, Ricardo Rica
  12. Damn it from my cel phone the link wasnt pasted as supposed, with the visualization of the Soundcloud track here for easy listening, so I am pasting it again. Sorry!
  13. Hello all, it has passed time since the last time I was here. I am sharing my latest piano work inspired in classical music. Hope you like it. Rgds, Ricardo https://soundcloud.com/donethur/piece-for-piano-f
  14. Thanks mate for listening and your comment :)
  15. Well, I have different types of pieces, with different structures. I decided to keep this without a slow part because thats the way i felt it, but I have others where I included that. Here there is one with a slow section if you want to listen. Thanks!
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