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  1. Donethur

    Piece for small orchestra

    Thanks mate for listening and your comment :)
  2. Well, I have different types of pieces, with different structures. I decided to keep this without a slow part because thats the way i felt it, but I have others where I included that. Here there is one with a slow section if you want to listen. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Bukowsky :) I don’t use Sibelius, I work with Cubase and libraries. If I remember correctly, I used: -Bohemian Violin -Albion -Berlin Woodwinds -EWQL Hollywood Strings (for pizzicato) Cheers!
  4. Donethur

    Piece for small orchestra

    I was looking for a good viola library to buy for the future as I dont own one (I have some but not a good one). I am looking forward to the ones from Chris Hein or maybe the one from Swam which seems to be amazing, specially in the possibilities it provides because of the technology used. I was thinking in a new piece for trying a violin/viola combination, but actually what you say is a good idea, a variant of the same piece. The chord progressions are nice to try new melodies combined with the existing ones. Maybe a string quartet is a good possibility?. I like the Bohemian Violin so much that for the cello I am strongly considering the Bohemian Cello, which seems to sound amazing. I would love to see a viola library from Virharmonic. I dont have a score, I only work with midi (I am a hobbyist only). Thanks for listening and commenting :) Ricardo :)
  5. Hi all, I am sharing my latest composition ended this weekend. Hope you like it.
  6. Donethur

    Histrionic Nightfall

    LOL sorry, I wrote it wrongly. :)
  7. Donethur

    Histrionic Nightfall

    Thanks Rabbidal, nice that you listen it and commented :) Have a nice week!
  8. I see what you mean. I think it is because before all music was conditioned to what they considered to sound good or bad (example: the tritone was considered inappropiate, among other triads). I think this is because a cultural thing, music is always conditioned by culture. For example, to me this sounds fine, as I am used to different types of music, including some underground styles, where they do very dark music sometimes and this may be perfectly normal (probably they never studied music to get those preconcepts). I also am wondering now why I didnt try A mayor, as to me it sounds good too, but anyway... I exposed this theme to different kind of listeners and nobody noticed this (and actually they liked it as it is, probably because that chord progression is only a moment which makes it sounding darker, but the typical thing is among most of the piece, so it comes back to the "safe zone"). Maybe you have preconcepts already set in your mind and perception which makes you detect this very easily. It may be related to your musical culture. But the question is, are there examples where this was used? (you said it is "almost" never followed). That would be interesting, as for example regarding the false relations, it is also almost never used, but there are examples out there. There is a possibility too (I am just trying to understand) that I am wrong and my earing and perception has some issues here. Nevertheless, I am wondering how this is affected by the cultural thing as I mentioned. Also, I am wondering now how much of these "weird sounding" things are weird only because all the time people have used the same again and again. For example, I have noticed that the issues I had in the past with the false relations are common in self taught composers of classical music that trend to be more "dark", for them dissonances sound good sometimes, even though it is a broken rule. When you are exposed to errors, they trend to be normal. But they (the composers) were very imaginative and they trend to create their own style maybe because they were not exposed to those rules (and I have also seen that some creative composers ended sounding like any other musician because they were too politically correct following rules). I am not saying that rules are bad, I use them a lot, I am only saying that they are a tool and your criteria should be the primary engine here. I will consider what you have told me for sure, maybe I need to reconsider this when I do film music (there are non typical harmonies which are not common in the old classical music, so maybe I interpreted this wrongly). At the end, I think I will keep what I feel to be the best, even if it is considered a mistake. But I may change my opinion here, I really need to think about it. Anyway, very interesting Ilv.
  9. Hi Ilv, Well, this theme has a lot of classical influence, as this kind of music is a big influence in all my music. Nevertheless, we are in century XXI, so to me all music and possibilities are tools only, I dont see it that rigid "this has to be like this and like that". Also, this theme was intended to sound a bit "cinematic" so I pointed a bit to that área, where there is more freedom (although as I said, we are in century XXI, so I think we have freedom to act as our subjective feelings dictate). In any case, I would like to know, why it is considered inappropiate in this context?, what would be the technical background behind this?, considered by who? (I mean, I really want to know if this is really written out there). I am quite sure somebody else used the progression I used before, as most of the possibilities I think have been already used through history. I think the most important thing is that it should sound good. The question is: does it sound bad?. I did an example with your suggestion. I think it sounds a bit too happy and common with E minor. C# sounds with more mistery maybe and less common I would say. Apart from that, the fact that the harmony was constantly moving and marking, makes E sound less appropiate because of the notes D and C# sounding afterwards (end of the phrase), unless I had to go to C# anyway. I remember this was the reason why I did not use E minor, as well as I felt it sounded a bit less obvious. I just want to understand why this is inappropiate, as it seems to be very subjective to me so far, maybe there is a reason behind, but I cannot see it. If both sound good and they cover the notes of the melody, why is it inappropiate?.
  10. Hello, I am sharing with you my latest composition. It has a wide amount of influences, from tango to European folk, and classical. Hope you like it. Rgds,
  11. Hi Willibald, I already corrected that. It was a mistake, a wrong note, it was corrected simply moving it. Thanks for pointing out. :) The problem I had here, is that the extension of the initial melody was took from a piece I did the last year, period in which I used to make some compositional errors I was used to and for me they were not mistakes at that moment (this is a mix of music from 2017 and 2018). Nevertheless, with the help of guys here and from other places, I was able to understand and correct them. Now it doesnt happen anymore, unless there were involuntary mistakes. :) I have realized that music is always a cultural thing, if you are exposed to errors, they will be normal, if you are exposed to popular music, then some things will be normal for you that for other guys with classical music orientation/education may not be normal. So, the best is learn the most you can, and then, just pick what you consider is ok, and keep what you think is fine as it is. These errors to me sound like errors in the current period. Some things pointed as errors in the past, are still fine under my criteria. All depends. cheers :)
  12. Hi Ilv, Thanks for listening and commenting. I have some comments actually: "0:6: use E minor triad instead of C# minor triad" "2:4: bass note should be F# instead of A## " why do you say that this "should" be used?. I mean, the important thing is that this sounds good. Isnt it?. It is like if harmony should be set in a rigid way (which is too mechanic, miss then point of what music is in my opinion and you may sound too common), but as far I know, the composer has freedom to use the harmony according with his/her taste and criteria. So I am not sure why you think this is like a kind of "error". I dont see problems except if I am making a mistake (example: note out of the chord or scale, and even in that case, it may be related to a decision oriented to the expressiveness in the music, as even some cross relations are accepted in some cases, specified here with examples: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_relation). "0:18: melodic resolution missing" Well, I know several themes were the composers who dint end the melody in the tonic, just to create tension or the effect of something not resolved. From my point of view the melody is concluded as it ends with tension and question. From the 0:18 it is just an harmonic extension and the harmony actually concludes the melodic intention/tension. I have heard things like this before. I understand what you say anyway and it may be a totally valid option, but would it be a bit common and predictable?. I have been teached by pro classical composers with high experience that you can do things like this and rules should be only a tool which you can consider for analysis, but it is never the best to overrule your instinct/criteria/subjetiveness by what is "supposed to be", as this would be a limitation to develop your own art. I think the music is a science/art full of exceptions. By the way, the theme has this duration because if was intended for a contest with limit in the duration of the piece (2.5 minutes máximum, and if I added another idea, I had the impression I wouldnt have enough time to develop it in a coherent way). So, thats why I wasnt able to incorporate more themes. Cheers :)
  13. Hello Willibald, first of all, thanks for listening :). Regarding the 1:20 to 1:45 it is intended to be an ostinato (with some variations). The best change I could find is changing a bit the harmony, as it isn’t the same when the violin comes up 1 octave (and also of course some small variations at the melodic lines). But nevertheless, i do not have “the paranoia of the changes” (as several musicians have, I mean it is ok and fine but it is only taste to me), as most of the normal listeners don’t perceive this and also I am very influenced by popular music (I love it actually). The most important thing to me is that something sounds musical, with soul and creative, more than other details like how it “should be structured” or how it “should be”, or even “how it should sound”, so, even though I try to avoid monotony, sometimes I think it is fine to repeat some things, specially if you want to add tension or simply because you like the melody or the musical passage. On the other hand, I didn’t want to put more instruments as if I added more I had the impression the solo violin would not be heard as this part is the tutti (all what I had loaded/planned for the orchestra sounding at once). Also the levels were at the maximum I could afford (having it sounding good, otherwise the violin was not correctly perceived). I think here The result is given to the fact I wanted to privilege the melodic line of the solo violin. If I added more brass or louder brass, for example, it maybe would be not perceived (well maybe with libraries and mixing but I like to think in te possibility this is played by a real orchestra, even if it never happens, i think all of us do the same). And if I reduced the amount of instrument to change the colours, it wouldn’t sound “tutti enough”. I found all those obstacles so i kept what I thought to be the best possIbilties I found under my criteria regarding that passage. I really wasn’t sure how much a solo violin would be on the battlefield until it is totally covered by the orchestra. Regarding the ending, I share your opinion, and actually I tried that, but the violin library has 1 problem: it is like a loop, so 1 millisecond after it ends in my track, it get off and start again, so it didn’t sound good. I tried to sustain the note but it wasn’t possible :( but I love that violin library nevertheless (Bohemian Violin). EDIT: now I am thinking that maybe the tempo track would do the trick here. Cheers
  14. Please your feedback and opinion regarding this one. Thanks!
  15. Donethur

    Waltz No 2

    Thanks for listening and the feedback. I tried to keep this very in the popular and cinematographic way actually, but I know what you mean. Something never convinced me 100% about this one, and I think it is precisaly the monotony it may have, nevertheless there are some melodies that I really like (the one of the second 0:19 I find it nice, well maybe it is only me, and the F minor melody is my prefered one). :)