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  1. Nice tips, all of them saved for the special moment when this happens again. :) I friend just told me a tip that he read somewhere (not sure where) and I want to share it with you. The tip is: analyze sentences and their rhythm, for example: "Drag files here to attach, or choose files" (it could be any random sentence), which would be "drag-files-here / to / a-ttach / or-choose/files" (imagine musical figures of the pronunciation), then use that rhythm to create a melody with it. Not sure if it works, but I found it very interesting, at least it may obligate you to use a rhythm you didnt use before :) Thanks mates for all your tips :)
  2. Theme for piano Nº5

    Thanks mates for your feedback. I know, the end is not the best, time to time I have troubles with ending some pieces. This was one of those cases. What I am seeing now is that I need to practice/study more left hand techniques, as I am not a pianist (I play keyboard, but not as a real pianist). Rgds, Ricardo
  3. Musical Batch Pt. 3

    Hi, I liked this, specially the idea of expressing music with images. :) Keep the nice work ;)
  4. Thanks lostSamurai for your opinion. I think it is clear: stop this until it comes naturally. I agree with you also in the small details, you can deal with them later, if necessary of course. The obstacles seems to be mental sometimes. Rgds, Ricardo
  5. Waltz (orchestral)

    I already know what you mean :)
  6. Waltz (orchestral)

    Thanks Ilv and Luis too for your continuous feedback. :)
  7. Waltz (orchestral)

    hi mate, sorry i didnt see this before :D (I forgot I put a piece here LOL) I used Albion for the strings, the violin is Bohemian Violin (simply beautiful sounding). The clarinet is a solo downloable instrument from Vienna Symphonic Library. The percussion is from VSL too... and the woodwinds from Orchestral Tools (Berlin Woodwinds). The production was succesful in most of it because of the sound of the libraries, they sound splendid, specially Spitfire and Orchestral Tools. I just wanted a kind of "discussion" between instruments, and that they had something to say somehow. Thanks for your feedback and appreciation :)
  8. Piano Concerto ''Octaves''

    WOW, this is great! :), it bringed a lot of colours and emotions to my mind (or perception?). Simply beautiful and obviously, what a hard work behind.
  9. I have the very same issue :D
  10. Thanks Luis, as usual, for your kind opinions and time :). It is nice to have mates like you here (and there, you know where :D)
  11. Very interesting, as now I remember that the best creative periods were after I stopped composing, this made me seeing things more clear. Maybe it is a good practice to do nothing for a while, only listening music and make some reflections. I also do not live of music, so, I guess I have time too :) Thanks Marteen! :)
  12. Theme for piano Nº5

    Thanks Maarten, appreciated. I will try to improve this in my future works :)
  13. Best Sound Fonts

    I am a bit late, but maybe this may be useful for other people in case you already bought one. The best current brands to me for Symphonic sounds are Spitfire Audio and Orchestral Tools. From those, the Spitfire's Symphonic Strings are top notch, the best out there in my opinion. For Woodwinds, Orchestral Tools and their Berlin Woodwinds is top notch. For brass not sure, but I read that people preferred Orchestral Tools for brass over Spitfire. The problem: they are expensive... but this is the most authentic thing in my opinion. Orchestral Strings: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/instruments/strings/spitfire-symphonic-strings/ Chamber Strings: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/instruments/strings/spitfire-chamber-strings/ Woodwinds: http://orchestraltools.com/libraries/berlin_woodwinds.php For woodwind soloists, check the expansion to the Berlin Woodwinds. And just for the record, for solo violin: Bohemian violin is amazingly realistic. You cannot do everything, but what you can do will sound extremely realistic. Good luck! :)
  14. Hi all, Time to time, I face some blockings where it gets hard to get a musical idea, it simply doesnt come out, no matter how hard I try, I only see scales and chords, nothing else. But without thinking, after a while (days, hours, or weeks), the ideas just start appearing. Not sure what causes having a blocking (stress?, a specific mental state?, etc.). I think this may be common for several people (even guys like John Lennon as I read today in an article), but I guess there should be techniques for improving this or getting out of this situation (specially if a person works professionally in this world and he/she is against time). Are there techniques that you know to deal with this? I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
  15. Theme for piano Nº5

    Thanks Mariza :)