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  1. I loved this piece, it´s so peaceful i was just listening while doing homework and worked very well haha I would like to see you posting more Great work!
  2. I liked it, i liked how the main melody is not as predictive as many things out there Although i do think it gets a little repetitive near the end I would like to see a bridge after the second chorus, but that´s just my opinion
  3. Seems interesting i will see how that legato accompaniment turns out Thank you for your opinion!
  4. Thank for your feedback, it sounds interesting to add a bass guitar, i´m going to give it a try this weekend Yes, that´s what makes composing such a beautiful thing, you can never stop learning and experimenting with different sounds and techniques, it makes it a really interesting thing to do Yeah, i think i found great place, thank you very much!
  5. Damn, i loved the sound of the keyboard Very good work!
  6. I liked a lot both of these pieces I´d say i prefer the second one since it seems to me it´s a little easier to understand and works very fine You´ve got some skills with the piano!
  7. First, i really like the vibe in general of your composition, i don´t know why it remembered me a bit of star wars i don´t know if it was just me haha I feel like there is something missing between the first and second part so that those two parts can really get along well, because it feels like a very rough range I also feel the pattern that goes from 1:12 to 1:25 repeats maybe a little too much?... Anyways great work! I think it has a lot of potential!
  8. Haha, that was very good spanish! And thank you very much! I´ll try to post as much as i can And yes i will, thank you for the advice
  9. Hi everyone, i´m Fernando Ocegueda, i´m 17 years old, i´ve been composing for a year now, so i´m pretty much new to this whole composers world, but since i started i´ve been making songs like crazy and i find it very relaxing, it helps me relieve stress like in a therapeutical way. And since i´m starting to get serious about it i´d like to receive some opinions about what i´m doing. I´m new to this forum and i´m really glad i have found this site because i think it´s a great idea that many composers can help each other out, and, if you let me, i would really like to give people some feedback about their compositions, and help them in any way i can with my opinion, as well as they can help me. I don´t know much about musical theory, so my contribution with this forum could be telling you what someone who doesn't know al lot of theory thinks about your composition in a non very technical way. As i mentioned i´m not very good with theory, but i´m taking lessons and as i get better at it of course i´ll try to help some way. Well, to start, i´d like to know what you think about a composition i made about a month ago, it´s called "Esperando una señal" or "Waiting for a signal" in english, i´m mexican so this song is in spanish (i´m also trying to compose in english) so i don´t care that much about the lyrics (if someone speaks spanish i would really aprecciate some help though), it´s music, the melody what i really care about. It feels a little bit raw since it´s not very good quality because i only have a guitar, a mic, and a keyboard, also my room receives a lot of noise from other parts of the house, but i tried to make it sound as best as i could, i´m going to re-make it so it sounds better, but before i do, i´d like to know what you think about it. Thank you everyone for reading. Hope i´ll be here for a long time. Sorry for my english.
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