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  1. Timpani tunings

    What notes can be played on each timpani drum?
  2. Strength and Power

    Is there a score to follow?
  3. Form of a Pavan

    Thanks @ilv
  4. Ninian's Lilt

    He's asked me to arrange it for solo violin and piano as well...
  5. Form of a Pavan

    Does a Pavan have a form?
  6. Depicting things in music

    What are your tips for depicting things such as art in music?
  7. Ninian's Lilt

    This is a piece written by my grandad, Paul Lawrence and orchestrated by his friend. https://youtu.be/iK1xhrvcmqw
  8. Strings on Violin and Viola

    Does the G string of a Viola have the same timbre as the G string of a Violin?
  9. Is it possible to cross the break easily on a Bb clarinet once or twice in a quick line? I am writing a Tarantella for Wind Quintet and the Bb Clarinet gets a quick line.
  10. Two Choral Pieces, Op. 35

    I think that the speed is very good. However, I don't know if it would work if you had a little faster tempo at the first 7/8 change .
  11. Birthdate Composition Challenge

    Tenor sax and Clarinet. This should be nice
  12. 8 Pieces for Solo Piano

    There was but I can't find it in my documents...
  13. 8 Pieces for Solo Piano

    8 Pieces for Solo Piano 1. Prelude 2. March 3. Minuet 4. Dance 5. Ecossais 6. Gavotte 7. Allegro 8. Rondo Sorry, they're all separate files