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  1. aMusicComposer

    [STRING QUARTET] Variations on a Dutch folk song

    @Maarten Bauer I would love to do this, but I am working towards a competition just now. Would this be able to wait until the end of next month, then I an work on this?
  2. aMusicComposer

    Rondo in D Major

    Thank you!
  3. aMusicComposer

    Piano Trio

    It is often said that Brahms was a master of the piano trio. What makes him masterful? Do you have any tips for writing a piano trio? How should I use the different instruments?
  4. aMusicComposer

    Song for School Project

    It's very nice. I think it should be able to interest your audience. The last 30 seconds are fine, but I think there could be a climax near the end. I think the piccolo could be more independent from the flute, especially once the opening line has finished. The moment it has in the nearer the middle is good, but seems a bit random. I think there could be more of a beat in the percussion, such as a snare drum that gradually builds up. There are some awkward jumps in the melody which sound a little jarring, but I think your use if counterpoint is very good. Overall, great piece. Well done!
  5. aMusicComposer

    Toccata canção I

    It's a very nice piece. It has a lovely effect. I agree with @Jack Spitz about the chord progressions, but it occasionaly has a moment where the idea almost seems to be lost....
  6. aMusicComposer

    Rondo in D Major

    A little piano piece that I wrote. Hope you enjoy!
  7. aMusicComposer


    To stay with tradition, singers don't sing with microphones too often. A lot of the vibrato does come from the technique used to project the voice, as the means to do this naturally create vibrato.
  8. aMusicComposer


    @Maarten Bauer We are taught the numbers for each piece, along with the rhythm (Western notation.) It looked a bit like tablature for us, with the numbers and then a note value above them.
  9. aMusicComposer


    Our school has a very large world music department, and Gamelan is the first thing that we are taught. When teaching to a mixed musical level class, we were taught it as numbers. I don't know how these numbers would relate to Western Notation, and I think it would be easier for the instrumentalists (as well as yourself) to write it in numbers. However, you will still need to know what each number corresponds to as a note, so I'm not sure how much this has helped.
  10. I think it could become a symphony, but it would take a lot of work. You have many different ideas which you could expand into movements. Some of my tips are: Make sure the string parts are still interesting - When some people go from string orchestra to full orchestra, everything goes to the wind and the strings become a "continuo" section Make sure that you don't overuse one instrument - You have all these colours available, so why don't you use them? Remember that en masse, instruments sound very different - There are less instruments in a string orchestra, so when you orchestrate it, it could sound very different Don't use too many instruments - When orchestrating from strings, there is a tendency to think "Yay, I have all of these instruments!" and completely overdo on amounts used. Remember, you could even condense it to piano first then orchestrate it. Hope this helps aMusicComposer
  11. aMusicComposer

    Two works in progress

    @Polaris Some of the notes in that bit just sound a bit off. I can't really tell exactly what's wrong, as I would need a score to follow.
  12. aMusicComposer

    Two works in progress

    They're very nice, and thank you for sharing! As they are works in progress, they seem to end very abruptly. They flow well, with some minor exceptions such as in B 0.04 where it seems to be a bit jarring. I think you could work more on the harmonies in minor sections as they are more difficult to work out. All in all, these are great! Please keep posting and sharing.
  13. aMusicComposer


    @Willibald Thank you so much! I'll have another look at some of the sections that you have mentioned.
  14. aMusicComposer

    Thoughts on Waltz No.2

    @Youngc It is mostly just before you reach a transition from one section to another.
  15. aMusicComposer

    Thoughts on Waltz No.2

    It's very expressive, and your harmonies are great. At times it seems to lose its momentum, and you might want more of a contrasting section. Overall though, it's a great piece! Keep it up!