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  1. Merry Christmas Everyone

    What do you mean by this?
  2. Merry Christmas Everyone

    I have realised now about the harmonies and will change these. The strange names are just the different type of pan (cellos and guitars aren't actually cellos and guitars, I have no idea why they have been called this. Also, the tenor is soprano which really confuses me.) I will add markings later when I have all the notes I want.
  3. @Maarten Bauer You have inspired me! I love your melodramas and I would like to write one. Tell me, do the singers sing the lines of the poem or different words?
  4. Merry Christmas Everyone

    This is an arrangement of the song "Merry Christmas Everyone" that I am doing for my school's steel orchestra, an example of which can be found here: https://youtu.be/p7RlAJn-Qxs
  5. Musical term for this?

    I am writing a Piano Concerto, and I have just had a section FF e molto appasionato. In the next section, I want the strings to create a broad sound which seems to wash over the audience. Is there a musical term to describe this "washing"?
  6. This happened to me before. I once got a melody into my head and it sounded perfect. It also sounded familiar. I soon got over its familiarity and was about to write it in my composition when I heard it playing on the radio. It turned out that it was from Schubert's Symphony 5 and that the reason that I thought it could have been from The Magic Flute Overture was because I went to a concert that had both of them in.
  7. 8 Pieces for Solo Piano

    @zhenkang @Willibald Some background history on these pieces that I thought you might like: The Prelude, Gavotte, Eccosais and March were composed originally for this suite. The Minuet and Dance came from a failed suite of 2 melodies, which I added an accompaniment to. The original Minuet melody had a different middle section than the one here. The Allegro was the first piece I ever wrote, expanded in this suite. The Rondo was composed in my head a while before being wrote, however it originally had the name "Finale"
  8. Soliloquy for Violin No. 30

    I'll tell you what, this piece is so catchy! It's still going round my head just now! Well done again!
  9. Soliloquy for Violin No. 30

    Good job The first beat of bar 20 sounds slightly awkward. Maybe start it from the G so it is smoother. The fourth in bar 31 does not sound great. Maybe make this a C+A double stop. Apart from these minor points, it's a great piece. Well done!
  10. feedback needed - prelude

    Do you have a score to follow?
  11. It's a very nice piece. I know a clarinetist, and it looks playable. However, some of the very fast articulation (bars 6, 8 and similar) could become difficult and there are quite a lot of register changes. Try Schumann's Fantasiestücke for Clarinet and Piano and look at any Clarinet Concertos as well.
  12. Combination of Instruments

    @ilv okay.
  13. Combination of Instruments

    Whoever answered this poll, which string instrument do you think I should use?
  14. Combination of Instruments

    Hello, I am looking to write a piece using Classical Guitar, but I cannot decide what instrument to pair it with.
  15. Dancing Queen arrangement

    Here's a new version. With the counterpoint, am I along the right lines?