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  1. Trailer Music

    I am writing music for our school. We are participating in the Grampian's Children's Book Awards and my group have asked me to write some music. This is just the first draft, any criticisms welcome!
  2. Piece for piano D

    In a word: brilliant. I love it!
  3. Farewell (Piano Composition)

    It's lovely. Your harmonies are great and I really think you have expressed these leaving-home emotions.
  4. Spring Song

    @Rabbival507 Thank you! I have written it for two violins because it was designed for me and my grandad to play.
  5. of Meadows Green

    @Luis Hernández Thank you very much! Would you say that it is too consonant or just right?
  6. Spring Song

    This is the third and final movement of my Suite for Violin Duet.
  7. of Meadows Green

    This is the second movement of a suite for violin duet, after The Butterfly Dance.
  8. Three Sententiae for Violin Op. 308

    Another excellent set of Sentintiae! One thing I would say is to be careful when you have passages of double stops as they might not always be practical.
  9. Op. I

    I like it a lot. What software do you use?
  10. Aquarelle for Flute & Piano - "Sky Study"

    It's the actual move from Db to Eb and back again that is difficult. An easier trill would be Db to D natural.
  11. Aquarelle for Flute & Piano - "Sky Study"

    I would only comment that he trill in m. 27 is very difficult to play. Apart from this, well done for a very good piece!
  12. The Butterfly Dance

    @ilv I called it 'The Butterfly Dance' because I was originally inspired by watching butterflies.
  13. The Butterfly Dance

    Ahh okay.
  14. The Butterfly Dance

    Do you mean more changes to pizzicato and tremolo for example?
  15. Can anyone share any tips with me for writing a piece for four concert flutes? I know the flute well as an instrument but I am not good at writing for lots (yet).