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    Hello! I am from Scotland. I play the piano, flute and violin and I have been composing for many years now.
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    Music. Nothing much else. Crafty stuff. Anything that involves me using my brain.
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  1. aMusicComposer

    Prelude and Fugue in G Minor

    Your Prelude is brilliant. I love the way you shape the chords. The Fugue is short, but quite well done. I feel that there are some strange dissonances and chord progressions that don't really work. However, I do not know much on this subject. Thank you for this submission.
  2. aMusicComposer

    ABBA''s Music

    It would be nice, but probably not. Most pop songs (especially of that era)would be something like this: ABABCB.
  3. aMusicComposer

    Prelude in Db Major

    I agree with @Luis Hernández. When you break out of the main motif, there are many clashes and strange dissonances. That said, the rest of the piece is lovely! Thank you for submitting this.
  4. aMusicComposer

    Is Rondo Alla Turca actually a Rondo?

    Is the Rondo Alla Turca by Mozart actually a Rondo? I have been playing it a lot recently, and I just can't understand how it is a Rondo. I see the form as ABCBAB'Coda. Can anyone help?
  5. aMusicComposer

    Mixed ensembles

    Hi everyone, I always like to write more than one piece at a time. I find that one provides the other with ideas. As well as writing my Preludes and Fugues, I am starting an Octet. It is scored for Oboe, Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon, Violin, Viola, Violoncello and Double Bass. Does anyone have any tips for combining strings and wind in a chamber composition? I am always looking to learn which is why I have taken on this challenge. Thanks.
  6. aMusicComposer

    Prelude and Fugue in B major

    It's very sweet. It's a nice gentle one which will contrast nicely with the general fast pacing of the rest. It seems to flow effortlessly at most points, however sometimes it struggles a bit. The fugue is very well written, with no obvious breaches of the rules. Well done, and thank you again for joining this project.
  7. aMusicComposer

    Fugue in D minor

    As I am more attuned to tonal music, I prefer the second one. The piece itself flows nicely, and I feel like you have dealt well with some of the difficulty of counterpoint. I like your 'moments of modernism' where we escape from the fugue for a second or two. Thank you for your submission to the project.
  8. Please do not use the 'Submit a Piece' part of the club. Instead, upload your piece in the appropriate forum and then in the submission link in Composer's Headquarters.
  9. Here is the submission link for the YC Preludes and Fugues Project. Anyone who is not a member and wishes to participate should sign up in the Preludes and Fugues club, where you will be allocated a key or a few to work with. Rules 1. Please upload your piece in the appropriate forum, and then in here once it has been reviewed. 2. Make sure that your piece is titled clearly, showing the key. 3. Please put your Prelude and Fugue on the same PDF. Other keys should be in a separate file.
  10. aMusicComposer

    My piece for accompanied flute

    My first impression is of a very nice piece. There are some dissonances which don't quite work. Overall, I feel that the harmonic structure could be more interesting. I think that the flute needs to take a break at some point. It will help the player and will stop it sounding too monotonous. I feel that you could modulate and have a development section that brings lots of interest into the piece. It seems to end quite suddenly, but this is maybe just my ears. Well done, though. Your flute writing is very good and I like the feel of this piece.
  11. aMusicComposer

    Prelude and Fugue in A-flat Major

    Wow! These are amazing! I love the emotion that you manage to convey through such a simple idea in the prelude. The fugue flows very well, and nothing seems to jar or halt its movement. Well done, and thank you for this valuable submission!
  12. I would primarily like it to be a fugue. A canon would work, or even at a push an 'invention' of Bach's kind....
  13. We have people who are unsure about writing fugues, and I wonder if changing it could also attract new members.
  14. aMusicComposer


    @HoYin Cheung Feel free to write something for this! Don't worry about how long it takes.
  15. Hi everyone. I am wondering whether we should do fugues. Option 1: Keep it the same. Option 2: Don't do fugues, but do something else in their place. Option 3: Don't do anything apart from preludes.