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  1. Thanks for the feedback! Love your profile picture BTW ROFL.
  2. Its all programmed from scratch. I love using loops to inspire ideas but none in this case. Its supposed to be a theme or intro to a show of sorts so it's short.
  3. MP3 Play / pause Look what you made me do 2 0:48 0:48 volume > next menu Look what you made me do 2 > next MP3 Play / pause Look what you made me do 2 0:48 0:48 volume > next menu Look what you made me do 2 > next
  4. Please take a listen tot his short piece I composed & programmed yesterday and give me your honest feedback. Its for a story I thought up. Accompanying Storyline: Whilst searching for California's best waffles, two friends find themselves in a remote town untouched by modern technology called Quantic. A young hand maiden mysteriously dies on the night of their arrival leaving the two friends in a precarious position to prove themselves innocent & help the poor townsfolk, who now believe the arrival of foreigners into their town and the death of the young maiden are signs of the town's inevitable doom as stated in the old town's prophecy.
  5. Hi guys, this was a track I was working on and I would appreciate your feedback on it compositional wise. Please feel free to "rip it apart" if you have to, I really learn better that way! 🙂 Music Composed | Programmed By Me.
  6. Would appreciate your feedback on another track I did. Programmed | Composed |Arranged by me.
  7. Thank you for your feedback I really appreciate it, and yes I see what you mean by the envelope of the chords. Will fix that. 🙂
  8. Thank you for your feedback and taking the time to listen to this track, it really helps. Yes, I do score for short films, trying to eventually score feature films. Also, I didn't quite get what you meant when you said "Sound Set"? Could you explain?
  9. Would appreciate your feedback on something I was working on. Everything's been programmed.
  10. Okay this started out beautifully and when the trumpet came in, I felt it broke the magic of it all. But really enjoyed that first half a lot.
  11. You told me to remind you to listen to the track again. @Rabbival507
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