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  1. ferdi9749

    Piano left hand?

    Yes, I agree with you...it's hard to think about rules.... I also had thought about harmony, but I don't thjink that's Always ( because yes, in obvious cases it is). For instance, this nocturne by chopin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIqx0MOsNfo And this great piece by Paul senneville https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoCG-WNsZio Sound instantly differnet...the first is clearly classical, and the second is clearly more modern. In this i think that the modern sound of the second is cause by short and repeted theme. Simple harmonic with mainly diatonic chords...But that's pretty the same in Chopin's case, at least in first measures...maybe different chord progressions? I think I'll just have to manage this by ear eheh
  2. ferdi9749

    Piano left hand?

    Hello! This topic is just to hear other's opinion... Have you ever noticed that really often piano left hand, especially if using patterns, can sound like modern piano composers? something like clayderman, or Yiruma? If you ever noticed that, don't you think it sounds something like uhm... too simplistic? musically poor? I noticed that also Chopin used kind of patterns in his pieces, but they sounded richer and really better quality...Maybe because of he used to variate, adding extra notes and not keep it always same, or something else? What do you think about this? How would you avoid this left hand poorness? Just Chatting... :)
  3. ferdi9749

    Prelude in C sharp minor

    Very beautiful...full of feelings and poweful at the same time...could I see the score? Great job!
  4. ferdi9749

    Piano quintet in c minor

    @Maarten Bauer thanks so much for your review! Yes you are right...there are many spots where melody does not meet harmony perfectly...my fault. I should take some time to revise this kind of things before asking for advices...And next time I will... Also thanks for the good things you said about the piece! They're not soundfonts...I produced the piece using Cubase and vst instruments...piano in particulare is addictive keys. What I have learned from you review is to better revise my pieces
  5. ferdi9749

    Piano quintet in c minor

    Done...I couldn't attach it when I opened the topic because I had not it with me... Oh, it's missing dynamics and other signs!
  6. ferdi9749

    Waltz (orchestral)

    I think you made the right choice, deciding to keep something hard to understand but that means what you really enjoy!
  7. ferdi9749

    Waltz (orchestral)

    I really love it! It's really catchy, makes me feel totally involved in it! How did you produce it? What vst did you use, I mean. The only thing I could suggest is reduce voice overlaying in the first part...Anyway, great job!
  8. Hello! Here is the link to my last piece...it is a piano quintet written thinking about the little things that nature offers us, and we don't notice...Let me know if you would like to see the score!
  9. ferdi9749

    My new orchestral

    I agree with Vadrif about the mismatch...maybe it's because of the different rhytms? But despite of this i think it's a very powerful and well produced piece of music...Is it a kind of soundtrack for something?
  10. ferdi9749

    Piano nocturne in d minor

    @MusicianXX12 You are defintely right...using a different movement in left hand would have given a new "light" to the new section...I'll use this technique in my future compositions...thanks for your useful advices!
  11. ferdi9749

    Piano nocturne in d minor

    @MusicianXX12 thanks for yur feedback! I repeated the slow theme an octave higher in the second part of the piece just to give it some emphasis...what technique would you use as rhytmic introduction before the theme? I started showing the bass configuration...and I can only think something like that. I am curious :) @ilv thanks! Now it's clear...I'll keep that in mind :)
  12. ferdi9749

    Piano nocturne in d minor

    Sorry, I wasn't clear...I was meaning this "1:13 and 2:57: it is not a good idea to have the prominent presence of the leading tone in the soprano/melody and bass lines."
  13. ferdi9749

    Piano nocturne in d minor

    @Maarten Bauer Thanks a lot. Yes, Chopin influence is really clear in the piece..and also the mood he brought with him. Thanks for the tip about the tempo... I have already written it!
  14. ferdi9749

    Piano nocturne in d minor

    @ilv I just attached the score...Would you explain me better your first point? I also didn't get properly the last one ( measure 72)...Are you meaning that as first note of the measure I should better use a insted of g? Thanks for your reply...really helpful!
  15. ferdi9749

    Piano nocturne in d minor

    @ilv would you like me to put a mp3 file?