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  1. Prelude in C sharp minor

    Muchisimas gracias Mariza Cabral, y Donethur! your comments, fill my heart with strenght to compose again! in some weeks, I will upload new videos from new compositions!! Saludos Donethur desde Barcelona!
  2. Prelude in C sharp minor

    Thank you Panta rei, Maybe you are right, Always I have the tendence to explode an only tonality, and no modulate, until I've satisfied myself of this tonality
  3. Prelude in C sharp minor

    Muchas gracias Luis, que genial es encontrar por aquí, gente de habla hispana! ¡Saludos desde Barcelona!!
  4. Prelude in C sharp minor

    ilv, the score is in pdf, I think is the last work of the booklet
  5. Summer

    I felt transported in a dreamful world from my childhood, full of doubts and curiosity, It's not easy awoke this feelings in people, congratulations!!
  6. Prelude in C sharp minor

    Thanks mery much ferdi I really apreciate your comment!! I upload here a document I did some time ago, nevertheless, I should do a milion of improvements, but I thing you will be able to make an idea

    Very interesting work! conratulations for your good taste!
  8. Prelude in C sharp minor

    Thank you very much Maarten for you good comment!!
  9. Prelude in C sharp minor

    Hello artists! I'd be very glad to show you a bit piano piece I did some years ago Of course, any comment or suggestion, you will be welcome