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  1. The Window

    Cheers for listening guys! Yeah it has some interesting textures. I'm always looking for a nice field of sound and in this case it's mostly panning and stereo imaging which imo gives a wide/cinematic kind of sensation. Have a good day, peace
  2. The Window

    Hey whatsup guys. Just released a project I had floating around. Has a bit of a cinematic texture. Cheers for listening!
  3. Zwaantje

    Yeah I think there are a couple of impossible moments actually. It was intended to be playable by two hands. There's someone who's gonna help me with the notation (and correct the unplayableness) so I'll make sure to post the notated work here. In the future I'm hoping to be able to live record compositions and notate them myself.
  4. Zwaantje

    I kinda like the muddyness of the bass haha. Gave a little bit of contrast between the euphoric aspects and the darker tonality in the piece. But yeah I definitely understand to watch out with that. Yeah I just produced it with long notes to keep the warm energy. I'm not a pianist so to be honest I don't even exactly know how sustaining works. I recently decided to pursue learning actual piano so I'll think I'll pick all that stuff up. I realize some parts are unplayable with just two hands, atleast I think so. That's why you referred to four hands arrangement right? Yeah I like that soundtrack. I see why you went there haha. Has a very emotional touch to it. Cheers for listening.
  5. Zwaantje

    Hey guys, Thought I'd share a piece. Dedicated to my grandmother, the most kind soul and powerful soul you could imagine. It's going to be on my debut album, containing piano music and orchestral soundtracks. Will release it in the near future. Cheers for listening. One Love
  6. Spirits of Monsūn

    Cheers guys. A dunno, I kinda like the chord structure, that's how I felt them haha. Yeah you're right, the theme melody could've used some more variation. I just went for a simple kind of core as I have a tendency to want too much. So it was a kind of test for me. Peace
  7. Pendulum

    Hey what's going on guys, hope ya'll doin' ok. A friend and I have been working on a series of tracks (Hallways). Kind of a blend between nowadays electronic, chillout, Hip Hop, dub. Thought I'd share one of the pieces. Have a good day
  8. Spirits of Monsūn

    Alright fixed the video.
  9. A piece with a bit of a cinematic texture. Writing a lot of orchestral stuff nowadays. It's a very healing, soothing process. Hope you enjoy :)
  10. Rendezvous With Destiny

    You're welcome. Definitely keep on going and expanding your skill. Let me know when you've made something new, I'd be happy to listen. Peace
  11. Rendezvous With Destiny

    Ah you did 'm on purpose. I was already wondering how they came to be as those are the only moments that are 'inharmonic' so to say. It would strike me as odd that such a well crafted musical composition would have two unnoticed mistakes in 'm. I see where you're coming from to create something interesting within the layers. They didn't sit well with me as I listened because the whole piece was harmonically 'correct' and they just seemed like small mistakes. Maybe if you emphasized the moment and the resolution of it, it wouldn't have struck me as odd. As said before, overall very nicely crafted. Lot of talent.
  12. Rendezvous With Destiny

    Hey man, very lovely. Interesting Horn leading, you definitely have some golden moments in there. Criticism/Thoughts: * Maybe too much melody with the lead Horn. Some silence here and there would give more power to the remaining Horn keys. As a listener I don't want to think too much and I have to sorta consciously keep track of the progression in order to follow. In my opinion making it a bit easier will negate that effect. (This is however my personal take on it, I can imagine that other people don't have this). * The transition mid-way could use some release/reverb. It's a bit dry for a full ensemble. * 0:36 - Small dissonance * 0:52 - Small dissonance Overall very nice, good job.
  13. Hey man. Equalizing is a must for electronic production. It is one of the biggest, if not the biggest aspect of mixing and balancing. It's all about training your ear. The more you do it the more familiar you become with sound; how it resonates, what to look for, how to get rid of disturbances etc etc. It's about experimenting, getting familiar with the hearable Hz's, and knowing how your equalizer works. A proper mix is a mix that can be played loudly without disturbances/edges - but keeping a profound or powerful appearance. It's also about testing your sound on a variety of speakers/headphones etc, for reflective purposes. A good mix reacts well on most sound systems. For a part equalizing is taste. But there are certainly guidelines that everyone follows to get stuff done. I have blogged about the basics of mixing/balancing. If you're new to this all, have a look (it's mainly written for starters). The following episode is about equalizing (I am not aware of any rules against linking on this forum, if so, my apologies): https://typhonicsamples.com/music-production-ep-4-pain-borders-and-sweet-spots/
  14. Progressions are clean, the soundscape is nice and balanced. Not my type of track but well orchestrated. 2 Notes. 1:24 The way this switch-up enters is rhythmically a bit chaotic but a second later you catch it. The final outro doesn't sit well with me. I feel it deviates too much from where you were taking me. Might be taste, don't know.
  15. Wasps

    The new vibe from the mid-point of the track seems to be inspired by Thomas Newman, aye? ^^ The progression and the emotion is nice. I think the piano is a bit to wide in the stereo image and a bit to verby and it's missing some low-end (or the highs are peaking to much). I think if you make the piano a bit dryer/a bit more centered (not overly) it can serve as a sort of constant. I think the strings can have the roles in the wider field of your track. Just a thought. peace