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  1. Loneliness

    Love it man, it screams for more. I would definitely make a fuller thing out of it. Build the emotion up and break it down towards the end. The sound is very nice as well.
  2. A Peaceful Skit

    Hey, Thanks for the feed. Yeah i repeated that motive as a sort of line through the piece. I tried to give is several endings to keep it interesting. I intended it to build up some form of mystery. I see what you mean by it lacking development, I wanted to keep it extremely simple. Maybe I'll develop it a bit further if I feel I wanna do that. Oh and, what do you mean by an in motion? Peace
  3. A Peaceful Skit

    Hey what's going on people, I'm working on an orchestral album with themes/soundscapes/symphonies. I'm also in the process of developing a couple of skits for it, with a minimalistic touch to balance out the whole album. I made this skit a couple of days ago, a short piano story. My knowledge of music theory is limited, I don't pay a lot of attention to it. However, I do think I switch between modes/scale a couple of times, and I thought that gave an interesting feel. Sort of weird resolution to a new feel peaking through or something lol. Thoughts are always welcome, Anyway, hope you enjoy, peace.
  4. Piece for friends video of her grandparents

    Ah, all good man, they're not that extreme, just a tiny bit too much high-end (I like to listen with a pretty loud volume when I'm reflecting on quality and dynamics) Those two times: 0:56 and 2:03 where closest to when the dissonance are about to happen. I wish I had perfect pitch/knowledge of terminology so I could point out the exact keys and the exact part but I don't. So I'm gonna try to point it out verbally; 0:56 - If you from this moment listen to the strings: just before the strings jump to different keys, there is a minimal dissonance between that moment of the piano and the strings (right before the transition of strings). hówever; it is so small that after multiple times of repeating, I only noticed it 1 time. It could literally be a mindfuck. I wouldn't take it from me, only if someone agrees. 2:03 - if you listen to the strings from this exact moment, when they transition into different keys, I feel like thóse new keys and the piano-hit of that specific moment create a dissonance. I don't think it's flawed layering, it seems to small for that, so it might be an extremely minimal detune, or a small reverb-tail dissonance or something. I hope I pointed it out properly, I wish I could explain it more accurately with terms. I do wanna point out that I've been too much into sound for the past couple of days so I could be completely off, again, only consider these pointers if someone else agrees. Again, great piece, love it man, you got talent.
  5. Piece for friends video of her grandparents

    Amazing, the orchestration is fantastic. Really gentle and it takes you right where you wanna go. The dynamics and the overall levels of the frequencies are great. Couple of small things: * A couple of times there are some crackling elements of the crackling/static that we're slightly disturbing/loud. Example at: 1:10 * 0:56 - From here there was a slight harmonic disturbance between the string and the piano. However, listening to it again I'm not quite sure, might've been a fluke. * 2:03 From here, I'm not quite sure about the layering of the strings and the piano at that moment Other than these small details, it's great! Edit: Those two remarks about the dissonances, it might not have to do with the actual correctness of it. It might be a small stacking of detune/reverb, dunno. It's so minimal. The first remark I couldn't even catch anymore the second time so.
  6. Reminiscence

    There are lots and lots of really beautiful moments in this piece, well done man. My critique would be: * Reverb is a bit OP, think it will be a bit smoother if it's tightened up just a tiny bit. * Also a small mid-eq wouldn't hurt. Of course not an unnatural amount, just a tiny curve. * At 4:18 there was a small weird ladder. * From The 4:30 mark I heard a different resolution and that made those following couple of seconds seem out of place. * In general I felt like there was too much change, I was looking for a constant - a sense of understanding where it's taking me. I felt like that structure was missing a bit. As if I had to too consciously follow in order to understand. * I agree with above comment, resolve it at the ending ;p - Peace
  7. Prelude for Strings

    Hey, New to this forum but lemmie drop right in. I enjoyed the overall experience. Until the halfway mark it reminded a lot of Many Meetings by Howard Shore. At around 1:17 you started increasing in intensity and I wanna point out that I started the track with a comfortable volume and that part (at my volume setting) was really loud. One factor is the peaks in the higher frequencies, I recommend gently eq'ing some pressure points (of course without destroying organicness, as that is what you want to emulate). That section at around 0:47 didn't sit well with me. It was - to me - to dissonant. Towards the ending it started getting a bit messy, composition-wise. It might be the positioning (volume, stereo image) of the sounds that causes a bit of crowdedness. I definitely wouldn't give up on this piece, if you let it rest and jump in fresh you can do some amazing stuff with this. Peace