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  1. Girl in the Café

    Yes, I need that and I'll start studying soon. Actually, I just turned down the volume of that line, because It was too loud when I listened to the piece for first time. I know, and lots of my works have the same problem. Do you have any suggestions for that?
  2. Girl in the Café

    Greetings! This is my newest composition, and for the first time, I composed for a full string orchestra. The track and score are attached to the topic.
  3. Deep Breath

    I know, it's really incomplete. I wanted to add some melodies using distorted electrical guitar to the piece, but I felt that's better to keep it as simple as I can, because some of my friends liked it as a computer game theme.
  4. Drowning in Mind

    Haha. Thanks. Actually, film scoring and composing music for media (Theater, Movies, Games, etc.) is one of my most favorite musical activities. And, I hope I could make for at least one short film :)
  5. Deep Breath

    Hey guys, I just connected my acoustic guitar to my audio interface (Focusrite Scarlet Solo) and started recording this using FL studio and some ambient plugins (Guitar Gadget, Autosweller, Fruity Reverb) and then I added drums to it. Of course there's no score (because I only improvised over some simple chords), but if you are curious about the chords, I filmed process and it's available here :
  6. Waltz No. 1 (in D minor)

    Sorry if I'm late, but this is the score. Please let me know your opinions about the score.
  7. Hey guys, this is a waltz that I wrote in D minor. It's a short piece but I tried to keep it in the form. Please let me know your opinions about it :)
  8. Nocturne in A minor

    I heard lots of piano pieces which had two or three bars of rest in right hand, and left hand only played. Is it a rule in "nocturne" style?
  9. Nocturne in A minor

    Thanks, I just listened to my Chopin CD's to get the concepts. Also, Listened to lots of John Field's works :D I know, this was only a test on "how to write" a nocturne. In my future works, I try to add more variations and use dominant chords. It was a helpful and great edit on my score. Also, thanks for your kind reply to my music.
  10. Paul Stretch Demo

    As a drone/ambient composer I used this plugin a lot. It's good while you have no treble notes ( I mean above E6) or percussion. Because, when you listen to final product, it'll annoy ears. But generally, It's good to convert any sounds to an artistic drone or ambient track.
  11. Nocturne in A minor

    I know, and I try to fix some problems like this in my future projects. This was only an experience for composing a nocturne. Not really. I learned a lot while I was writing this. But, I think expanding this is a waste of time, and I really am sure that I can compose a better "Nocturne in A minor" in future :)) Something I know that I should do is using inversions and dominant chords, and I started studying more music theory for learning that Thanks, it was a helpful and kind opinion :) I use addictive keys studio grand, thanks to focusrite, when I bought my audio interface, I could get one free copy of one of addictive keys products for a lifetime :D
  12. Nocturne in A minor

    Greetings. I composed this 40 seconds : It actually is what I understood from scores I have read. I know there are some problems in signs and slurs I used, so I shared it to know your opinion. Thanks!
  13. Help me for writing Nocturne and Waltz

    Yes, of course. My favorite composers are usually from Romantic era. Like Beethoven and Chopin. It seems I need to study John Field scores more :D I know. But the problem is culture, in Iran, 6/8 means a dancing music with no regards of art (we call it 6 & 8, and this is very common to call any crappy music 6 & 8). So I prefer to write in 3/4 instead of 6/8 :)) I know, I used these three chords to make as fast as I can. I also have no modulation or anything similar to make my music better. It was actually "everything I got from a nocturne", but in a brief way. I consider this, thanks!
  14. Help me for writing Nocturne and Waltz

    OK, I wrote this as a "Nocturne". I tried to keep it musically right. I really want to write good pieces, and this is why I asked this question. Please watch my video and tell me what should I do for my music.
  15. Help me for writing Nocturne and Waltz

    Well, I listened to two of John Field's nocturnes. I found a "nocturne" should be something light, peaceful and something good for a nocturnal gathering or something similar. I try to compose one, and if I have problems, I ask here. Thanks a lot!