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  1. I started this new one-man post-rock project, and this is the first single track I composed for this project. It's available to download from bandcamp : https://mangrovelakeswans.bandcamp.com/track/far-away-in-the-dark
  2. Greetings. I'm not a big fan of "Turkish pop music" (Unlike their folk music), but lots of turkish pop tracks have inspiring and nice melodies, which are close to Arabic/Iranian melodies. When you listen precisely to the music, you find that those melodies are played on a western instrument like guitar or violin. Does anyone has any ideas or sources for those melody lines?
  3. Psychedelic Rock Sketch #1

    Just dialed a psychedelic tone using Line6 Helix Native, and improvised some lead lines over and ambient loop in style of "Frippertronics". Psychedelic rock is one of my most favorite rock music subgenres, and I hope I can make more!
  4. Haraas

    I'm thinking of adding some guitar riffs to a backing track similar to this one. I think it'll make it a "Funeral Doom" song. What's your opinion?
  5. Haraas

    In Persian language, Haraas (Persian : هراس) means "fear". I'm a big fan of horror music and after listening to lots of "Funeral Doom" and "Witch House" music, I decided to write a piece myself. I studied horror elements again and started writing this piece. I really like the result, because it has the sense of "endless" fear, in a dark and cold jungle. You know, it's like when you see a victorian building in middle of jungle and when you decide to enter the building, you got surprised by looking at something weird, creepy or scary. Such as an unknown monster, an alien, a jinn (you know jinns are very popular in middle eastern horror stories!), or even a person whom got killed in a brutal way and it makes you scream and escape! DAW : FL Studio VST FX : Blackhole Reverb, Fruity Reverb, Fruity Parametric EQ2, Fruity Compressor, Fruity Limiter VST Instruments : Addictive Keys, Native Instrument Symphony Essentials (Bass & Violin) , FPC (HQ Rock Kit), DX7 (Pads), Vital Mallets (Bells), 8Dio Free Angels (Rain Samples)
  6. 1984

    Just wrote this song to test my new samples, but at the end, it really sounded good to me. Then, I decided to master the track and share it.
  7. [MELODRAMA] Ali Baba

    Yes, because the language I speak is Persian. You know Iran has lots of ethnic groups, and Persians are one of them. So, I'm from that ethnic group.
  8. 7:07 PM

    I'm a guitar effect nerd and I like to use different guitar effects to get different tones. This is actually why I produce metal, rock. ambient or even pop music. Because with different guitar effects, I can make different music. But, most of my effects are delays, reverbs and ambient stuff. Today I decided to make a simple guitar loop and improvise something over the loop, so I recorded a "A add9 power chord" and looped it. Then, I started recording my improvisation in A minor. Song details : DAW : FL Studio FX : Valhalla Shimmer, Valhalla Space Modulator(For synth which helps guitar drone), Fruity Delay, Fruity Compressor, Amplitube 4 ('65 Fender Reverb), Guitar Gadgets, Fruity Parametric EQ2, Mobius Looper. Instrument : Ibanez iJRG200u (electrical guitar) VST instruments : DX7 (Computer simulated Yamaha synth).
  9. [MELODRAMA] Ali Baba

    As a Persian man, I enjoyed this piece! And you covered everything in that story well! Iranian, mysterious and also has a little Arabian/Iraqi background (as Ali Baba was a man from Baghdad, although Baghdad was an Iranian city those days, but most of people there became Arabic-speaking those days). Very nice and nostalgic for me!
  10. Why do you compose?

    I really feel "light" when I create music. Because I usually make music when I feel depressed, so it makes my thoughts (specially negative ones) "heavy" in my head. They become like a huge Iron ball in my brain and I have to make them seen or heard. So, I prefer to write music when I don't feel good, and the procedure of making music, makes me feel good. Even better than when I'm coding (Yes, I'm a programmer and computer engineer) or making digital electronic devices. It depends on circumstances, usually 2 or 3 hours for the basic idea, one day for "forming" the idea in a musical way, one day for writing a piece (sometimes forming and writing are done in the same day) and depends on the complexity of the piece , 2 or 3 days recording, writing in DAW and mixing and mastering. usually 4 days for a usual piece. But, if I want to convert and idea "directly" to the music, I can spend 4-5 hours. Like lots of my pieces available in this forum. Please read my answer to the first quote :)
  11. Fire in Heaven (Heavy metal)

    No, but I'm a big fan of "doom" music, both in metal and Jazz. So, thanks for introducing a new amazing doom metal band!
  12. You could make that idea, specially the minor mood of that track, But, it reminds me of harry potter in the first listen. I think, that's because you used a celesta or vibraphone in that part. In my opinion, you sound like "John Williams", so I can call this "If Hans Zimmer's piece was written by John Williams". Very nice musical ideas! You covered this very well. I had traveled from a southern Iranian city "Bandar Abbas" to one of Persian Gulf islands "Qeshm" with a traditional Iranian/Arabian type of ship. That really could repeat the moments I watched the sea and enjoyed.
  13. Chords of Snow

    I'm really a fan of this type of music, specially when it's combined with Rock/Metal style of drums. I wrote this last night, when it was snowing here in Tehran. So, I picked my guitar, wrote some chords and start playing it. After that I started mixing and mastering all I wrote. In last week, I saw a video on guitar drones, and that guy explained "adding static drones make your songs sound better" and I decided to do this, and I started bowing my E string (actually I love the sound of Bowed guitars) and added some drones with Contrabass sound samples. DAW : FL Studio VST Plugins :Guitar Rig (Amp, Reverb, Overdrive) , Guitar Gadgets (Reverb) , Fruity Parametric EQ2 VST Instruments : FPC Drums (HQ Rock), Native Instruments Symphony Essentials (Bass) Instrument : Ibanez iJRG200u
  14. Entanglement

    First, thanks for your comment. Yes, It sounds funeral march-y, because I'm a fan of funeral music and that metal sub-genre which is known as "Funeral Doom Metal". And I really keep my music close to what I like. I'm not a fan of melodic guitars, and this is why I kept it chordal in this song. Yeah! first it was annoying to me but I really liked the result :D
  15. Entanglement

    I'm a fan of independent and experimental movies, so I'm a fan of the legendary Jim Jarmusch. I watched "Only Lovers Left Alive", and there's a scene that the male actor starts playing guitar and recording his awesome music. That scene, inspired me. So, I took my guitar, my bow and start playing something. Then I recorded some classically picked Dmin and Dsus2 chords. Here's the result :