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  1. The poet

    This is the track I made today. It's just a quick composition, not that good, but I hope you enjoy!
  2. To all guitarists

    I'm a guitarist (never played a bass guitar, but I'm familiar with that amazing instrument!) and personally, I prefer a sheet which included both notes and tabs, in treble clef. You know why? Because tabs can help me to find the correct position of the notes on the neck. Let me explain this, if you want to play a high E , you can play open top string, or 5th fret of B string, or 9th fret of G string. Guitar shredders and soloists, use the G string one to compose/play because everything they do is there (between 10th and 24th frets). But in songs like "Nothing Else Matters" you can easily find that high E note is played on open high E strings. Also, I love notes, because first they can help me become better in music theory and score reading, and second, I can find correct timings. For example, recently I was practicing theme from "Papillon" and when I found sheet music (which had tabs), I was the happiest guitarist in the world This is a bit weird, but I can show you examples of tabs which have effects included : https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/sunn_o/richard_tabs_1857348 In this tab, you can clearly find that you should use a pitch shifter pedal. Also, you should note that your song/solo is played with pick, fingers, slapping or bow (real bow or electronic bow). But, there's no musical way for them, just note in your score. Good Luck :)
  3. Aurora (Gothic Rock Experiment)

    Thanks. I use FL Studio. If you want to know plugins and libraries, feel free to ask.
  4. This is one of my "gothic rock" compositions, I love gothic music and also, I love to make gothic music. I hope you guys enjoy this track, and feel free to leave a comment :)
  5. Maja (Bowed Guitar Solo)

    I know what is that, E-Bow uses a magnetic field to make vibration on the string (and it can be used on all the string of guitar!) but unfortunately, I could not find it in Iran. One of my friends and I tried to make one, but we could not find suitable coils/oscillators to vibrate guitar string. It's the best choice for bowed guitar players, of course. Thanks a lot.
  6. Drone music, thoughts and ideas?

    Oh, this was one of the best descriptions for "drone rock" or "drone metal" music, I think I heard something like that from "Stephen O'Malley", too. When I listened to SunnO))), I was curious about the genre. Because the band had been introduced as a "doom metal" band, and I like doom metal (I mean Agalloch, Saint Vitus, YOB, etc) and when I listened to their music, I was a bit disappointed, but I did a research on their genre and style and I realized that they're experimental band. Also, I listened to some of Earth, Boris and Black Boned Angel works. I'm familiar with the genre. But the main problem (specially in metalhead communities) is "this is not music, only AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH sounds".
  7. Drone music, thoughts and ideas?

    This is the definition from Wikipedia : Drone music,[2][3]drone-based music,[4] or simply drone, is a minimal music genre[5] that emphasizes the use of sustained or repeated sounds, notes, or tone-clusters – called drones I think what you described is only an ambient (or any other experimental/electronic) track with a drone as backing track.
  8. I'm a fan of Drone music, specially when it comes to metal and forms "Drone metal" music. But, lots of people think that's just noise and it's not music. What do you think about this genre? and also, please introduce your favorite drone/drone metal artists.
  9. Nocturne in E minor

    Oh , does it mean my melodies are "meaningless" or something like that? I really like to learn more, to improve my harmonies. Is there any resource for studying?
  10. Maja (Bowed Guitar Solo)

    Haha yes No, that's a C major 7 in piano line, and Guitar plays a droning D. Of course :)
  11. Church Bells

    Yes, I waa asked to make an opening track 😁 and this is what I was asked to make.
  12. As a computer engineer by day (and a musician by night :D), I prefer writing small parts and then, connecting them together. Like "modular programming". In my personal opinion, it doesn't matter where you start. When I started writing music for a group of instruments, I just started writing metal music. Metal is easy, specially when you don't know music theory, you only read tabs from great bands (i.e. Metallica) and then, start copying them. But when I learned music theory (the right way, of course) I wrote metal songs again, because now, I didn't need to copy metallica or any ther famous band. But why it's important? When you write a metal song, the most difficult parts are bass and guitars. When you wrote them, everything else is written by itself (I call this "Black metal logic"). Imagine the orchestra is your band. Which part is the most difficult for you? Of course, it is! So, the way I write orchestra is : 1. Writing for bass instruments It helps a lot. specially when you have the ideology "one chord per bar". Even if you want to use more than one chord in a bar, it will help. But why? Because in every bass instrument, I add the root notes. sometimes in "double bass" section, I add the fifths. 2. Writing for Viola and Clarinet The second part I start writing. I just add thirds of the chords. When I finish this part, I have idea about what chords I used. For example, I have "C" in Cello section , and "E" in Viola section, then I know I have a C major chord there. 3. Writing for Other Instruments I just write some melodic lines, which includes main notes of the chords (depends on the chord type), for every other instrument, but melody isn't written yet. 4. Writing Melody It depends on you, but I prefer trumpets or violins playing my melodies. Sometimes, I may even write this part for a solo guitar (Have you heard Yngwie Malmsteen's Concerto Suite?) and make my orchestra a concerto for solo guitar. I hope I could help!
  13. Nocturne in E minor

    I was just practicing music theory, and then, I decided to write something classic, and I tried to follow every rule I learned. Also, I could solve the problem "feeling incomplete" by using Cadence. I hope you enjoy!
  14. Maja (Bowed Guitar Solo)

    One of my favorite bands, is Sigur Ros. And this is why I learned to play guitar using a bow ... I know violin bow is not that good for being used on guitar, but it was the cheapest and easiest choice I had. So, today I felt so Scandinavian (LOL), and decided to make something like Sigur Ros (you know, when someone feels Scandinavian, he/she may make some trve kvlt music \m/ ), then I picked my bow and tuned my guitar to DADGAD, and this is the result :
  15. Waves

    This is one of the best alternative songs I've ever heard. Well done!