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  1. Muhammadreza

    Dark Ambient Sketch #1

    I don't know how you guys describe "Dark ambient", but to me, it's a cold and sad genre. I recorded this just this afternoon : I know it's not that good, because everything is improvised, and I did not spend so much time on mixing and mastering.
  2. Muhammadreza

    Looking Strange to Myself

    Dark wave, is one of my favorite genres in "modern" music. But, it was a long time I haven't listened to that type of music. In previous days, I was looking for music which can help me focus when I'm studying for exams, and I checked my spotify for "Sopor AEternus & The Ensemble of Shadows". I listened to their album "Dead Lovers Sarabande Vol. 2" and then, I decided to make a track similar to those tracks after my exams. In last 2 days I had 3 exams and it made me tired, but I could make this track, inspired by Sopor AEternus!
  3. Muhammadreza

    Laúd (Lute) meets ambient guitar!

    I wanted to put my Lute to the test with ambient FX, and the result is :
  4. Muhammadreza


    what's this?
  5. Muhammadreza

    Tips for Creating Ambient Songs?

    Nice music! I loved it! I add this tip to "technical" tips : Ambient music describes environment, so I think you should use "inner feelings" to create it. For example, I'm not a sad or highly depressed person, but I prefer to make music when I feel depressed/melancholic. So my music can reflex that (you can hear my music by searching my profile). And as a technical tip, if you play guitar, use every reverb effect you have, just kidding (worst joke ever), But Playing with FX can help you get your desired tone. One of my most favorites is "Shimmer reverb". It's basically a reverb (Room/Plate/Hall) with "Pitch-shifted" feedback. So, you can have great harmonies! Regards.
  6. Muhammadreza


    Greetings guys! I'm again in the world of Electronic/Ambient music. I found new tools and techniques to make this type of music and I enjoy it! I hope you enjoy 🙂
  7. Muhammadreza

    Melodic structure in Maqam music

    Yes. Actually the 4th mode of Harmonic Minor scale. But there is a difference, in Middle Eastern music, you have to follow strict rules to compose, specially in melodic intervals you use.
  8. Muhammadreza

    Melodic structure in Maqam music

    Unfortunately, there's no "structure" guide in this website.
  9. Recently I used this scale : E - F - G# - A - B - C - D# - E and composed a very short piece. I titled my piece "Maqam Hijaz" but an oud-player told me "You need to follow melodic structure of maqams to make maqam music". I read a book about "Melodic Structure in Iranian Music" and I found how "Radif" and "Dastgah" work, but I could not find anything about maqam. Can you guys help me about maqam melodic structure?
  10. Muhammadreza

    Does location effect your compositions?

    Hi Carmen. Welcome the YC. I agree. Location affect your music. I'm Iranian and my music (even electronic/rock music I compose) sounds "Persian". Iranian/Arabic/Turkish music has a lot of secrets and it's hard to discover the secrets, but it's easy to "sound oriental". But "why" living in Iran affects my music? Because I heard lots of traditional music here. I never played an Iranian instrument but I heard a lot from Oud, Setar, Tar or Santoor. I never played a quartertone on my instruments but I heard lots of Homayoun, Segah, Shur, etc.
  11. Muhammadreza

    Tokyo Birthday Party!

    Thanks! I really don't know what you mean by using the term "dirty". Do you mean "distorted/overdriven"?
  12. Muhammadreza

    Tokyo Birthday Party!

    Hey guys! May 30th was my birthday (I became 22 and started 23rd year of my life!) and I made a song for my birthday. Hope you enjoy! DAW : FL Studio Instrument(s) : Ibanez iJRG200u VST Instruments : Native Instruments Symphony Essentials, Chris Hein Violin, EZDrummer 2 VST FX : Fruity Compressor, Fruity Parametric EQ 2, Guitar Rig, Fruity Reeverb 2
  13. I'm sure most of you guys know about my post-rock band "Mangrove Lake Swans". The Last single I was published, called "Far away in the dark". It was my first post-rock track and I'm sure I can be much better in this genre. Now, I would like to post second single track of my one-man-band here to know your opinions about it. This is my bandcamp link : https://mangrovelakeswans.bandcamp.com/track/moonlight And song details : DAW : FL Studio Instrument : Ibanez iJRG200u VST Instruments : Addictive Keys (Grand piano preset) , FPC Drums VST FX : Fruity Reeverb 2, Blackhole Reverb, Guitar Gadgets (Niagra Falls preset), Fruity Delay, Fruity Parametric EQ2 I also posted piano part notes!
  14. Muhammadreza


    Actually I wanted all parts to be on time and rhythm. But, I found they sound better this way, then I didn't quantize recordings 😄 And thanks for your kind comment ❤️
  15. Muhammadreza


    Finally I made my first song using my Laud (Spanish Lute?). I'm heavily inspired by Lute player "Jozef van Wissem" and how he goes in a duet with legendary director "Jim Jarmusch". Actually, I tried so hard to keep this track close to soundtracks of the movie "Only Lovers Left Alive". Hope you enjoy! DAW : FL Studio Instruments : Laud, Ibanez iJRG200u VST Instruments : FPC Drums VST FX : Fruity Compressor, Fruity Parametric EQ2, Fruity Reeverb, Blackhole Reverb