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  1. Thank you for your feedback, Monarcheon. I have tried to write counterpoint against the compound lines I hear, but it is a varied approach admittedly. I weighed that up against picking out and making the compound melodies explicit, and might still try that with a sarabande, but I think will make an inescapably a muddy texture that way, which wouldn't suite the lighter dance movements like the minuets. The easiest way would be to change the original part to have some of the implied melodies in clear, separate parts, but I think that would be defeating the object somehow.
  2. Nice. I would suggest you spend longer establishing the key (slower a perfect cadence) before that first cycle of fifths if you want it to sound stylistically baroque. The cycle of 5ths is more likely to be transition material that eventually lands back on the tonic for the return of the theme/keyboard entry. The keyboard melody starts with some nice horn(?) interjections between phrases- that's a nice feature and you could develop it more (the horn, or whatever, then plays on the beat and doesn't add so much as it was before). It would be nice if the falling fragments in the keyboard were 'answered' by maybe rising fragments in the horn (I'm not sure if that's well communicated, sorry if not).
  3. I agree with Theodore Servin- the final section is very short and seems like it could be a fully developed section. It's also a bit too well separated for my taste- perhaps a linking theme, a more subtle change in pulse or at least a pedal note between the two sections would make them less disjunct? Your melody writing is very fluent though and as others have said the texture is well handled, well done.
  4. Happy to share parts if anyone is interested. I'm working on doing the whole suite (no.1, G major) but thought I'd get this out there and try to get some feedback first.
  5. Please excuse the playing on this. If any pianists would like to record a better version I'd be happy to hear from you!
  6. It should appear in the post with a play button, but here is a link to the SoundCloud page where it's hosted, maybe this helps: https://soundcloud.com/user-56309555/wake-up
  7. Nice, thank you! Yes, everything's recorded separately, the cello parts are improvised. My brother plays one of the cello parts, I play the rest.
  8. Thanks for listening! 'Modern lieder' is a category I hadn't though of, but it's a good one. Just before recording this we were warming up with some Schumann songs, so there must be some connection.
  9. Morning, Not posted here before, but seems like the sort of place I might get useful feedback. I've been composing in a few different styles for quite a while, but this seems to be the most genuine sort of sound for me at the moment. I'm not sure I can justly call it 'chamber music' so any better category suggestion would be welcomed!
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