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  1. Absolutely love this! Very clear melodies and some beautiful harmonic work. 5 stars!
  2. There's such an amazing feeling this movement gives, it's indescribable. You've done an amazing job with this, I would love to hear it played by a real orchestra one day!
  3. Excellent piece! Very neat score layout too. Great job overall!
  4. Thanks for your feedback everyone! @Luis Hernández Listening back, I definitely used the wrong string patch, and it really doesn't do the piece justice. I have since upgraded to LA Scoring Strings and will probably release a version with that patch. I also agree about countermelodies, I will probably revise this piece after I finish a larger project. @Maarten Bauer Appreciate the tips greatly, I'm still new to scoring and so I wasn't sure what the layout should be. @Kvothe I screenshotted parts of the score, then put them together with the track in Final Cut X
  5. Hi all, Here is a short piece I composed over a day or too for Strings. Feedback/Question/Criticisms are all welcome! -R https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-vs0RlK8Aw
  6. Wonderful little pieces! You must feel very proud I'm sure. All the best -R
  7. @HoYin Cheung Don't Forget his second Symphony! It has some very Russian melodies in it in my opinion.
  8. This prelude was inspired by an autumn walk. Any kind of criticism is welcome! Prelude 1 Op.2.mp3
  9. @aMusicComposer Thanks for the kind words! @ilv Appreciate the feedback, I'll try changing the F to E, and see how that sounds, but not sure whats wrong with the part at 1:20.. Maybe I'll play around with that part and try and get a better sound.
  10. Hello, This is a piece I have been composing for the past couple of days. Any criticism is welcome, although I may not go back to work on the piece further, so I just thought I would leave it here. Cheers -R
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