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    I am zhenkang, a beginner composer who had taken interest in composing just recently in 2016. Before that, I had tried composing but without much success and lost interest until I started learning O level music in 2016.
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    Mapping in Opengeofiction, Composing in my free time and learning new styles, Mathematics
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    Frederic Chopin, Claude Debussy, Mozart, J.S. Bach, Beethoven (not in order of favorites)
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    Classical, sometimes also 12-tone
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    Piano, Trombone and Timpani

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  1. Trio for Violin, French Horn and Piano

    It is quite 'eastern' at the start. I think you used a harmonic minor at the start. I don't quite like the harmony though. To extend and develop, you can do an inversion of the melody, augmentation and diminution, embellish with a few trills or turns. Hope to see an extended version of this piece! Hope it is rather more exciting to hear.
  2. String Quartet no. 1 (Began writing on Nov. 2)

    For me, I like neo-classicism. I am interested in 20th century music. The String Quartet is quite nice, with the nice bass played by the viola.
  3. 8 Pieces for Solo Piano

    I should say, the Minuet is nice to hear despite its simplicity. The prelude is quite emotional. The 'March' is not really a march. A March has a steady rhythm
  4. Vivace in C# minor

    I had made the sound better. No._1_1.mid
  5. First Proper Orchestral Piece

    The ostinato could be cut down more as it is boring for more than 4 bars. Add some percussion to the piece too to add some bang to the piece! Also, can you adda score? However, it is still nice to hear with the ostinato and light melody by the flutes.
  6. Moment Musical in F minor

    A nice variation of the original! Though I wish it is slightly faster. The staccato reflects the light mood to the piece.
  7. feedback needed - prelude

    Quite nice! Though I wish there's a pdf score.
  8. Allegro for String Quartet in F major

    A quite modern piece to hear. It is actually to montonous for me with little tension, although the semiquavers for the strings is quite interesting.
  9. A bit too much dissonances for me for violins, though I liked 20th century pieces besides classical music.
  10. Prelude 1 op.2

    A semi-classical yet Impressionistic piece to be appreciated. Nice work.
  11. Short piano study

    A nice piano study which is modern in style. Where's the score though.
  12. Tuba Concerto

    I would have expected an orchestra with the solo tuba instead of piano. It could have been a tuba-piano solo. Nice tunes by the way. It is rare that someone compose a melody for tubas, even a nice one. Tubas are normally left behind at the bottom (on the orchestral score for brasses LOL).
  13. Sonata for Solo Flute

    The 1st part is nice, reminds me of cadenza for a concerto.