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    I am zhenkang, a beginner composer who had taken interest in composing just recently in 2016. Before that, I had tried composing but without much success and lost interest until I started learning O level music in 2016.
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    Mapping in Opengeofiction, Composing in my free time and learning new styles, Mathematics
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    Frederic Chopin, Claude Debussy, Mozart, J.S. Bach, Beethoven (not in order of favorites)
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    Classical, sometimes also 12-tone
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    Piano, Trombone and Timpani

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  1. A bit too much dissonances for me for violins, though I liked 20th century pieces besides classical music.
  2. Prelude 1 op.2

    A semi-classical yet Impressionistic piece to be appreciated. Nice work.
  3. Short piano study

    A nice piano study which is modern in style. Where's the score though.
  4. Tuba Concerto

    I would have expected an orchestra with the solo tuba instead of piano. It could have been a tuba-piano solo. Nice tunes by the way. It is rare that someone compose a melody for tubas, even a nice one. Tubas are normally left behind at the bottom (on the orchestral score for brasses LOL).
  5. Sonata for Solo Flute

    The 1st part is nice, reminds me of cadenza for a concerto.
  6. I will, but I need to sharpen my skills first.
  7. A very nice and thought out piece. Baroque and classical together! I thought of more of such pieces like this, when Baroque meets modern.
  8. Gigue in D minor

    Thanks for highlighting. I will look into it and improve.
  9. Forgotten Light

    A nice orchestral piece which cannot be forgotten. Nice rising tension at the start before the melody! The melody is quite interesting. But the usic is not truly horrifying enough. Maybe some sharp melody and dissonances to create a dark theme at the start.
  10. Desperation (String Quartet)

    It will be better if there is the score. The intro has a nice slow melodious tune.The recording is not so bad, apart the violin in the background sometimes. The 2nd movement is very lively, but I will prefer a more staccato type and possibly more dotted rhythms? The 3rd movement maybe the reflect the anger make the ending slightly faster. I thought for the 4th movement you create a short funeral march at the start to begin the 'funeral'. The 5th movement is slightly fine also. Overall, this piece is very expressionistic. It really reflects death in some way, like the slow movements and the minor key (in A minor), although I don't totally agree with your beliefs on death. anyway, it is a story, so... I also hope you can do some modulations to make it slightly interesting.
  11. Silence

    The music is more than a deafening silence! There is a nice rising tension in the beginning. However, the piano bass is quite repetitive. Maybe you should add a sudden fast part after the silence...
  12. Gigue in D minor

    By the way the sound may sound a bit old so please forgive me!
  13. I think you can create a nice solo passage from here. Maybe hear Dvorak's Cello Concerto for inspiration.
  14. What Masterclass topics do you want to see?

    I would also like to learn about the 12 tone, and also learn other forms of music like Baroque dances (Courante, Allemande, Bouree, Gigues and Minuets)