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  1. Thank you! Reaper as a DAW, The Giant piano samples and Cinesamples for the other instruments :)
  2. 3 tracks I composed for an indie horror video game project, which was unfortunately discontinued by it's creator after some time. Decided to still upload these pieces, since it was my first real attempt in writing something in this style.
  3. A short piece for solo piano, basically a variation of the same theme in 2 parts, separated by the change of dynamics.
  4. Here's my first serious string quartet, recorded with electronic instruments so the dynamics are displayed very poorly. Separated in 5 small movements, with a backstory in the video description for whoever is interested.
  5. This is my first piece that I write that uses more than just piano and strings, it turned out to be an interesting experience but I still think something is lacking. In need of serious feedback.
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