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  1. Hi fellas, Normally, I only write music for piano. It’s the only instrument I have and the only instrument I can play - but recently I have decided it would be fun to take on the project of writing a Piano Quintet to help introduce me to the world of Chamber music. Unfortunately, as I have established, I have no experience writing for stringed instruments and I have no idea how to approach the task. If there are any tips and tricks anybody could give me about writing for strings and for writing chamber music. Thanks a million! James
  2. One thing you could do is limit the melody to the upper register and the harmonies to the lower register, and keep it in a minor key. Try descending chromatic scales - this will give a sort of blizzard-like affect. Look up Franz Liszt’s Chasse-neige Étude and give it a listen - it should give you a lot of ideas.
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