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  1. New house track, hope you enjoy, this one is for the club, its progressive to an extent so stick with it i guess:) many thanks,
  2. so im working on a new hip hop album, a collage of beats to just chill with. Here is a taster. https://soundcloud.com/codebreaker-68793702/the-radio-relish
  3. So here is the brand new track, devotion, this is the instrumental, the full version is coming soon, really hope you enjoy
  4. So here is the first track of my latest EP that is coming soon. It takes inspiration from artists such as lorn, and has a very electronic, slightly gritty/dark feel that is designed to accompany image of a similar style and set a particular tone/atmosphere. Certainly game/film music if you know what i mean, hope you enjoy and dont forget to follow and spotify:) Many thanks
  5. They are 808's they are just compressed and have a different rate of decay, i did this because the kicks are quite close together and become to distorted if they have to much low end to them.
  6. Those are 808 kicks mate
  7. So heres my latest track, a chill, kind of, get high to this vibe. Clearly a vibe piece for setting an atmosphere perhaps as appose to a full blown single. Would love your thoughts.
  8. Hey guys, would love your thoughts on this track i did a while ago, many thanks:)
  9. So here is my new track, some new inspirations ans some old for this one off, slightly more organic track. Hope you enjoy:) might also be worth noting this may have vocals eventually
  10. Thanks for the feedback:)
  11. So here it is, my latest track, i hope you enjoy it:)
  12. Hey guys, Recently made a chill out tape, just a short 10 minutes or so of what i consider chilled and easy to listen to beats. This mix is a combination of some brand new beats as well as some old, for example some tracks from my latest EP are also here. The tracks in this short mix are all my original creations and have lofi inspirations as well as some downbeat, quite depressed vibes. Perfect for some background music to do some drawing to perhaps? Or simply just to have a smoke with:) Heres a youtube link i hope you all enjoy:) (you can also find iTunes,spotify,bandcamp and google play store links on the channel) Many Thanks
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