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  1. Thank you @Willibald! This was my first attempt to make a more romantic/less modern sounding piece. I took ideas for the opening and closing left hand parts from Chopin’s e-minor prelude which I think adds to the overall sad feeling. I really appreciate your feedback! Have a nice day!
  2. Heya! I wrote this song last week and would love some feedback. Lemme know what you think! Thanks, Clay Link: Also, here are the sheets if interested: https://musescore.com/user/26861998/scores/5005981
  3. @Willibald thanks for listening to the other two! I agree with what you said about the odyssey entirely; it was my first ever piece so I focused less on overall structure and more on fitting two (seemingly opposite) themes together—one in e flat minor and the other in major. Odyssey and memories I would classify more as experiments if anything else. I’m hoping to learn how to hold more complicated ideas together and am studying some of my favorite (but often difficult :/ ) composers, Liszt and Rachmaninoff. Their works are absolutely beautiful in my opinion! I can’t wait to learn more about how they piece ideas together and use harmony.
  4. Thank you for the feedback @Willibald! I tried to structure it in a simple way that would be easy to remember. I know it may not be the most musically-interesting piece ever written but I intended for it to be fairly simple and straightforward. Also, I’m glad you liked the passages at the end! Thanks again for the feedback!
  5. Hello! I'm new to these forums but it looks like my kind of place! I just wrote a new piece for piano called, "Happy Days", and would love some feedback. I have had very little formal training, just a theory class back in high school. I learned from my grandparents and self-study. This is supposed to mimic the style of one of my favorite composers, Jon Schmidt, but mainly it's supposed to sound happy. I have some other pieces on my YouTube page if you want to hear more! Thanks! Video Link: Sheet Music Link: https://musescore.com/user/26861998/scores/4800085
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