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    I know how to play piano but don't really consider myself a piano player. I'm 17 and have been composing music for over three years. I'm not an english speaker so please don't expect the best english skills. Hm... I'd like to contact with any other young composer around here, see if we can work together. Also, I have a great lack of feedback since I'm not in a composition class and has no composition teacher. Would like to get every feedback you have, even if it's bad (as long as I can learn something from it).
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    School? that's alot of work and zero money XD
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    Drawing, Writing and... you'll never guess... music
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    John Powell (mostly HTTYD, that made me start composing music), Howard Shore (LOTR), Austin Wintory (mostly Journey), Gustav Holst (mostly Planets), Igor Stravinsky (mostly Rite and Firebird), Gustav Mahler (his symphonys), most of FF composers. Also, I like most of the Celtic folk music. There are many other things I'm listening to, these are just the first composers that popped in my mind.
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    I'm... not sure
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    I use Cubase 9 and Sibelius 7.5
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  1. @MeisterSegarra How about making the other instruments softer and rising the main volume of the piece?
  2. Deep in the Bowels - Experiment

    The beginning sounded like the opening of Princess Mononoke (which is good of course). I had fun listening to your piece, thanks for sharing it here.
  3. Acceptance

    I highly enjoyed the last minute. I think that it's a bit of a Zimmer-track if you know what I mean, but it's still good. I wouldn't put it as a standalone but it could be a good background music.
  4. @MeisterSegarra I think that you did a great job here but there's one thing I have to point out- I could barely hear the trumpet at some part, and as far as I know in a trumpet concerto the trumpet should be a solo instrument. But maybe that's what you intended, you seem like a guy with much more experience than me.
  5. Dreams, I have

    The lack of heavy bass maybe?
  6. Lover's Sorrow

    I think that the moment the staccato came in was a bit too sudden. I think that overall you did a great job conveying it.
  7. Let's See Where It Can Go

    @Hugget Zukker Thanks for listening to my version, I'm glad you like it :) You can make a new one and then, editing the post, you can change the files. I like the version you posted, it contributes to the variety of styles and atmospheres here. btw you don't need to @ me, I follow the post.
  8. Let's See Where It Can Go

    @Luis Hernández Wow! I'm impressed. It's not one minute yet but you did it so quickly. What are these sets? Looks like kind of vectors to me? maybe?
  9. Let's See Where It Can Go

    There you go, that's the two bars idea I came up with. It isn't harmonized or anything on purpose, the idea is to have every individual composer make a one minute piece out of this idea the way he sees it. We can mix them all together or make a piece with a few parts based on this idea. Good luck, I'm off to compose my own version of it.
  10. I submitted just to see that I'm the only one who did XD Let me explain myself- 1. Yes, it was a bit cheesy. For me it doesn't sound like you listened to tons of so called "pirate songs" based on the Pirates of the Caribbean theme. I hate this theme because I heard it far too many times. It's ok if you like it but I think that you should try and think beyond that. Don't think of your music as "something that people will see as Pirate/Adventure Music" but as "my interpretation of Pirate/Adventure music". I don't think that you should listen to the popular ost because they just come to sell stuff, think- if I told you that me and my pirate crew are playing an evening song or a sea shanty... How would it sound like? 2. Yes it was energetic, could imagine a cheery adventure with this music in the background. 3. Yes, it's still some good music you have there. It sounds good if you don't count the fact that it sounds like a thousand other things. It could be a good soundtrack for a game where you want the common player to notice that it's pirate's music. 4. No, I've heard thousand other things like this one. I did listen again though, while I wrote this comment, just to be sure about my opinion. I hope that I wasn't to harsh on you, You said critical on bold so I let myself say everything I think knowing that you'd understand it's just my feedback from my point of view. Overall I'd give you... 8/10 because it was a bit too cheesy, but your playing and mixing are great. *If you want to ask anything you should write @Rabbival507 in your comment so I'll get a notification.
  11. Little ballad

    Oh yea sorry I didn't see that
  12. Little ballad

    @Luis Hernández I think that you built a good piece here. It's interesting both rhythmically and harmonically. And yet, it's simple enough to be played by a not-that-good-pianist such as me. (Most of the time) I like the idea of making pieces that are interesting and yet playable for many. Well done.
  13. What's a good violin brand?

    @JackBlank Violin is a difficult instrument. You should learn something easy like Piano or Guitar. If you want to learn to play something that sounds impressive in a few months, you should take an instrument without many options. On the Piano you can just press a few keys and it'll sound amazing, and you don't have to take care of the way you hold it, the bow's direction, the quality of the sound and al the other things you'll have to do on a string instrument. If you're worried that you won't have a Piano in your meeting place... learn how to play the Guitar, it's an easy instrument as well and you can carry it around. Yes, you can learn how to play a classical tune on a Guitar.
  14. A Korean Celebration (Sonata No.1)

    I think that you should take the F# C# scale change one bar backward. also this Other than that... it sounds like you really love your parents, I think that your piece sounds wonderful and that they'd be happy and proud when you'll let them listen. Keep up the good work.