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    I know how to play piano but don't really consider myself a piano player. I'm 18 and have been composing music for over three years. I'm not an english speaker so please don't expect the best english skills. Hm... I'd like to contact with any other young composer around here, see if we can work together. Also, I have a great lack of feedback since I'm not in a composition class and has no composition teacher. Would like to get every feedback you have, even if it's bad (as long as I can learn something from it).
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    School? that's alot of work and zero money XD
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    Drawing, Writing and... you'll never guess... music
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    John Powell (mostly HTTYD, that made me start composing music), Howard Shore (LOTR), Austin Wintory (mostly Journey), Gustav Holst (mostly Planets), Igor Stravinsky (mostly Rite and Firebird), Gustav Mahler (his symphonys), most of FF composers. Also, I like most of the Celtic folk music. There are many other things I'm listening to, these are just the first composers that popped in my mind.
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    I'm... not sure
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    I use Cubase 9 and Sibelius 7.5
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  1. Rabbival507

    Cinematic Cue (Star Wars)

    @JordanRoberts I believe that you made it sounds more dramatic than it should sound. But I never watched the movie, so I have no idea how important this moment is. Also it sounded like parts of Lord of the Rings to me.
  2. Rabbival507

    Artificial Intelligence

    @OliverKovacs You simply posted a video under the title "artificial intelligence" so I assume that you wanted to show us what the AI you built is capable of. Still isn't 100% convincing in my opinion but well done, you did a very good job coding all these rules.
  3. Rabbival507

    Artificial Intelligence

    @OliverKovacs I've been thinking about making an AI that makes music by itself for a while. After all music is basically a code that is... not very complicated compared to things like the human mind and... idk the way the universe works? Glad to see someone had enough patience to actually code all these rules into one thing. Thats... what you meant right? Because there's no description.
  4. Rabbival507

    Story Scoring Link

    I know that it's a stupid story and the quality of the piece is terrible (remember that it was from three years ago). Also the piece is kind of just... high sea style. All the... darker themes don't appear there. but you asked for a story, so here you go: Serving at the ship of the handless is not an honor. It's much more than that. The handless and his ship horrify both the coast's citizens and the other pirates all around the Arborian Sea. Each and every one of the local sailors takes at least a sword with him. Many also have bow an' arrows, some of the bigger ships have canons too. But it doesn't help them. For the handless man has something that none of the other local sailors have- his ship. Despite her size and the wood she's made of, the ancient magic that she absorbed during the Shock Wave sustained her to this day, and armed her with a weapon so powerful that no ship can survive. The wooden dragon head on the front of the ship can breathe fire, a hellish flamethrower. And yet, the handless doesn't seem to use his power too often. He's know around the area as a cruel, evil and merciless old man, yet I've never seen him do anything that justifies the rumors. Of course, he fights other local pirates when we run out of food, but others would invade the local villages and take down other ships just for the fun of that, or for the money. I, myself, don't get to see him much. And when I do, he looks sad, with his eyes focused in the distance. "We got to move on", he told me once when I asked him about it, not taking his eyes off the horizon. "Move on from where?", I asked, "and to where?" But he was silent, looked at me for a moment and came back into the captain's cabin. The handless took me at the day I got the message that my father, who went to the war in the north, got killed. Alone in the world, I went to the distant stone shores, where no ship docks. They never go there because of the heavy fog and the fear that one of the hard stones might hit the bottom of their ship. That's why when I heard a ship docking I didn't even lift my eyes, for it was impossible. But when a heavy scarred hand reached out to me and touched my forehead I knew I wasn't hallucinating. At first I didn't see his second hand, so I took it as we went to the ship. Only then he stood in front of me, and at once I saw his missing hand and the strange light that came from the ship. "Are you...?", I asked, taking a step backwards. "Yes", he said simply, in his deep voice, "I am the terrible handless man, and this is my ship." As he said that they strange light grew stronger. "As for recent events", he said slowly, "you are welcome to join my crew". I was silent. As he turned his back on me I changed my mind. "Wait!", I called out to him, "I'll join you." He faced me again, a bit happier this time. He gently took me by my shoulder as we got to the ship's deck. Suddenly I wasn't sure whether I made the right choice or not. "Why do you want to make me a part of the crew?", I asked. "We need a deck boy", he said. That was the time I saw his distant look for the first time. The ship began to move with no sail or oars. "We?", I asked, "Aren't you the only one on the ship?" "No", he said silently. Since that day I haven't seen a single other being on the ship, and I wondered if the handless has lost other things in the past, other than his hand.
  5. Rabbival507

    Story Scoring Link

    I will translate a short story I wrote for you, but it might take me a while and the English might not be perfect. Also I composed music for it back when I wrote it (around three years ago), so we'd be able to compare. Will be back here with the story once done translating.
  6. Rabbival507

    Composition for piano Op.15 No.1.4

    @E.Frantz I'll be honest with you- it sounds like a bunch of random themes to me. Each theme stands by itself well, but there's no... big picture. Try and separate them into groups or something. Take each one and give him his own... say one minute piece.
  7. Rabbival507


    @Luis Hernández I had fun listening to you piece. never thought of doing these, they sound great. Good choice of harmony too. I'm sorry but I have nothing more to say, if you have any specific questions I'll gladly answer them.
  8. That's the note you should take, not the Witcher one.
  9. Rabbival507

    My EXPERIMENTAL string quartet. What do you think?

    I'll be honest with you. The only thought the piece gave me was "why the hell is the ending all octaves". I mean, octaves could, of course, add some effect (actually we had a talk about it a few weeks ago), but it's empty harmonically, where at the end of the piece I'd want... even a bit of a reach sound. Of course, you could end it with just one instrument (which, as I saw you know, can also play two notes at once), but you used ALL of them and only have one voice going there. I mean come on who doesn't know this: That's like one of the most beautiful passages this man has ever written. Please, add some harmony there. Unless, of course, you had a reason for that.
  10. I see that now you're with Geralt of Rivia. Happy to see that there's a folk tune I can listen to, that's one of my favorite music styles. Let's give it a listen. Sounds more like a folkish soundtrack, but it makes sense since you wrote "influenced". The drums are too loud for me, but that depends on the effect you'd like to create. I really liked the solo singer section. That was maybe the most folk-like thing here. Mainly it felt like you used far too many instruments than what you should have used. I'll give it another listen. Oh now I get it. Did you think about making something like The Witcher's soundtrack? Making something like that would be incredible, though it would require going to Europe to learn from original sources, then producing the music with actual recordings of all these cool folk instruments. If that's what you intended to do- no, it doesn't sound like The Witcher to me. But that's okay of course, achieving that is almost beyond what one can do. So in general... it could fit in a fantasy short scene. The track's main problem, other than what I already pointed out, is that it's EXTREMELY short. I mean you have so many instruments there that you could use, so many parameters to change, so many things you could do. Try and expand it. Game-wise thinking... try and make it something that one can listen to for a long time. Ok now that I read my review again, I might have been too harsh on you. Please excuse me, I had one of the most difficult weeks of my life (had to guard a base for over 40 hours, standing alone in a tower with nothing but a gun, a helmet and a bottle of water).
  11. Rabbival507

    Don’t know how to name it.

    Do you want a name or a review? It surely is better than what I composed when I was your age (about two years ago). And yet, it feels familiar somehow. Sounds like many other things. I'm not a good listener though, if you had uploaded a sheet music it could have been a better review. It's more difficult for me to follow your piece, see it as a whole and understand it in general when there's no sheet music. The only note I have is that it sounds like a collection of smaller pieces. Each part repeats a material within itself but there's nothing that... kind of puts these all together. Making a piece made of smaller pieces makes sense of course, but since your piece is three and a half minutes long... I'd expect some sort of connection. Make a rondo out of these maybe. Keep coming back to your first idea (A B A C A D etc). Right now for me it felt like (A B C D etc) which is just... different motives one after the other. But maybe I'm wrong, I can't go back and take a quick look to see if I got it right since, again, there are no notes to look at. I did give it a second listen though. About a name... well it could have many. Music can be interpreted in many ways from many points of view. Let me give it a third listen and see if any picture comes into my mind. Well again, it sounds like many nameless pieces. "Noctorne No. 3", "Pno No. 42", "Sonatina in E Phrygian with added augmented fifths" etc. Try and think- what picture did I have in mind? What inspired me to create this piece? How does the piece feels like to me? I hope this helps somehow. If you want me to be notified when (if) you answer, write @Rabbival507 in your answer post
  12. Rabbival507

    A Saturnside Storm

    @AlekHek Watch your dynamics. It sometimes feels like some notes are louder/softer than what they should be. Also, and much of that is because of the dynamics, it doesn't feel like we're getting anywhere. Yes, your general sound is great, but, for me, it feels like something is missing. That's my favorite one: Although the theme stays the same, there's a clear sense of movement. He changes the instrumentation, the texture, the scales, the dynamics. Also he has these little themes playing around, which are mostly developments of the main one. Yes, he is repetitive of course, but pay attention to the fact that when he repeats himself it's usually won't appear the same way. You might say "hey, Hisaishi used a huge orchestra! I only i used one piano! Stop saying I missed something!" Yea well of course you can't get the same sound with one piano, you can't change the instrumentation, for example. But try and play around with your theme. Make it clearer. That might be my favorite thing about Hisaishi's work. He uses his themes well. Yes, he only has a few per movie, but when the theme returns you're like "omg yesssss". Also, like other film composer, when you come back to the same thing with different texture people will also remember it. I don't say make the soundtrack of The Last of the Mohicans". No, that's one of the worst scores I ever heard. Don't take one theme and repeat it over and over again. Create a theme and a few small ones to accompany it. Repeat them in different textures, scales, harmonys... and a second voice to your main and then use it as a main reference later maybe. idk. Have a sense of movement. So that it feels like we're moving. Maybe draw a line on a paper and follow it. *I feel like I missed something too. That might be. If you feel that something is wrong with my feedback let me know by writing @Rabbival507 in your message. Also it doesn't sound much like a storm because of the lack of low notes and runs, and you should watch this:
  13. Rabbival507

    A Timid Heart ~ Cj Rhen

    @Christian "Cj" Rhen I don't get it. If timid is another word for "shy", why does your composition sound confident? Other than that- I have no score to look at, so all I can say is that overall it sounds nice, and when the percussion comes in it's sometimes too loud than it should be.
  14. Rabbival507


    I meant at bar 34. It feels empty.
  15. Rabbival507


    Before you read: I was a bit violent here because I didn't realize that's your first time. Please don't take it too hard. You don't even have to read the whole thing if you take this note: Please read for... say half an hour about wind instruments, then take a look at your piece and change it. Let's see. I'm confused. How can you write for a contrabass instrument in treble clef? Ok it sounds really good but I feel like there are many mistakes I don't know how to fix because of my lack of knowledge in orchestration. In general, I've been told that when you have a transposed score you should keep the notes as close to the middle of the staff as possible. Try not to get too far off the staff. That: for example, is almost impossible. Even a professional flute player would find it difficult to perform. Or these: If you know any wind players- ask them about the piece. Let me give it another listen to see if I get any new realizations. You might want to reupload it as a piano reduction, that way it would be much easier to review the composition itself (not the orchestration). Bar 34 The lone trumpet here sounds weird: Add basses or cut it out. It feels out of context. Ok this one is important: In a place with a lack of bass you ask one of your loudest basses to reach very far out of their comfort zones to play this. Please, for them and for you, bring these notes down two octaves. Also you could sustain them with the trumpets from the previous note. Right after that... your first Flutes, Clarinets and Trombone players are probably dead by now. These registers... on a wind instrument, what you wrote is a nightmare to play.