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    I know how to play piano but don't really consider myself a piano player. I'm 17 and have been composing music for over three years. I'm not an english speaker so please don't expect the best english skills. Hm... I'd like to contact with any other young composer around here, see if we can work together. Also, I have a great lack of feedback since I'm not in a composition class and has no composition teacher. Would like to get every feedback you have, even if it's bad (as long as I can learn something from it).
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    School? that's alot of work and zero money XD
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    Drawing, Writing and... you'll never guess... music
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    John Powell (mostly HTTYD, that made me start composing music), Howard Shore (LOTR), Austin Wintory (mostly Journey), Gustav Holst (mostly Planets), Igor Stravinsky (mostly Rite and Firebird), Gustav Mahler (his symphonys), most of FF composers. Also, I like most of the Celtic folk music. There are many other things I'm listening to, these are just the first composers that popped in my mind.
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    I'm... not sure
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    I use Cubase 9 and Sibelius 7.5
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  1. @Maarten Bauer Well done! And I'm happy for you for winning the competition! How did you get people to actually play the music? I have to say... although it sounds great at some places I... don't think people should make any kind of music about the Holocaust. I think it should have stayed a poem. The music itself is great, but I don't like the idea of it all. I just think that when you're talking about an event like this one... there should be no music. Words and silence, that's it. *Note that Anat doesn't mean "singing" (as far as I know), it's a name from the bible. *Also I don't think anyone can prevent something like that from happening again. I mean in general, not only with Jews. People never stay at their place, and everyone naturaly hate the foreign.
  2. Choir

    Actually I abandoned this piece... I mean, it's still in the computer, but I decided to make something more... singable (is this a real word? I meant something that is easier to sing). Right now I don't have the money to purchase a good choir vst :( I'm using piano instead. *You can listen to the new piece under "choir" topic, under the name "Rain Prayer"
  3. Rain Prayer

    Thats my rain prayer. The only rain we had where I live this year last around five minutes and it wasn't enough for me to enjoy it. Also I wanted to write something for choir (and the first idea had a trill in it). I tried to write something Jewish or Catholic but I don't like their god, so I made up a rain goddess to pray to. This is my prayer for SATB+Piano, Please let me know what you think of it. *Note that I didn't edit the audio so it's basically the midi from sibelius. I won't recommend listening to it, but I upload it for those who want to.
  4. Nocturne in E minor

    It's a nice nocturne, you can feel it comes to describe a night. Although, to me, it feels a bit empty.
  5. Duets for Oboe and Bassoon in Octatonic Scales

    That's so cool! How did you get professional players to play your piece?
  6. Duets for Oboe and Bassoon in Octatonic Scales

    I'm not a professional but I think that this piece requires professional players for two reasons: 1. At some places you didn't give the players enough breakes, which means they don't have time to breath. For example, try singing the oboe's role from bar 62. You'll probably run out of air somewhere in the middle. Professional players can do this cycle breathing thing, but I don't think everyone can simply do that. 2. Remember that with the basson higher notes are louder. At some places you required a very loud low note or a very soft high one. I believe it is possible, but like crec. on a downbow, it's against what happens naturaly. Don't get me wrong- I do like the piece. I just think you should fix these things.
  7. Highschool Play Soundtrack

    Ok that's five tracks at one post. I'll tell you what- I'll listen to these and give you feedback for each one, but you have to listen to my "battle" track (under "orchestral pieces here on this site"), and to at least three other compositions of mine (that are not "choir") and give me your feedback. Deal? *If you want me to get a notification about your answer you need to write @rabbival507 in your message.
  8. Church Bells

    I like it :) would like to hear more of that.
  9. Cèilidh

    It sounds so awesome! I'm a big fan both of scottish music and chiptune music, and never heard a mix of the two. This is such a great idea! I wish I could compose something like that myself. May I ask what sound library did you use for this one? I found some chiptune libraries, but none of them was in 64-bit. The problem is that I bought my cubase only when there was Cubase 9, therefore it automatically downloaded Cubase 9, that can only use 64-bit plugins. I'd also like to hear if you know any other good sound libraries in 64-bit.
  10. Adrift

    Well done!!! Can you please upload a music sheet of piece?
  11. We're having a ring contest at school, and the winning ring will be the school ring for next month. Everybody except for me suggest their favourite pop "music", but I decided I'll try to make a ring myself. I tried to make something simple that can loop and can be heard alot of times. Ok, it's feedback time.
  12. Choir

    @Luis Hernández What would you put there instead? Except for that the idea is fine? How do you think I should develop it? *Sorry for all the questions, it's just that I'm excited that someone finally replyed to this piece.
  13. Choir

    @Luis Hernández I'm not sure whats wrong with it. Can you give any further explanation? I tried singing it and saw no problem with it. The people who will do this melody will only sing it (ah/la/da etc.) The words are here: and here:
  14. "Gone" by Karisa L. Clark

    I looked at your profile, saw th favourite composers and thought "ah, TSFH, that explains everything". It sounds good, especially as background music for some kind of trailer or something. The guys you're listening to are mostly sound producers, so it's good if you're going for soundtracks. I think.
  15. fearless

    Before I listened I wanted to say that ten minutes is too long for a track you want to get feedback to. Now I'm sorry that it stopped, I wasn't ready. Please make more of these ^-^