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    I know how to play piano but don't really consider myself a piano player. I'm 18 and have been composing music for over three years. I'm not an english speaker so please don't expect the best english skills. Hm... I'd like to contact with any other young composer around here, see if we can work together. Also, I have a great lack of feedback since I'm not in a composition class and has no composition teacher. Would like to get every feedback you have, even if it's bad (as long as I can learn something from it).
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    School? that's alot of work and zero money XD
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    Drawing, Writing and... you'll never guess... music
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    John Powell (mostly HTTYD, that made me start composing music), Howard Shore (LOTR), Austin Wintory (mostly Journey), Gustav Holst (mostly Planets), Igor Stravinsky (mostly Rite and Firebird), Gustav Mahler (his symphonys), most of FF composers. Also, I like most of the Celtic folk music. There are many other things I'm listening to, these are just the first composers that popped in my mind.
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    I'm... not sure
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    I use Cubase 9 and Sibelius 7.5
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  1. Thanks for the help. Will check these all out in a moment. Do you think I should give them some bigger runs to do?
  2. About the Eng Horn solo- I don't have any other instruments that can play that Low. I do want the other rhythms to go on in the background. If I'll give the Tbns and Tbas a piano or pianissimo, would the Eng Horn be heard?
  3. Don't call me by my private name please. There's a reason I'm Rabbival. Call me with this @Rabbival507. Thanks. No, I've never even seen a wind band in real life. I live in a place where it's much more difficult to see an orchestra than in the world's big citys. If I drive for more than half an hour in a specific day and hour I can pay to see a small orchestra that isn't a wind band. That's just how it is, so I'm trying to write for a wind band with my theoretical knowledge.
  4. @Coeus That's completely fine, I only noticed it reading the notes. I just thought you might have put it there by mistake and would be happy to be aware of that mistake. But if it isn't keep it there. It's good to have a spicy flavor once in a while.
  5. @Coeus Write a tremolo+crec. on the timpani. Some of the high trombone notes should be given to a horn or maybe even a trumpet. They're possible but difficult to perform. Really difficult. It sounded more like the final boss fight than anything else I've heard. Most of the parts at least. Sounds more intimate than epic. Especially here: I want to note that this idea is great, especially rhythmically. Also, is that a mistake?
  6. Thank you very much for the feedback :) That's probably my biggest works, or at least one of them, and I'm trying to get a performance of it. That's why I appreciate a feedback so much. Let's see. Having this layout will demand more voices. I don't think that the piece should have any more voices, it already has so many instruments playing it. *Why did you put the Contrabass above the percussion? I don't know how to separate them to groups like that (in Sibelius 7.5). Thanks for pointing out that thing about the first page. I wasn't sure about that, but now when you told me I'll fix it. Yes, I feared that thing about the Eng Horn solo too. I'll have the oboes help him. Yes, I'm not that good with the harp neither. They haven't accepted the piece yet, but I've been informed by the Contrabass player that they might be able to get a harpist. Bass clarinet can't always be written in treble. The notes will go far out the staves. I'll reupload the score as soon as I finish fixing these things so you can have another look. Should I give the second and third trumpet the same voice an octave lower? Thank you so much for your time :)
  7. @Monarcheon Can I please get a brutally honest review for my Battle piece? Look for the last version I uploaded. If you want I can send it to you on PM.
  8. Rabbival507

    Sunset Reverie

    @Coeus I have problems with transitions too but I'll give it a listen and see if there's anything helpful I can say. It's wonderful, something about the bright way it sounds reminds me of some jazz songs. My only problem is your use of pedal, which is funny because most of the time people tell me I use my pedal for too long. I think that you should lift it whenever you change your chord and see if it sounds better. Unless you like this blendy sound, and I doubt it because this piece sounds so bright. I'll now give it another listen and see if I have anything more to say. You should change the upper hand to bass clef here: Ok that's it. Other than the wrong use of pedal at some places, it's a wonderful bright piece and you should try and expand it. Add another theme maybe. Good luck.
  9. Yes XD Ok let me give it a listen. That's me. 90 percent of the time. Hm... "end"... is that for the summer competition? Sorry if I'm a bit confusing or unorganized, I just finished two big physics test that took me around 6 hours to finish, so my brain is tired, and I now ask it to give a music review in it's second language. Ok, for first- don't put the chords in bass clef that way. Spread it over the piano. Two things about that point- 1. As you get higher your intervals can go smaller. Don't write a second in bass clef, don't play a chord as 135 bellow C in middle of the base clef. I did that and my teacher kept saying it sounds like mud. 2. Because of that, you should write two or three distanced notes in the bass clef, and the others, usually chord add-ons, in the treble clef. Second thing- It's usually better to spread your chords around instead of just throwing them there like you did at the beginning. Think of a rhythm (for example your main theme's rhythm, that in my opinion is great), and let the left hand play it or parts of it. It's pretty well developed, last thing to keep in mind: If you have a piano or a keyboard of some sort- try opening your hand widely over the keyboard. The furthest you can reach is not that far than what we pianist can reach when we kind of... move our hand to get there. Keep that in mind, unless you don't want it to be playable. The best pianists would probably be able to play pretty much anything you give them, but most of the pianists aren't the best pianists. I hope that was helpful
  10. Rabbival507

    Short piece for my girlfriend

    I'll give it another listen, now with the notes in front of me. Impressive. I'm sure that any girlfriend would be more than happy to get that as a birthday gift. It's much better than the ones I gave to my love, you're more experienced than what I was back when. Anyway- I don't see any way to improve it! It's really good as it is! Also, you should explain all the things you had in mind to her too. She will appreciate your piece even more if she'll know all the thought behind it. Actually I know how to improve it! You might want to consider that- (you are lucky enough to have a girlfriend who plays the piano too, if I were you I'd do it with no doubt) Write a piece for four hands! If you are more experienced than her, and also want her to get the main voice for most of the piece, you can be the secondo and let her be the primo. Make it a four hands piece, and then you'd be able to play it together. Get ready for some lots of fun! Good luck with that and I hope that would work!
  11. Rabbival507

    Short piece for my girlfriend

    Yes it's easy and yet has some material in it, which is the best kind of pieces. In my opinion at least. I think that she'll like it :) You should upload the notes for a better feedback.
  12. Rabbival507

    Epic music

    Glad to help :) It's fine, it should be repetitive, that's how epic music works. It kind of gives the listener... "the pulse"
  13. Rabbival507

    Epic music

    10/10 for epic music. Well produced, well mixed, the choice of sounds is great. For me it's too repetitive but after a quick look at your previous post I realized that's your style. It could fit very well in a fight scene of some sort. Here's a fun thing you can do: 1. Go to Youtube and look for an epic scene from a film you like. 2. Download it to your computer using an online Youtube to Mp4 converter. 3. Use the software you produce your videos with to put your music over the scene. 4. Enjoy. Also, if you want to take it even further! 5. Load the scene into your FL/Cubase and match the music to the scene, maybe even add a several sound effects. Keep up the good work, hope you have fun :)
  14. Rabbival507

    Act III Wedding Scene (Intro-Recitativ-Aria)

    @Mosel Glad to help :)