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    I know how to play piano but don't really consider myself a piano player. I'm 19 and have been composing music for over four years. I'd like to contact with any other young composer around here, see if we can work together. I'd like to get every feedback you have, even if it's bad (as long as I can learn something from it).
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    I'm a... musician. I think.
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    John Powell (mostly HTTYD, that made me start composing music), Howard Shore (LOTR), Austin Wintory (mostly Journey), Gustav Holst (mostly Planets), Igor Stravinsky (mostly Rite and Firebird), Gustav Mahler (his symphonys), most of FF composers. Also, I like most of the Celtic folk music. There are many other things I'm listening to, these are just the first composers that popped in my mind.
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    I'm... not sure
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    I use Cubase 9 and Sibelius 7.5
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  1. @LayneBruce Look, some of the rhythms were really cool but: 1. it felt more as if it should appear at the end of a piece, more of a final. You didn't give the material enough time to sink into the listener's ears. I do know "one summer's day", and yet I felt as if you... just didn't use it enough. 2. The feeling of the original piece... I'd at least make some part with a smoother... jazz-like feeling or something. I mean, it should be way calmer than that. Usually in Gihbli movies where the percussionists get to express themselves the thematic materials are almost gone. And you chose a piece full of calm thematic material. Shouldn't you use something more like... this? https://youtu.be/aaUuLXQgUQ8?t=374
  2. Try pasting a link to the web page in which the piece is played? This could have been great for a game, sounds like a Zelda-adventure, with a sound a little darker. I think you should consider changing the balance of the piece, in many places the bass and accompaniment are louder than the melody itself. Around 2:50 it changes flavor, you add some interesting drums and choir, but then it's lost quickly afterwards. I think you should keep these, although it's not bad the way it is. Also I see that you're a new user so you should note that notes will probably get you the best reviews. I can't give a good analysis only by ear.
  3. The ticking is too repetitive, at least for me. Due to the lack of lyric melodic material in the first minute my brain heard almost entirely "tick tick" over and over again. It could be a fighting scene, but of which kind? That's kind of ambient so I'd assume that's some sort of open world 3D thing? Like say... the Elder Scrolls? The rhythm at the end is better, should have been like that for the entire piece. You might want to rethink it, with more percussion of different heights, maybe an irregular time signature, and a more rhythmic texture. Here, this one is one of my favorites in the entire soundtrack, you might want to give it a listen: https://youtu.be/bdL1P0p0zco?t=7290
  4. @DMT Man that was really cool. Not only the the 7/8, but the scale (is this an Hungarian Minor?) and the language mixed together to create a beautiful thing. What does the lyrics mean? Do you consider adding ethnic instruments as well?
  5. @Hughes Thank you so much for the detailed review! I'm glad you like it, I've been thinking about a darker second part in a long time, I just don't find the time or inspiration for this piece. About your harp and other quiet instruments- sometimes I gave them place (say to the Eng horn after the first main theme), sometimes I put them there for a more complex, detailed, texture. I highly enjoy listening to music with tiny voices running around in the background for a more complete texture. The harp is not heard because I believe that's just how loud it would get. Guess I should ask the others to play more quietly so the listeners would be able to hear it sometimes. Maybe I'll give it more important parts in the second part, at the moment it's there for gentle touches of grace once in a while. Thanks again for the detailed review! I haven't got such a good review in... I think a year? I'll upload the next part once I make it but that might take a long time...
  6. About your first note- I meant for the Viola to pop out for a sec, and wanted it to be a little... bolder there. Thank you for the review :)
  7. Impressive to say the least. Guess I have a new rock genre to discover
  8. @celloman99 I'm glad you like it :) I've been checking the piece for reviews every weekend the past month XD Yes, you're right, these slurs might actually be too long. I'll reconstract it. Thanks for the review!
  9. Yea that might be a little too ominous, depends on what kind of garden this is. I like the fact that it has this melodic fragment in the middle, you might want to develop it a little further? Maybe on a lower register? Overall it sounds good, could fit a video game, depends on the situation.
  10. The piece is based on a European version of the second part of a Jewish Chant called "These Candles". It is said on the holiday of light which is... in about a month and a half from now. Titled "a Prayer for a Light Long Forgotten" the piece is meant to take the listener into a dark night on a pagan ancient tribe, a night in which from darkness, by prayer, grows a big light (say, they light a great bonefire and dance around it). Thus, I try to make the piece go from darkness to light using scale, chords colors, register, tempo etc. Please listen and tell me what you think of it, any reviews are welcome, especially the critical ones.
  11. What kind of anime opening is this? It's great, really, especially the opening. I can't bear to hear this chord progression but now I read your description and understood you had no choice.
  12. Great piece, two notes that you might want to consider: 1. The layout is kind of weird, I'd keep things in one stave (say, instead of three clarinet lines I'd put them as three voices when split and write "div" before and "unis" after), also I wonder why you put the percussion at the lower staves. Usually it's the strings. I'd get it if they had a way bigger role than the strings, but it's fairly the same. Which brings me to the second point: 2. Why won't you let the strings have an important role in the piece? I mean, it's bar-sized notes most of the time. I understand that you might not want to give them the bigger stage but this... try and open the notes from the first violinist's view and see what he sees.
  13. @MedwedianPresident I'm not sure that I can be that much of a help but I'll try. First off- you composed a piece! Great! You took your first step to begin with. Hooray. About the piece itself- it seems like you present an interesting idea at the beginning... and never come back to it. The only thing I saw repeating was the triplet in the chord. Maybe you should revisit this one, give the listener a "hey, do you remember this?" Other than that, you might want to try different accompaniments other than a simple chord (try more special chords, try walking base, try counterpoints[secondary voices]). About making the piece longer... other than revisiting your first idea you can try and develop the piece regarding to a story or a line. For example my new piece is built according to this "beautiful" initial sketch: It's not much but it's way easier to compose a piece when you have a line to follow. Wish you good luck!
  14. I think that you've made a beautiful piece. The second part didn't really feel heroic, but it felt stronger, 1:14 is the part where people would probably burst into tears. Felt like this: https://youtu.be/eY49xEQGqMw?t=55 I like both folk music, cello and emotional pieces, your piece felt like a great combination of these elements. I had fun listening to it and listened four times before moving to other pieces. *1:26 is this a Dorian mode chord? I'm sorry I'm kind of addicted to Dorian can't ignore it when my ear hears a "brighter minor"
  15. About half a year ago I admitted to one of my friends: "I haven't composed a thing in a few months! It seems like I just don't have the time for it any more." he told me that I can make a short piece for piano, and I decided to add a twist, thinking to myself: 'I'm going to make a collection of pieces for two people and one piano!" It took a while (half a year apparently), but I now have a collection of seven original pieces for four hands! yey! Now you must be thinking "the hell does he want from me? I came here for an orchestral piece!" Ah! There's a second part for the story! A month ago I decided to experiment with one of the pieces, thinking: "This one sounds like it could fit as an opening to a video game, but it has to be more... orchestral!" I've never written a piece for a full orchestra and now the time has come. Here's what I ask from you, the reviewer (of course, these are just guidelines, you don't have to answer everything): 1. Criticize mainly the orchestration: *Things that made sense to me but wouldn't make sense in a performance (Instruments too quiet, too little of a time to switch between instruments, the Bassoon won't hear the bass well, etc.) *Things that are put in the wrong instrument ("Are you crazy? a Tuba can't make a trill in such a low register! You know what? a Tuba shouldn't make a trill at all!") *Things that are just not written the way I wrote them 2. Criticize it as a composition (I'll upload the original four hands pieces so you can have a look at a simpler version) *Is the melody too much of a cliche? ("That sounds a little like a mix between the Shire theme and a regular fanfare!" [I promise you I didn't have the Shire in mind, I just thought of it about an hour ago and now I'm scared that I'll have to start from scratch]) *Are the harmonies and scales too simple? *Is it too short? (because I've been told that it is, but doesn't really want to make it more than a cute and short fanfare, might change my mind though) *What about the rhythm? Too repetitive to the point it sounds like a loop and not like a fanfare? 3. Tell me whether you think it could fit in an adventure montage in a movie or as an opening for a computer game. 4. For those who are more familiar with my works (If there are any here)... do you recognize the references? Huge thanks in advance! That's the only thing I've been doing on my free time for a month now, would really appreciate some reviews! a Call for Adventure midi.mid
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