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  1. woaw thanks guys. thats really what I want to hear. I'm quite unsure about making this kinda stuff, thinking "whos gunna wanna listen to this?". thanks for the support my dudes.
  2. Piece works well to build ambience to support the dudes voice. however in between the voice the listener needs more melodic variation than the changes made to the synth. perhaps new melody on a new instrument the listener can be thinking about wile the next verse comes in, rather than the listener waiting patiently for the next verse, as I found myslef doing. mix sounds good though.
  3. yeah, pretty cool. make sure it can loop somewhere before releasing it to developers though. Im sure you already know that. Also the volume seems to rise quit a lot which may make it hard to master alongside sound effects and voices.
  4. Hey guys. I've made this peice and seem to be making a lot like this these day. Does anyone know other dudes who sound like me? Or have any feedback for me? I'm kinda in the dark hear. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks
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