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  1. Rafael Andres Diazz

    Ave Maria

    So many versions of Ave Maria's I have heard are really so happy and positive. So, I have decided to create a minory version of it (haha). I would love to have everyone's feed back please. I am going to attach a pdf of the score, a mix down (using synth to play it), and a snippet with actual voices sang by my friend Joshua Tovar. Thank you! Please leave any helpful comments below! Thank you in advance!
  2. Rafael Andres Diazz

    Deo Dicamus Gratias TTBB

    Thank You so much! @pateceramics
  3. Rafael Andres Diazz

    Deo Dicamus Gratias TTBB

    I wrote this piece a while back looking for some feedback please. I am going to attach the pdf and 2 mp3 recordings. One is a voice recording(which isnt that great)and a piano recording.
  4. Rafael Andres Diazz

    My first Piano Piece

    This is my first piano composition, and I am trying to tell a story with this piece. It is about a minute long so its very short. Please give me feedback to make this better. Thank You!
  5. Rafael Andres Diazz

    Alleluia For SATB and Piano

    Hello, My name is Rafa, and I am new this is one of my first original pieces. I am sorry it is incomplete. I started working on it today, so the vocal part is played by a Violoncello. I would really like so feedback. I am a Music Education Major, but I just wanted to try something. Please help me make this better.