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  1. So many versions of Ave Maria's I have heard are really so happy and positive. So, I have decided to create a minory version of it (haha). I would love to have everyone's feed back please. I am going to attach a pdf of the score, a mix down (using synth to play it), and a snippet with actual voices sang by my friend Joshua Tovar. Thank you! Please leave any helpful comments below! Thank you in advance!
  2. I wrote this piece a while back looking for some feedback please. I am going to attach the pdf and 2 mp3 recordings. One is a voice recording(which isnt that great)and a piano recording.
  3. This is my first piano composition, and I am trying to tell a story with this piece. It is about a minute long so its very short. Please give me feedback to make this better. Thank You!
  4. Hello, My name is Rafa, and I am new this is one of my first original pieces. I am sorry it is incomplete. I started working on it today, so the vocal part is played by a Violoncello. I would really like so feedback. I am a Music Education Major, but I just wanted to try something. Please help me make this better.
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