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  1. @mark styles @Monarcheon hello guys! what do you think of this? and thanks
  2. Thanks my friend!! Yes is true. And thanks for listening
  3. hello guys this is my new song i hope you like it! any criticism is welcome
  4. Ok, I understood. you do not need my help.
  5. It was for you to see an example ..... (facepalm)
  6. thank you very much my friend ! uffff i use cubase and many samplers.. 8dio east west cinesamples musical sampling etc etc in this song i have 30 or 40 tracks..
  7. hello oliver how are you? emmm I do not see the battle.. i need more powerful epic action.. more power! more taikos drums etc it's too quiet to be a fight between gods, I think this song could fit in another image, continue like this and I hope to see more of your works. PD: do not use armed loops. (melodies already made)
  8. thank you very very much for taking the time to answer!! I'm going to take everything you said and let's wait for the next soundtrack to improve 🙂
  9. I have headphones but I feel that they cheat a bit with the sound sometimes they make things sound better.. i feel that.
  10. hello mark! many thanks for this help and for taking the time! I'm going to take everything you told me and let's hope my next soundtrack is better. PD: Does not matter that my speakers are computer? I do not have monitor speakers... my speakers are the ones that come with the pc 😞
  11. @mark styles @Monarcheon hello guys! what do you think of this?
  12. thanks mark!! thanks for listening , sorry for late response! .. and yes its not my best song 😞 thanks for criticism. i'm going to try to improve! PD: im not very good in mix and mastering.. 😞
  13. thanks for listening! and sorry for late response! i'm going to try to improve !
  14. Hello guys this is my new song! i hope you like it! Any criticism is welcome!🎹
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