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  1. Emanuel

    Epic music soundtrack

    Thanks! for listening and your criticism! if i have to improve a lot, that song is not so epic and is a very short.. i know it is a demo. Listen to this is awesome!
  2. hello guys! this is my new song! i hope you like it! any criticism is welcome!
  3. Emanuel

    Epic music soundtrack

    thanks for listening!!
  4. Emanuel

    Epic music soundtrack

    Thanks for you criticism!!! im going to improve!
  5. hello guys this is my new song i hope you like it! the critique is welcome!
  6. Emanuel

    Epic music

    I had not thought of it.. You are right , i have to practice that . Thanks for the criticism!! 😄
  7. Emanuel

    Epic music

    THANKS ! 🙂 the intro repeats a bit 😕
  8. Hello guys i hope you like it!
  9. Emanuel

    new soundtrack epic

    Lacrimosa 8dio. Forgotten voices. Mercury and venus. Storm choir 1 and 2. each one serves for sometimes differents.. you have to see what do you want... there are many more good samplers of choirs.
  10. Emanuel

    new soundtrack epic

    HI! thanks for listening! i have to improve.i did not want to put many choir because my other song has a lot of choir.. iam very fan of choir :/. if you want criticize another song you are welcome! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoOigw248mieetQ5JUaFycg
  11. hello guys! i hope you like it! any criticism is welcome!
  12. Hello guys! i hope you like it. I think this song appeared to see black panther unconsciously
  13. Hello ilv thanks for your words! in this song i wanted to make an invocation of a eclipse, at start atmosphere of wind and fog ,next a ghost piano with gypsi soprano and the eclipse is full at the end.
  14. Emanuel


    Hello! uff this song has 20 tracks in choirs.. i used Forgotten voices 3/4 8dio, requiem light , lacrimosa, voxos 1 and 2, Voice of rapture , Gaia, alto, tenor of soundiron. Maybe I forgot some. Thanks for listening!