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    I've been playing Piano for a few years and now I spent all my time (not even kidding, my teachers hate me for it) practicing scoring, especially interested in Film Scoring. I'm practicing scoring for about a month or two by now.
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    Student, 11th grade
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    Music, Tricking
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    Ramin Djawadi, Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer, James Horner, John Williams
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  1. Rythm in Composition

    I was searching for either a score (or several if you know several) that shows ways to use rythm in a creative way? I tend to have very simple rythms in my scores, it makes them sound boring and similar. If you know a good explanation of Rythm (i.e. when it makes sense to use what kind of Rythm) maybe you could send me a link. Thx for your help :)
  2. Rythm in Composition

    I realized that I tend to layer a lot of things but often have them play through the whole section in whole notes (i. E. Having a Bass and Cello holding the Bass notes) Does anyone know any scores that show examples of creative use of Rythm? I. E. the violins in (I think) Hedwigs Theme seemed really interesting but I bet that I haven't even touched the surface of this topic.
  3. I've been composing for about two months (playing piano for a lot longer) but I have an overall problem with starting and finishing stuff. Most "scores" I write just start kind of instantly and end very sudden. The first one doesn't really have an ending, I think it's better on the last ones but how would you make these longer? Happy Adventure Something.mp3 epic orchestral 2.mp3 dreamy weird stuff.mp3