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    I am a trumpet and sax player. I write a lot of music and play in many groups. I want to begin expanding my horizons, sharing my music, hearing other music, and meeting other musicians.
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    Music and Computers
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    Progressive, Classical, Jazz, Electronic
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    Cubase, Cakewalk, Logic, Musescore
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    Trumpet, Alto Saxophone, Piano

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  1. Christian "Cj" Rhen


    A jazz band piece for colleges and a few competitions. On that soundcloud is more jazz band songs. Give it a listen and tell me what you think. Thank You!
  2. Christian "Cj" Rhen

    A Timid Heart ~ Cj Rhen

    I know what I want to title it, it's the opposite, everything a Timid heart wouldn't do. The title will come with the score though. As for Dynamics and volume, this we be recorded with a real group, so I stopped touching up the midi. Thank You, honestly that's what anyone would think and I need to reevaluate that.
  3. Christian "Cj" Rhen

    A Lonesome Journey ~ Cj Rhen

    And forgive my small phone keyboard typos.
  4. Christian "Cj" Rhen

    A Lonesome Journey ~ Cj Rhen

    I literally have a 3 minute maximum timeline, I decided to write a piece. Why I called it that, I don't know, but the trumpet parts will have the impact if Mahler 5, my intent at least won't know til a reading session, that software instrument is also a mush of vibrato and strange dynamics. The part with the long sustain everything part, is something I think would be appropriate for connecting the piece further, sadly I don't have the time to develope it.
  5. Christian "Cj" Rhen

    I Don't Know, Probably Not ~ Cj Rhen

    Part of it is I wrote it for a new highschool jazz band. And I put zero attention into the rhythm section as to just follow a standard 12 bar blues for the most part. I want to learn to gauge where to go depending on the group. Hearing wise, I think a student could sing their part, and be accurate and not get lost harmonically. I will eventually learn to meet in the middle. That's my goal.
  6. Christian "Cj" Rhen

    Ode to Something

    Now that I know how to reply, you listen to the wrong song! Haha, thank you, and I have a secret, the drums are all midi and I wrote the part and played them on a keyboard. I'm gonna listen to your stuff sometime, I love hearnung new people.
  7. Christian "Cj" Rhen

    A Lonesome Journey ~ Cj Rhen

    This is an original composition by me Christian "Cj" Rhen featuring flute, clarinet, trumpet, violin, cello, and piano. This will be performed at various events and professionally recorded by me for competitions and college apps. Tell me what you think. Instagram is @wind_player1
  8. Christian "Cj" Rhen

    A Timid Heart ~ Cj Rhen

    This is an original composition by me Christian "Cj" Rhen that will be performed by 2 ensembles, entered in multiple compositions, and used for college applications. Tell me what you think! Thank You!
  9. Christian "Cj" Rhen

    I Don't Know, Probably Not ~ Cj Rhen

    This is an original jazz band song by me, Christian "Cj" Rhen, I'm using it for college applications and performing with two bands! Tell me what you think.
  10. Christian "Cj" Rhen


    Thank You, I really tried to make it coherent!
  11. Christian "Cj" Rhen


    This is just dance music and it's great through bassy speakers or headphones. Listen and tell me what you think. Instagram is @wind_player1 Listen to Horizon by Cj Rhen #np on #SoundCloud
  12. Christian "Cj" Rhen

    Before The Dawn

    This is a new song in conjunction to the my other one called After The End. After The End received honorable mentions in the nation music educators association electronic composition contest. Listen to this and tell me what you think. Follow me on Instagram @wind_player1 and on Facebook as Cj Rhen. Thank You Listen to Before The Dawn by Cj Rhen #np on #SoundCloud
  13. Christian "Cj" Rhen

    Elevator to the Moon

    I wrote this piece before Martian Procession but posted it afterwards. Listen to this piece and tell me what you think. I used a ton of my Korg prologue and sequenced a lot of drums. Follow me on Instagram @wind_player1. Check out my Sounds.com content for sax loops and samples. Also email me at cjrhenhome@gmail.com for suggestions and requests for content. Thank You!
  14. Christian "Cj" Rhen

    Martian Procession

    This is a new song I write with my Korg Prologue and a bunch of other stuff. Follow me on Instagram and at Sounds.com where I am a producer for loops and samples. Comment what you think.
  15. Christian "Cj" Rhen

    "Back Of My Mind" by Cj Rhen

    I wrote this song to be meaningful, its a fancy song with meter changes and cool sax parts. Tell me what you think, follow me on SoundCloud and Instagram, I would love to follow people back who write and enjoy similar music as me and interact with them. My Instagram is wind_player1 and my SoundCloud is below. Thank You, Cj Rhen. Listen to Back Of My Mind by Cj Rhen #np on #SoundCloud