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    I am a trumpet and sax player. I write a lot of music and play in many groups. I want to begin expanding my horizons, sharing my music, hearing other music, and meeting other musicians.
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    Music and Computers
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    Progressive, Classical, Jazz, Electronic
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    Cubase, Cakewalk, Logic, Musescore
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    Trumpet, Alto Saxophone, Piano

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  1. Christian "Cj" Rhen

    Before The Dawn

    This is a new song in conjunction to the my other one called After The End. After The End received honorable mentions in the nation music educators association electronic composition contest. Listen to this and tell me what you think. Follow me on Instagram @wind_player1 and on Facebook as Cj Rhen. Thank You Listen to Before The Dawn by Cj Rhen #np on #SoundCloud
  2. Christian "Cj" Rhen

    Elevator to the Moon

    I wrote this piece before Martian Procession but posted it afterwards. Listen to this piece and tell me what you think. I used a ton of my Korg prologue and sequenced a lot of drums. Follow me on Instagram @wind_player1. Check out my Sounds.com content for sax loops and samples. Also email me at cjrhenhome@gmail.com for suggestions and requests for content. Thank You!
  3. Christian "Cj" Rhen

    Martian Procession

    This is a new song I write with my Korg Prologue and a bunch of other stuff. Follow me on Instagram and at Sounds.com where I am a producer for loops and samples. Comment what you think.
  4. Christian "Cj" Rhen

    "Back Of My Mind" by Cj Rhen

    I wrote this song to be meaningful, its a fancy song with meter changes and cool sax parts. Tell me what you think, follow me on SoundCloud and Instagram, I would love to follow people back who write and enjoy similar music as me and interact with them. My Instagram is wind_player1 and my SoundCloud is below. Thank You, Cj Rhen. Listen to Back Of My Mind by Cj Rhen #np on #SoundCloud
  5. Christian "Cj" Rhen

    "Validus" by Cj Rhen

    I wrote a new song in the past 2 days. It is a samba type fusion music. I incorporated my JP-8080 to death and my live horns. Tell me what you think, comment and follow me here or SoundCloud or Instagram @wind_player1 https://www.instagram.com/wind_player1/ Listen to Validus by Cj Rhen #np on #SoundCloud
  6. Christian "Cj" Rhen

    "True Colors" by Cj Rhen

    This is my new song called "True Colors" and it includes the Roland JP-8080, Korg MS-20, Korg Monopoly, other vsts, and West African Percussion. Follow me on Instagram @wind_player1 to hear more content most important tell me what you think. Thank You!
  7. Christian "Cj" Rhen

    Just Gettin' Started

    This is my first big band piece, my other one is ode to something. Check it out, listen to it, follow my instagram @wind_player1https://www.instagram.com/wind_player1/ and my SoundCloud. Thank You, comment what you think, I would love to hear.
  8. Christian "Cj" Rhen

    Ode to Something

    Hello this is an origional composition by me and will be performed by my school's jazz band. Well give it a listen and tell me what you think... sorry for the slight static in the video I have no clue where that came from because my audio file had none of that. Follow me on Instagram @wind_player1 for frequent content. https://www.instagram.com/wind_player1/ Follow my SoundCloud
  9. Christian "Cj" Rhen


    This is a new tune I wrote the past 2 days, it features me on alto sax, trumpet, and EWI. I have been struggling to classify this, could it be jazz fusion, nu jazz, progressive, please give me your feedback. Feel free to listen, like, subscribe. Add me on Instagram for frequent content @wind_player1. THANK YOU! Listen to Exposition by Cj Rhen #np on #SoundCloud
  10. Christian "Cj" Rhen

    After the End

    I wrote this song to learn how to utilize trumpet and alto sax in cubase and in context with electronic instruments. Check it out, like it, share it, tell me what you think, I have been reading my replies, I need to go answer them and say thanks, so THANK YOU! Listen to After The End by Cj Rhen #np on #SoundCloud
  11. Christian "Cj" Rhen

    Flight of the Sputnik

    I wrote this tune starting on Christmas day and just put nonstop work into it. Tell me what you think, please give me a like, share it and follow me on Instagram @wind_player1 you can see my recording setup. DM here or there I would love to hear more of all your stuff and work together. Thanks! Cj Rhen
  12. Christian "Cj" Rhen

    Clock Work

    I wrote this song and was trying to mix it really well, I want to get better at making my stuff professional. Instagram, wind_player1 Thank You, Cj Rhen
  13. Christian "Cj" Rhen


    I just wrote this piece today, listen to it, share it, do as you please and check out my other videos and Instagram wind_player1. Tell me what you think, cjrhenhome@gmail.com, and most importantly share you music with me.
  14. Christian "Cj" Rhen

    Noegenesis and Impulse~My Compositions

    Please listen to my stuff, subscribe to my youtube, follow me on instagram if you would like. I am going to start posting a lot of content. Most importantly, email me at cjrhenhome@gmail.com so I can meet any of you and share music... it is the best way to learn and meet musicians. Here are two of my electronic songs I wrote mixed and mastered and whatnot. Thank You.
  15. I am sorry the text is all the way down here, please listen to my music if any of you would like to, please email me cjrhenhome@gmail.com, send me some of your songs, share some of mine, sibscribe to me if you like. I am going to start putting out lots more content. I am a trumpet and sax player and will begin doing more of that. Also you can hear my ideas and some horn playing at instagram, wind_player1. Thank You, I would love to work with any of you.