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  1. maybe this will help you: https://musescore.org/en/handbook/grace-notes I am not exactly sure what you are asking, but the grace note palette can be found directly underneath where it says "palettes" if you are looking for more ways to write that. Maybe instead of writing 16th note grace notes on a set of 16th notes, you could consider writing sextuplets instead.
  2. I think that it switches a bit too rapidly from being pentatonic, to diatonic, to chromatic too quickly, unless that is what you are trying to go for? I think it would sound better if you stayed in one of these scales for longer.
  3. @Luis Hernández @Rabbival507 Music doesn't need to sound pleasing in my onion. It should express the same range of emotions that people experience, and I was feeling anguished at the time that I wrote this. It sounds repetitive and dissonant because I wanted to create unpleasant emotions. So if you don't like it, I guess I could say I have succeeded then. I highly recommend that you listen to Penderecki's music, I find it quite intriguing.
  4. @Youngc thanks I honestly was not expecting anyone to enjoy it.
  5. Hello, I was just wondering if any of you guys make money from composing. I have a few questions for you: 1) What are some composing related things that you do to earn money? 2) Is it possible for composition to be someone's primary source of income? 3) How do you find jobs? Is it through networking? 4) Do you need credentials such as a portfolio or a music degree to do this? Is going to conservatory instead of university necessary, or worth it? 5) Anything else I should know? Thanks, everyone!
  6. A short ditty inspired by Penderecki I wrote a few months ago. Recorded myself playing this on violin and bass, and edited the sound to emulate other instruments. I know it is not very well executed, but garageband is hard to work with sometimes. I don't have a score this time, sorry! Love it or hate it, please leave a comment on how I can improve. Thanks! thecreepycollective (online-audio-converter.com).mp3
  7. Welcome! I don't have any feedback to give you, but I have listened to a few of your songs, and I really like them! Nice aesthetic! I am sorry that you won't be able to work on it any longer. I hope you can keep creating music to share with us in the future.
  8. I like it! this would be great in a movie. There is just one suggestion I have... The music is a little bit repetitive by itself, so I would add a second theme somewhere in the middle, maybe at 1:55, that is different than everything else. Gotham city is a dark and mysterious city, so I could imagine a big cymbal crash after the cadenza that introduces a part that is slower and quieter, and then the song again later picks up to what you already have. Forte can't be forte without some pianissimo to contrast it.
  9. I like the beginning, but I wish the song developed more. It just seems a little funeral march-y, unless that is what you want. I expected the drums to pick up into something more interesting with more fills, and also hoped that a guitar would play something more melodic, but that didn't happen. Also, when the guitars first come in, they seem a little off from each other, so I wouldn't recommend syncopating them with all the sustain and slow attack that you used. Great start though!
  10. This sounds great! I would love to be in this class. Are there any requirements for being in it?
  11. I love it, a phenomenal job for a first piece. I would also recommend for you to downsize your orchestration for your next piece to two or three parts, so you can focus on building the skills of writing melody, harmony, and chords. Eliminate the parallel movement you have in the violin and viola duet, and overall your harmony could be better in some spots. I liked the melody in the violin section after the duet, but the rest of them could be improved as they were not very memorable or singable as @Rabbival507 said. Also, the hundred twenty-eighth note or semihemidemisemiquaver you included seems a bit excessive and inconvenient to read, so instead maybe just change it to a staccato 16th note. Thank you for sharing, I look forward to listening to more of your music!
  12. This piece is so exciting! It reminds me of a soundtrack to a silent film. I agree with Jarron.Carlson that it has good emotion, but lacks substance. I could see this as an accompanying part of a melody, maybe consider adding another instrument such as voice or violin. I think you could do this without changing the piano part much. I can see how the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet inspired you to write this. Please write more music about Egyptian gods, I enjoyed this one so much!
  13. Hey guys, I wrote a short piece for two pianos. I'm wondering if it could be arranged for four hands piano, and how playable it is. (my piano skills are non-existent) . Any other suggestions are welcome as always. Hope you enjoy!
  14. opus 300? Wow!! I would add more double stops in the first one, especially because of the ninth in measure 6. If you want to have a few double stops as an effect, then they should be smaller than a sixth or so. Bigger intervals only work if you are adding another voice (aka polyphony). In the second one, change the sixteenth followed by rests to eighth notes marked as detache, or whatever accent you want. It would much easier to read that way.
  15. I wrote this with my friend, a cello player mind, who is quite adept at this. I don't play cello so I would just ask her if a certain chord is playable. However, I am not good at this, so I do have a bit trouble playing the violin part at measure 46-49. It is difficult mostly because of the fast changes between the g and e string, which would result in the d and a string sounding. What I did to solve was do 'ghost' chord tones in the middle strings, so I wouldn't have to worry about playing wrong sounding notes. I wrote this inspired by real events that occurred in my community. This summer, many acres of wilderness got destroyed by wildfire. The song is meant to tell this story, which is why the emotion changes several times throughout. The ending definitely seems post-humously done. How can make the different sections more unified? Would it be better if I instead did variations on the original theme?
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