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  1. Hello composers, I would like to share something I was working on - music for creators platform introduction video. Here it is in a landing page: www.creatstep.com The platform itself is about to connect creators from different fields(“The Arts” - film, theatre, music, writing, visual arts, dance, crafts, etc. “Technology” - inventions, programming, games/apps/VST developing, etc., “Business” and “Education” focused on the arts and technology fields). It is created for international collaborations between many of creative industries people. The difference from the other networks - it is very private, you’ll choose your interests and attach different professions to every single interest - as example if you join as a composer for film and choose the interest “collaboration” attaching film director to it, you’ll only see these film directors who’re looking for film composers for “collaboration”. No one are able to see anyone who is not matching their interests from the both sides. It is made for both sides of creators - from experienced professionals to beginners and students, clients to make collaborations extra easy. Platform is launching on July 1st.
  2. Thanks Rabbival507, ilv and Dream Sown for your feedback! Album "Excitatus" is already released and you can find it easy on itunes, spotify, etc.
  3. Thanks Slazeus! It was really a hard work to reach this level of composing.
  4. Hello, I started to write music in 2006. In 2011 received an international award for music for couple of short films. I write almost film and theatre music as well as music for listening. Here is a track from upcoming album "Excitatus". Hope you'll enjoy :)
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