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  1. Caballero

    Medieval/Renaissance chord progressions

    Thank you a bunch Willibald! Now I know where to start! Regards, Peter
  2. Caballero

    Medieval/Renaissance chord progressions

    Thanks for the reply Shaneal. Really appreciate it that you took the time to answer my question. The more I search on the net for what I ask for, the more I get convinced that it is not that easy :) Thanks again, I guess your answer is the way to go. Regards, Peter
  3. Caballero

    Medieval/Renaissance chord progressions

    Thanks for your reply, Monarcheon, But what about "Folia", the "Passamezzo Antiqua" and the "Passamezzo Moderno"? They are chord progressions from the renaissance, aren't they? And do you know about where I can find information about neumes and intervals from this period? Regards, Peter
  4. Hello everybody, I am interested in composing music with a medieval/renaissance "feel", so I am looking for chord progressions that were popular at that time period. I know about the "Folia", the "Passamezzo Antiqua" and the "Passamezzo Moderno". But are there more? I have searched for books and websites on this topic, but am unable to find any more than the three i mentioned. So any help is more than welcome! :) Regards, Peter