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  1. Ampnoe's

    New Hip hop Track

    Hi, for me its a very good try! Its a music that i could hear in the morning, but at night too. A music for all the hours. Nice rythm, nice melodies & loops, nice work!
  2. As the guitar says WOOOWOOOOOAAAA 🙂 They are great! Wowww
  3. Ampnoe's

    Lavish Woods (Original Track)

    Hi @Osbuurn, it sounds good, continue it :)
  4. Ampnoe's


    it has many GOOD melodies that you can do great music. 🙂 i agree with @YoungcIt is interesting!
  5. Ampnoe's

    Piece for small orchestra

    Your music is awesome! i like the stereo enhacer you use in your violins and the other instruments, it makes your music very bright! Good work!
  6. Ampnoe's

    Etude No. 1, "Lavish Waves"

    I admire this piece because it belongs to the "difficult musics to compose" without a mistake! Good piece -as always 🙂
  7. Ampnoe's

    Elevator to the Moon

    Hi @Christian "Cj" Rhen. I like this track because it has many possitive melodies (positive energy) & it is a music that i think i can listen all the times of a day & night too. Its a good music for me! Nice try!
  8. Hi @AntonioGarcía Very relaxing piece, keep up your good work!
  9. Ampnoe's

    Homeward Bound

    Hi! I agree i agree! Good work man! You have got and many other good music stuff as i see! Thanks for sharing! 🙂
  10. Ampnoe's


    Hi, i agree with @Monarcheon . It is exactly what you say "free and expressive for background music". 🙂
  11. Ampnoe's


    Thank you @Luis Hernández and @Monarcheon i will see carefully your advices & i will do the best i can 🙂 Thanks a lot! 🍻🍻
  12. Ampnoe's


    Hi @Luis Hernández 🙂 First i would like to say that all these three musics are more than great! I am a little bit confiused because in this forum i see composers (most of this site, if not all.... i think all 🙂 that makes MUSICS. Even if all of us belong to different kinds (some times yes, other the same) of music. I am surfing on bandcamp, on itunes, youtube and unfortunatelly i see "nothing". There are of course many exception, many special songwriters, many composers, musicians and performes/singers but -correct me if i am wrong- unfortunatelly i see that in music industry, are dancers &singers without the special voice, nor the special compositions in musics on songs that stay with few clothes (men/women) they sing "nothing" and they think that they are artists. Great! Wow... From the other side, i am in this music area, here and -thank God, i see composers who "swim in the deep waters of music creations". You have done difficult works, and you @Luis Hernández and the most members i saw here, do well. Some are begginers but they ve got many ideas to create wonderfull pieces. -i have not see anyone here that has nothing to "give" in the music world-. Importan to say that you (all of you) reminds me the known classical music composers of the past, that they are well known no names need. The music world outthere, as you "notice", has few only things to give in the audience, and thats sad... few days ago i went to see new composers in my place, new singers & i though i would see something special like here and... what i saw? 4-5 almost naked fit girls with no voice sing song with no melodies, just loops. I mean... was that art? where? i dont care about your great body, nor for your long blonde hair, there is no voice, no music no art. At the end of the show they said thank you and some bad words and they are proud of all their image... thats their "art". Maybe i make mistake, and i am wrong but i am still thinking... You have nothing to be afraid, all members, you have to give many things in music world, Your art could be fit everywhere, in movies, in documentaries, in songs, of course in the amazing world of video games (not all, thats another big discusion 🙄 ) ...Or else not worry, you could have a great music portfolio in your cv, biographie and you never know... Always hope the best ! For @Luis Hernández & all others special members ! In Greece there are people who listen classic music or soft music, or Hans Zimmer kind music but they are few... Special people hear good music, & more special create music like this! Or like our friend @Luis Hernández have done! Keep up your Works! Sorry if i make you tired a little bit.. I have not good music knowelege, i am a minimal 3d artist, so perhaps i am wrong in many of my opinions, but... i believe out of this site, mised the quallity we found here! Go on! Always try & hope the best! -Ampnoe's-
  13. Ampnoe's

    How is this sound produced?

    Hi everyone ! In my ears sounds like something metalic... i am not sure... I totally agree with @Luis Hernández & @Youngc it migh be something like a a prepared piano, apart from amplified, or glass/ceramic cups... or xylophone? Very tricky sound indeed! 🙂
  14. Ampnoe's


    Hi Young Composers ! This one was from my first piano "compositions" years ago. Its a few seconds sample. The final edition track is very diferent & includes this piano piece . Perhaps almost ready to complete the whole album & these days i have drunk many coffees🤪, many nights to make the last editions on every track. Τhe small tries that ALL OF US maκe gives us so much happines, and this make sense! You already know that anyway 😉 Thank you for your time! Ampnoe's
  15. Ampnoe's

    ilias Gomatos - Niebla pt. 3,4

    Hi @iliasG In my (minimal) opinion this track you wrote is a GOOD try, very beautiful composition, from the beggining to the end, all sounds great! 🙂