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  1. Ampnoe's

    !!!TouLa's Dance!!!

    Hi Dear @Monarcheon hi everyone! I really thank you very much and appreciate all the directions about this little try of the upcoming album. I will do my best and perhaps on some new version ... maybe a remix, something ... to become even better! These instructions and advice are really important and invaluable. You are all very special and charismatic people! I really thank and I wish in 2019 to fill our soul with new inspiration and new songs and new music that we need!
  2. Hi Young Composers - Artists Team ! Hi all! This music written about few months ago, it has been released as single album already, but the full lengh album is on the way. The scenario is relative with the adventures of the young Toula, which in general causes the camel's laughter. Video Clip on the way too! Thank you All!
  3. Ampnoe's

    Music that reminds me of dog-sitting

    Hi @Seni-G... thats not a simple music, i think i might call it a music project. Or mind travelling music !!! Good work!
  4. Ampnoe's

    my roller coaster heart :)

    Hi @selcukozer001! Very relaxing piece! Nice work!
  5. Ampnoe's

    Fire (Fire Fire)

    Hi @JBegley !!! Put lyrics on your youtube channel. When i dance to sing it right 🙂 THAT WAS AMAZING!!!
  6. Ampnoe's

    Winter Wonderland March

    Hi @dbzfreak2! Woww.... like Disney! Very fairy tale kind music! Good work!
  7. Hi @Seni-G!!! Oww.. too sad experience stealing your music works included in a laptop. I always keep Back ups. 2 usb sticks and an one meter cd case with empy cds/dvds. Having a 32GB/64GB etc stick is still an issue... avoid having only one. Some put their backups on keys (keys with a usb 32Gb). If keys dropped down or accidently pressed then all 32/64 etc GB destroyed... Keep always many backups in dvds too, cant delete them. New laptop or pc you will buy 100% but no need to start from beggining 🙂 Your Music is making a good atmosphere. Movies, cinema, games or whatever you want... i think - my opinion- is fine!!!
  8. Ampnoe's

    In Tempore

    Hi @Clindner_78 ! Nice & different melodies on piano. You can convert it to many versions (Ambient/ Chill out, Rock) or to keep it as it is... Nice try! nice piece!
  9. It sounds so beautifull, good job nice melodies and too many ! Thats the s music style i like! Good work for me!
  10. Ampnoe's

    Sonatina Arcaica

    @Luis HernándezGood / well writen work!
  11. Ampnoe's

    A work in progress string quartet

    Hi @Pacman12 & hi everyone! It sounds great for me! 🙂 i agree with the @Luis Hernández, @Monarcheon & @pateceramics . It is a very good piece , a very good music track ! Hope the best. 😊
  12. Ampnoe's

    New Hip hop Track

    Hi, for me its a very good try! Its a music that i could hear in the morning, but at night too. A music for all the hours. Nice rythm, nice melodies & loops, nice work!
  13. As the guitar says WOOOWOOOOOAAAA 🙂 They are great! Wowww
  14. Ampnoe's

    Lavish Woods (Original Track)

    Hi @Osbuurn, it sounds good, Keep it up! 🙂