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  1. Ampnoe's

    away, but never back (LIVE)

    Hi @Monarcheon! Hi everyone! for me: A great musical work filled with mixed emotions, that indeed, if close eyes while playing this music then i imagine indeed that many things are happening. sometimes ... after 4:40 I was frightened, (by your Piece/ART) I thought "what was going on?", "to get to run?" 🙂 and after this... another adventure ... and after tranquility ... and a warmth ... like a dream, or a fairy tale! Very beautiful all this work! Really excellent! Best Wishes!
  2. It sounds so beautifull, good job nice melodies and too many ! Thats the s music style i like! Good work for me!
  3. Ampnoe's

    Sonatina Arcaica

    @Luis HernándezGood / well writen work!
  4. Ampnoe's

    A work in progress string quartet

    Hi @Pacman12 & hi everyone! It sounds great for me! 🙂 i agree with the @Luis Hernández, @Monarcheon & @pateceramics . It is a very good piece , a very good music track ! Hope the best. 😊
  5. Ampnoe's

    New Hip hop Track

    Hi, for me its a very good try! Its a music that i could hear in the morning, but at night too. A music for all the hours. Nice rythm, nice melodies & loops, nice work!
  6. As the guitar says WOOOWOOOOOAAAA 🙂 They are great! Wowww
  7. Ampnoe's

    Lavish Woods (Original Track)

    Hi @Osbuurn, it sounds good, continue it :)
  8. Ampnoe's


    it has many GOOD melodies that you can do great music. 🙂 i agree with @YoungcIt is interesting!
  9. Ampnoe's

    Piece for small orchestra

    Your music is awesome! i like the stereo enhacer you use in your violins and the other instruments, it makes your music very bright! Good work!
  10. Ampnoe's

    Etude No. 1, "Lavish Waves"

    I admire this piece because it belongs to the "difficult musics to compose" without a mistake! Good piece -as always 🙂
  11. Ampnoe's

    Elevator to the Moon

    Hi @Christian "Cj" Rhen. I like this track because it has many possitive melodies (positive energy) & it is a music that i think i can listen all the times of a day & night too. Its a good music for me! Nice try!
  12. Hi @AntonioGarcía Very relaxing piece, keep up your good work!
  13. Ampnoe's

    Homeward Bound

    Hi! I agree i agree! Good work man! You have got and many other good music stuff as i see! Thanks for sharing! 🙂
  14. Ampnoe's


    Hi, i agree with @Monarcheon . It is exactly what you say "free and expressive for background music". 🙂