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  1. My Piano Improvisation

    Hi @Epoch ! it was my pleasure to hear this composition, it seems difficult to compose this amazing work. Very melodic piece, with dynamic rythm (especially after the 5:00") ! Your parents are right, your musical friends too, as well! Continue your good work !!!
  2. ...Music in the forest!

    Thank you dear @ilv! I think you found it!! "Aeolian mode or minor scale" but to be honest, as many composers on this forum, i like been very rigorous with my self, to the most of theese minimal musics i tried to create. Until they are finally ready i just use the way like creating/hearing music as like if i belong to the audience. Mostly that way! Hahahaha! I use to ask my self -"ok.... now, how this music supposed to be good for my ears?" And then i am playing for hours (weeks-months) to find the right notes. Small trips to green places helps a lot, believe me. I know you know it I love your musics too, you do great works!!! Thanks for your time and for your kind comments too! I need to remake it Greetings from Greece !!!
  3. A Magical Journey

    @Adamich Epic! It gave me positive feelings from the first seconds, i would like to say that i like these awesome & very strong/well written melodies & it might be usefull too for a fairy tale /mythological movie or animation easily! Keep going! Keep going! Continue your good work!!!
  4. "Angels & Earths" ...feel free to listen!

    Thank you @Maarten Bauer i apreciate your opinion. It is nice for me to hear /share & communicate and say thoughts and advices as every one who tries to create music. I found many users/composers in this forum that do awesome works. I wish everyone to find his/her way on music or art, or what ever is important. Music of course is a big need for us to create. About the more real sounding choir, i unfortunatelly dont have the most proffesional plug-ins. And i have not such a good voice to record my self 😐😀🎤🔇. This piece written about 2002 with an old program, game/program "music 2000" on pc. About 4 year ago i tried to remake it on a new and stronger laptop with another new & proffesional music software. The vocals... that was the big problem from the beggining... You can hear the male choir, it is a new plug in (vst) but in the middle of the track a female vocal takes place... i have kept this, just to remember how & when i started from so many year ago... i cant find free vst plugins but i will buy later and in the next few years when a second chapter of "Dribbles" will be done i will remake that music again 😀. I hope for this... i really want it. The second part made few last years ago when i thought to give an uplifting way ta all this. Thank you too, and everyone for giving time to hear & to write some impressions! ☺
  5. "Angels & Earths" ...feel free to listen!

    Thank you @ilv & @BiTronic Some times musics come without to understand how ☺ Thank you for your kind comments!🎧
  6. "Angels & Earths" ...feel free to listen!

    Thank you @BiTronic It is nice for me to hear that you feel relaxation by this piece! 😃
  7. Song of the Holly

    Good try aMusicComposer! I like your melodies, & the violin sound is awesome! Keep your good work! :)
  8. Olivér Kovács - Dystopia

    Good work OliverKovacs. A mix of classic music instruments & electro sounds in a melodic way! Keep up the good work!!!
  9. My piano compositions

    Good work too Eddy67716! Hahaha! Well... inspiration comes & goes many many times in every artistic mind .You will find the way to make your works sound great as you want at the final editions 😃 let your inspiration & your imagination free 😃
  10. Hi everyone!!! This was one of my first works i 've done in the past few years and i would be very happy to share it with you. A dedication to all of you! There are two parts: the first one, from 00:00 sec to 03:44 sec & the second part from 03:44 sec to the end of this track. This part (the second) took me over 3 months to find the right notes of this -orchestral strings- melodic uplift. This music includes Chorals, vocals, orchestral strings, piano and xylophones. This track is relative to the art of the album cover. I would like to say that " It is a dedication to people & inspiration of people who act by making good things selflessly!!! Feel free to listen & to comment if there is something you found that doesn't sounds good enough :) Thank you !!! With love -Dream Sown-
  11. Op. I

    Keep up the good work jakecompton7!
  12. Op. I

    Hi jakecompton7 Your work is very good, no need to think about it. As @Rabbival507 & @notice_me_maestro well said about "downsize your orchestration" ...to be honest, i have to wonder if all this piece of orchestration you made, been more "surrouded" with other music efects, It might sound a bit different. But i also ejoyed your work as it is. Thanks for sharring!
  13. Smart with personallity. Nice work Donethur!
  14. For me it is an awesome & very interesting music trip. It is not just a music/ or one melody loop that been repeated all the time. It starts and continues with so many different things to offer, avoiding to make the audience bored. And you have got many many relaxing melodies that fit with the subject you choose! Very interested to listen the final edition! Awesome try celloman99
  15. New here, posting a track from upcoming album

    Congratulations man 😃 wish you all the best, always!!!