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  1. Hi everyone! I have been interested lately in composing ambient tracks and I was wondering what suggestions or tricks have worked for you when writing these pieces. Recently, I created this ambient song, "Sign of The Coming Judgement", and I've heard that I sound a bit like Jeremy Soule. Enjoy listening! Sign of The Coming Judgement
  2. Nice work! The synthetic nature of the instruments actually takes me back to the PS1 era soundtracks. I could see this being in a Castlevania game from around that time.
  3. Battlegun

    -=Blue Flower=-

    The songs are free to listen to, you just have the option of supporting me by buying my music. Thanks for listening, Rabbival! I tried basing this song off of the Age of Empires soundtrack.
  4. Delve deep into the Blue Flower https://alecweesner.bandcamp.com/ Any advice or tips that spring to mind would be greatly appreciated.
  5. A pretty interesting set of compositions. One thing I might work on is transitioning between them all. What I find that works is to listen to other recordings and take note of how they transition between phrases and movements. Is there a timpani roll before the next verse? Does a new instrument play just before the transition? There is also a weird lo-fi strings sound that appears at 0:45 up to 1:15, I recommend finding another VST or removing an effect that you might have placed. The pad instrument at 1:44 I might change as well, as it doesn't really fit with the piano. Since the piano is dark and washed out in color, I would find a more bright and airy pad to support it.
  6. I think you need to add a couple more instruments to make it complete. I feel perhaps an airy pad underneath and maybe an instrument that's in the higher frequencies would work best. I like your song so far!
  7. Battlegun


    One of your more interesting compositions. I agree with the others in that the percussion, while contrasting with the slow-moving strings, creates a great deal of movement in the piece. I could easily see this being an opening to a game of some sort.
  8. Excellent mixing. I definitely got the 90s arcade vibe you were going for. All the instrument worked very well together. Your drum arrangement is also a highlight for me, such as the fills you placed throughout the song. Great work, AngelCityOutlaw.
  9. Greetings everyone! In this piece, I wanted to evoke the same feeling and mood of the FF8 track, "Fisherman's Horizon" (a task I will have to do a lot in my composing career). Did you think I successfully captured the mood, or is there room for improvement? Thank you for taking a listen! Fisherman's Horizon Without You There
  10. Battlegun

    Heroism - Action Scene

    I agree with Rabbival in that the drums are too overpowering, especially if this is intended to be a "sneaking" song. I might suggest adding some pizzicato, which is quite famous for getting that stealth-vibe. I do like the slowly crescendo-ing strings near the end; that is a nice touch and really fills in the soundspace. Keep up the great work, Sepharite!
  11. Inspired by the soundtracks of Final Fantasy VI and VII, "Matel City" is a boisterous and smooth listen. Enjoy!
  12. Battlegun

    -=Speaking Light=-

    Thanks for the replies, Rabbival and Slazeus! The reason why I'm leaving Klaviam is because I want to have my own identity as a composer. I felt that having the Klaviam name attached would be confusing if I'm also trying to promote my own name. Thanks you for your comments.
  13. Greetings! While most of you might know me from the band, Klaviam, I've decided to go solo and focus on creating my own music and sound. This is the first single, Speaking Light, which utilizes an electronic atmosphere with an unusual guitar instrument. If you have any suggestions on how I can improve, please feel free to post. Thank you,
  14. Battlegun

    Something Fishy

    Really interesting composition. It seems to blend multiple genres. I love the arrangement of the drums, as well as the real bass played. Thanks for showing us your piece, Benyamind!
  15. Battlegun

    [Orchestral] A Watchman Standing

    The cello/violin parts were played by my collaborator using the Bohemian Violin and Cello. The whole concept behind my album is that it tells the story of "Prisoner 8" through the music. The details of such a story I leave to my listeners.