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  1. The Window

    The beat is really what sells it for me. It has many intricacies that might be overlooked by a first-time listen. The mix is also very well done. I could easily see this in both a movie or video-game setting.
  2. Lover's Sorrow

    The darkness of the piano really sets the tone and mood of the piece. I agree that the strings should be softened and decreased in volume slightly. Also, at 1:10, the higher piano doesn't have the same dark tone of the original piano, and it is a little too jarring. The song is effective at telling an emotional story, so I think you did great!
  3. With the final song of our album, "Prisoner 8", this last song, "Wayfarer", concludes on a high and happier note. The bells signify the end of Prisoner 8's journey, as he has finally made it to freedom. Or has he...? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmP0vyXkmN8
  4. Greetings producers! I am pleased to present my first colab song that I co-wrote with Chance Martin! Our method of communication was mainly through email and the project took us only about 2 weeks to complete. Hope you enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8ogUbcHRro You can follow Chance here! https://soundcloud.com/not_chance
  5. Experiments with Garageband

    Not bad at all for a beginner! The track seems to be building up to a climax, so if you plan on pursuing this song more, I would add that. The contrast between the synth-like bass and the orchestral instruments is also quite and interesting choice. Keep up the good work, work on your craft everyday and you'll soon be writing professional tracks in no time!
  6. Greetings again my composer friends! Here is one of my more complex pieces that I've written. Undertaking a big orchestral score is quite the challenge, so I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on improving songs like these. Enjoy! Chronicles of My Past
  7. Hello all! I recently partook in a composing challenge as stated above. In the limited time-span to create these songs, I'm interested in how fluid my composition skills are compared to when I'm not under pressure. Most of the these songs are short, so please take a listen to all of them if you have the time. 5-Day Composing Challenge | Klaviam
  8. Hi producers and composers alike! "A Hero's Return" marks the tail end of Prisoner 8's journey. But is it truly the end as he hopes it will be?
  9. Mood piece

    I really like all the dissonance that is going on in the track. I also liked how you kept the texture of all the instruments the same, as in they all would seem to fit in a PS1/GameCube game. My best guess on the genre would be alternative jazz.
  10. Our Graves

    Hi everyone! "Our Graves" started with a bass/drum pattern that eventually grew into a full song. I really enjoyed making this one and I hope you can enjoy as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bncDwxDsvo I'm still in the process of studying mixing, so are there any suggestions you all might have for me? I would appreciate any response.