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  1. You do a great job of using the instruments realistically. For example, the violin stabs at 0:25 crescendo and decrescendo at a natural pace. From what I can tell too is that you recorded yourself playing this (not easy to do, especially for short, staccato notes). I think you really did capture that forest feeling by having short motifs of various instruments that are contrasted by the short up/downs of the violin. Another aspect I want to point it is the way you arranged the volume of the instruments. The lead melodies are heard distinctively louder than the rest, and you follow an order of importance from then on. Fantastic work, Sepharite. Can't wait to hear more from you!
  2. I wanted to improve automating the volumes and expressions of the instruments. After looking back over my past work, I think I definitely improved in this area. Is there anything that sticks out to you, whether bad or good? Was any instrument out-of-place? https://soundcloud.com/alecweesner/promises-of-deliverance Thanks for taking a listen!
  3. Hello all! I'm proud to present my first soundtrack as a composer for the game, 5 Heroes. I was wondering if anything stood out to you, good or bad. Does the album feel cohesive as a whole? Was any instrument choice out-of-place? https://soundcloud.com/alecweesner/sets/5-heroes-complete-soundtrack Thank you for replying back.
  4. I was pondering if we could all share what music or composing courses we have tried in the past. I'll list some of mine below, so feel free to share so we can all benefit! Steven Melin - courses.stevenmelin.com/?affcode=246658_lc5sqhjt Easy to digest and his courses are very low cost compared to many others. I recommend his courses especially to those starting out on their composing journey. Audio Foundations - (On Lynda.com) The technical know-how of a DAW is just as important as composing itself. This 5-part series is definitely worth the time-investment. Game Music Composition: Make Music For Games From Scratch - www.udemy.com/gamemusiccourse/ Guides you through the steps on making game-specific music. A heck of a lot of content for the price.
  5. Wow, nice composition, Bryla. What were your main influences for this song? It sounds familiar.
  6. Great work on this, Oliver! Sort of sounds like something from Metal Gear Solid. In terms of criticism, I felt that the brass should be more of the focus by bringing them to center pan and increasing their volume a little bit. Also, the part at 1:37 is uneven in terms of panning. Overall, I enjoyed what you had to offer!
  7. I put together a short collection of songs that utilize the same palette of instruments. Let me know which one is your favorite!
  8. Hi everyone! I have been interested lately in composing ambient tracks and I was wondering what suggestions or tricks have worked for you when writing these pieces. Recently, I created this ambient song, "Sign of The Coming Judgement", and I've heard that I sound a bit like Jeremy Soule. Enjoy listening! Sign of The Coming Judgement
  9. Nice work! The synthetic nature of the instruments actually takes me back to the PS1 era soundtracks. I could see this being in a Castlevania game from around that time.
  10. The songs are free to listen to, you just have the option of supporting me by buying my music. Thanks for listening, Rabbival! I tried basing this song off of the Age of Empires soundtrack.
  11. Delve deep into the Blue Flower https://alecweesner.bandcamp.com/ Any advice or tips that spring to mind would be greatly appreciated.
  12. A pretty interesting set of compositions. One thing I might work on is transitioning between them all. What I find that works is to listen to other recordings and take note of how they transition between phrases and movements. Is there a timpani roll before the next verse? Does a new instrument play just before the transition? There is also a weird lo-fi strings sound that appears at 0:45 up to 1:15, I recommend finding another VST or removing an effect that you might have placed. The pad instrument at 1:44 I might change as well, as it doesn't really fit with the piano. Since the piano is dark and washed out in color, I would find a more bright and airy pad to support it.
  13. I think you need to add a couple more instruments to make it complete. I feel perhaps an airy pad underneath and maybe an instrument that's in the higher frequencies would work best. I like your song so far!
  14. One of your more interesting compositions. I agree with the others in that the percussion, while contrasting with the slow-moving strings, creates a great deal of movement in the piece. I could easily see this being an opening to a game of some sort.
  15. Excellent mixing. I definitely got the 90s arcade vibe you were going for. All the instrument worked very well together. Your drum arrangement is also a highlight for me, such as the fills you placed throughout the song. Great work, AngelCityOutlaw.
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