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  1. Hey, thanks for the details. I think I gonna to revise that with your comment. I really enjoy discussion on this forum.
  2. Gonna like this one, sorry for hearing that. Just a little thought, If you play a little louder starting from measure 33, would make me feel like crying more...
  3. I think its quite suitable for a video game BGM too. It's nice composed but i feel mystery emotion instead of sad...
  4. I just found this forum and feel that this community is quite friendly for sharing work. I would like to share my work and looking forward for some feedback. The Piano composition is titled: "Farewell", I am about to leave a City where I lived for15 years, and trying to elaborate the feelings through this piece. - Sorry for the recording quality (just using my phone) - There is a little bit off somewhere during the performing, but still hoping the audience can get the idea.
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