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  1. This is a revised version of a previous upload of the same name

  2. Many thanks for your kind comments. The piece has had various titles but I settled on Procession because I imagined a procession of pilgrims toward a great cathedral and finally arriving at an alter.
  3. Many thanks for your comments. I will certainly proofread again as you recommended! Bifocals and floaters in my eyes don't help!
  4. Thank you so much for taking time to listen to and comment on this piece. I will certainly consider the changes you recommended. Best wishes
  5. Many thanks for your kinds comment. Had the pleasure of having this played by a real live band - a most glorious experience!
  6. Many thanks for your kind words. You are right its not exactly classical but I couldn't think of another title. I wrote it for a free on-line course called How to Write Music like Mozart! I have played it with a friend.
  7. Many thanks for your kind words. This is my first price for concert band. It was originally written for organ. The concert band arrangement has been tried out by the band in which I play clarinet and may be featured in some future concert - a very gratifying outcome! By the way I'm not actually a young composer - I'm 74 and still trying to learn how to arrange and compose!
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