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  1. Hi guys, I am posting one of the pieces for solo piano, which I wrote for the movie. Feedbacks are very appreciated!
  2. Wow... Guys, @Dimitrije005 , @pateceramics and @Luis Hernández. I am sorry, that I haven't replied to your honest comments- somehow I didn't get any notifications about them. Thank you all so much for your feedback and suggestions- they mean really a lot for me!
  3. Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for kind words:D Oh, okay. The bassline with the headphones sounds even better!
  4. Wooooow.... Finally a reviewer's feedback. Couldn't be happier right now! Thank you so much for leaving your opinion. Also, the thought that you liked the piece makes me even happier :)) If you want I can explain you the idea of the piece, but I think you will get it pretty fast when you will look into the notes a few times. It is all about these three numbers 3,4, and 5. By the way, were you listening on the headphones? Appreciate your comment once again!
  5. HELLO!!! Here is my piece called "3-4-5". I know, the title is pretty strange. That is why I am adding pdf file with the notes, so you can check it and find out, why the piece is called this way! Otherwise, if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave them here or in PM. (Hopefully, pdf is not empty this time) Wish you all the best!
  6. Thanks for the feedback! I haven't, so I definitely will. Hm. Somehow the PDF file opens for me.
  7. The first piece that came to my mind after reading your post 🙂
  8. Eido1

    "Time flow"

    It is "Time flow" , that is how the piece is called, not a car race :)) Thank you for your feedback!
  9. Hello everybody! Here is my piece called "Factory". So basically, the title says everything about the idea. In this piece, I try to convey the "chaos" of XXI century, to be exact, work in the factory. So I thought the best way to recreate the feeling of it would be to use a few minimalism techniques. Hope you like it and enjoy! I attach audio file and notes in pdf file, you can find all information in there.
  10. Jonda , sorry for not replying so long. Yes, oh, it would be an honor, to know reviewers opinions!
  11. Ilv, thank you so much for kind words and your opinion! I really appreciate it.
  12. Wow, thank you!! You actually had almost analyzed my piece
  13. Eido1

    "Time flow"

    The piece is for two pianos. Leave feedbacks!
  14. Please listen until the end. Feedbacks are very appreciated!! Enjoy your life <3
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